Raiding - The first joint raid with Scion: 25 man Garrosh

I can't help it - I was nervous.  I thought I would be the only one, but I wasn't!  I don't think any of the Frostwolves officers were nervous, but I had a few admit to some anxiety from the Scion side.  What if it went poorly? What if we didn't get along?  WHAT IF SOMEONE GOT UPSET on either side?

Starting at 830pm was already a bit of a stress.  Fortunately, I had walked my kids the 3.6km (according to Google maps) to McDonalds to get them a soft serve around lunchtime and that was enough to make them that little bit more tired so they would go to bed on time.  Worked a treat, if you can put up with the sticky fingers on the way home.

There were a few hiccups.  Unfortunately they were ALL on our side.  First hiccup was me starting the raid.  Yes, I forgot to change it to 10 man. But the other thing was that I missed Thursday's raid so I had Wednesday's lockout and that's why nobody could zone it.  Had to reform the raid after we'd filled the damn thing too.

Second hiccup - in good faith, I decided to let Scion raid lead.  After all, they are the more progressed guild and perhaps we can learn from them, AND we also don't really have a raid leader at the moment.  But having to learn their strats makes us a little bit more fudgy-footed, so there were problems with disorientation as we tried to figure out where we needed to be.

Thok was... ugh.  Messy.  I think it was positioning and stuff which threw us off a bit, and because they're working on heroic Thok, they had a particular way of placing the boss.  We had people all over the place, people getting trampled, people dying to poison.  It took us 3 goes to get Thok, and I was spitting chips when Owl rolled himself Thok's trinket... MAN I still can't get that!  I wonder if I'll be able to get it before the expansion!  There was SO MUCH loot to distribute, holy crap.

Our hunters made me laugh.  After they had their amazing DPS because of Thok, it was time to put them back in their place by giving them belt duty.  We put 2 hunters on each belt - one belt had our hunters, the other had theirs.  It was Nath and Alariantha - I was dreading it because it was going to be UGLY.  I don't know if Ala has managed to live through a whole Blackfuse whilst doing belts.  But there were DPS issues on the belts so they had to be supplemented a little, and in the end when it went down we had a lot of dead people!

Oh, and I am starting to see why being a resto druid sucks in 25 man.  In the presence of 2 disc priests and 2 shamans, there really isn't any room for hots to do anything except overheal.  Being at the BOTTOM of healing is something I'm not used to, and I don't think I like it, even though I have to accept that it's probably how my class works.

Paragons was fine, and we even got to hear Lushen speak. Owl said, if we one shot Paragons, Lushen will talk.  He said "Hello."  Well, that was pretty exciting!

What was funny, was Dragonray.  Paragons dropped 2 Vanquisher Tier pants, and I gave one to her and one to someone else.  She was swearing and carrying on in guild chat.  "F***ing pants!" she proclaimed.  I was wondering what she was talking about - maybe she wanted some other pants.  She started grumbling about how she was going to drop from the raid because of stupid pants.  There were a few more spouting carry-ons before she said "And that other guy wanted it offspec too. DAMN STUPID!"  And I realised, she was talking about the Tier pants.

"But you have Tier pants," I said in guild.  "Look in your bag."

There was no typing from her for 20 seconds.  I said it again.  "LOOK IN YOUR BAG!"

I went to check the loot distribution and yes, I had given it to her.  The silly duck didn't realise there were 2 pants to distribute.  "Well?"

"I can't find it," she said.

A chorus came out from the guild.  "Use the search function!"

Kyjenn said, "This is why you shouldn't drink when you're raiding."

"I'm not drunk!" she exclaimed.  Which made it worse because she had lost her excuse for being a dunderhead :D  Then she started to profusely apologise for her ignorant carrying on.... and all we could do was laugh.

Garrosh had a good first attempt, and the MCs at the end got us because we try to kill any of the adds, and maybe we should have.  The second attempt had people dying to the add on the way to Garrosh in dream phase so we wiped, and then the third attempt we got it. We even got an Ahead of the Curve achievement for 25 man!  I didn't know there was a separate FOS for 25s.

Jazz, Alariantha, Asys and Aza all got Heirlooms, so that was pretty exciting for them!  I think that everyone seemed to enjoy 25 mans. The officers got chatting after that and it seemed obvious we can do normals, but we may not be able to do heroics.  It looks like the best way to see if we can mesh is to do these Garrosh runs EVERY Monday.  I'll ask everyone and see what they think - but overall, everyone seemed to have a good time and there was minimal friction - I have already had some feedback and it's all been positive.

There are a HELL of a lot of them though...