Raiding - Lots of chocolate but not lots of raiders

Easter is a bad time to be raiding. People are away, people have family commitments, people are out partying (in my old age, I find it odd to be imbibing excessively over Easter) and so that means there are less people out there to raid WITH.

And then you have the more unusual excuses, which I think are cool.  Nath was having a busy work week because, as a baker, he spent all week getting up early making hot cross buns and he hated the damned things.  I told him to send them all my way... but that didn't help the raiding situation much.

So we had 9 for raid on Wednesday, and Jazz asked if she could sit out and so I tried to make it work by pugging in Medio to help on his paladin, from Blackrock. Jazz said she would come if needed but she would rather not go without Nath, but I know they like to raid together, so I let her have the day off.  However, since Morz was busy having a hot date on Thursday, he wasn't going to be raiding, so I asked if she could be there for Thursday and she said she would.

We struggled on Sha this week and Asys was having issues with Vent, being unable to hear us call for lust (we ended up having to use drums because Luxy was dead, I think).  He logged because he felt bad about me having to talk to hm about it on Thursday, but fortunately Nath said he would come and help!  So we had Nath for the rest of the night and that finished off our heroics, but it meant we were really behind - we only got to Dark Shaman by the end of the Thursday night!

On Monday I thought we had our joint raid but come 830pm only 4 Scion members were on, and didn't look like any of them were raiders, and we ourselves only had 4 people on, so we ended up just doing normal 10 mans.  We didn't do too badly, considering we had 4 non regular raiders in the group (Tacky, Dragonray, Lominari and Alariantha).  Poor Tacky had to swap out from Thok because I wasn't good enough to be able to 2 heal with him, and we at least got to Garrosh but we only had time for one attempt.

Ala hadn't done normal before and so he died when Malkorok did his Breath of Y'shaarj and he stood in it. But he got the hint real fast after that! Lom got a heroic warforged helm upgrade, which was pretty cool.  I think Exray picked up tons of offspec stuff and unwanted Tier pieces.

Flex on Saturday was also a little on the short side, but we did manage to get Garrosh down, and Crooked got a Flex Garrosh kill was pretty cool.  Putress picked up ANOTHER heirloom!  That's two in two weeks!

But raiding feels a little stagnant lately.  I'm itching to try a new boss kill - if Asys doesn't want to try healing Iron Juggernaut this week, maybe me and Morz can try it with Medio healing on his paladin to give us a 3rd solid healer to play with.  If not, perhaps we can bash at Nazgrim again.  Fingers crossed for a good raid turnout next week!


  1. Sorry I haven't been there for flex lately Navi, had to let my sub lapse for a few weeks. Hopefully won't be out for too long!

    1. I hadn't seen you online for ages! Guess I'll see you back in WoD?


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