Wait... do I know you from somewhere?

Sometimes it feels like lots of people we knew on Dath'remar moved to Saurfang.  Maybe that's the place to go to?  But the other day I had a whisper from someone on Thursday who asked me if we were from Dath'remar.

I didn't recognise the name, but I said yes we were.  And they said that a long time ago they used to be part of the guild, on a different toon.  It reminded me the other day when Sev, Shab and I were doing an arena against an alliance team with a druid, and we beat them rather soundly.  the druid was doing strange gestures at me and I think Sev even asked me if it was a friend of mine.  I checked the name - nope, nobody I know.  But at least they weren't spitting on us or laughing at us, so did some random friendly emote back before we defeated her.

As we were waiting for our next queue I got a whisper from a level one toon, who happened to be that druid and said that he recognised us - he used to be on our guild a long time ago, back in WotLK.  He said that I probably wouldn't remember him, and I said you never know.  He said his name was Darksiider, and that he remembered me because I had been nice to him when he first started playing.  Now, he has his own PvP guild on Tichondrius, alliance side.  He said that he was such a noob back then, and he's different now, and he seemed pretty serious with his arena - I looked him up and he had some good ratings! I did btag him, but you know how my btag is - if you don't talk to me when I talk to you, then it's highly likely you'll be removed, so when the time came to make room, he was one of the ones I removed.  But you know what was funny?  I found a mention in my blog from years ago about Darksiider! It was one of those /facepalm moments from guild chat in 2011...

Bhura is KyXyn's druid.  As you can see, he hasn't changed in 3 years.. still a little shitstirrer. And yeah... Darksiider wasn't the fastest horse out of the stocks....

Anyway, back to that DK.  He said his name was Whatthe or Whathe (ie What the).  And, I did remember him.  ANOTHER Hunter!  Not a very good or memorable hunter mind you - but I don't remember anything bad about him.  I said that I vaguely remembered his hunter, but I didn't remember anything else, and he wasn't sure if it was a good or a bad thing that I could remember him.  He said that when he saw our guild he saw some names he recognised, including mine, Sevrus, Aza and Snowcaller.  Sev and I were puzzled about Snowcaller - really, he remembered Exray's DK?  I can't remember Exray's DK and I was in the guild for ages... LOL (but I remember his other toons).

At least they were both positive interactions.  I would hate to have someone come up to me one day and spit on me and say that my guild was mean to them back in BC or trolled them and caused their dog to die or something.  I guess the big giant World of Warcraft is a whole lot smaller than we think.


  1. When I mentioned in a post a while back how abandoned Ysera-US had gotten while A-52 remained huge, someone had commented about how the big stayed big while the not quite as big were rapidly abandoned. I wonder if the same thing is happening over there on Dath'remar and Saurfang too.

    1. It's that snowball effect, don't you think? Once a few people leave, their friends follow, then everyone thinks that it's dying there and they all start to move.


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