Thursday, July 31, 2014

Guildleader chores: A proposition and an avid guild discussion

I was approached by the GM of The Bushido Project today (just as we were about to start raiding) who asked if we were interested in a raiding alliance till the end of Mists, when 6.0 hits.

It's interesting because I was thinking about that a few months ago, and then when I couldn't get a hold of their GM, I decided not to worry about raiding alliances anymore.  After all, since then, I've picked up a few people and I've thought that I might even be able to scrape enough for 20 heroic raiders - with Crooked, Drauka, Ravzz (Dontmountme changed his name finally), Cptsars, Tensai and maybe Haevela (and maybe Souglyy and Vexil) then I might be able to drag a few more to 20.

Anyway, I couldn't chat coz I was trying to heal Immerseus but I let the other officers know what was on the table, but I wouldn't make any decisions without discussing it with the guild, especially those who would be raiding.  Now, this isn't to bag out Bushido Project at all, but it's a demonstration of how different guilds can be, and I worry a lot about raiders meshing.  And there are nothing wrong with their rules - things are way more relaxed here (because we don't fight over loot... much!).  I imagine most hard core guilds have rules like this.

Jazz told me that she applied to Bushido when she first came to Saurfang, but they declined her and Nath due to lack of experience.  I said that it was Bushido's loss LOL!  I was so happy to have her and Nath in Frostwolves!

Jazz went to their website and started telling me their rules, and the guild scrutinised them.  This cool image is from their website.

Once a decision has been made by the raid leader it will not be challenged

Snowcaller said that it would be pretty hard for us to not be able to make any decisions, and if we didn't agree with Bushido Project's raid decisions.  I said I should have a rule like that "Once a decision has been made by the guild leader, it will not be challenged."  Then we all said that Aza would probably not listen anyway and get annoyed because... well it's Aza.

When wipe is called all raiders will commit seppuku as quickly as possible

Our new recruit, Kuro, said where's the fun in that - seeing how long you can live without tanks and healers is half the fun.

Players will be committed to a single raiding character and raid role until an expansion is complete

I said that Exray would be devastated... going from Boomkin, to warrior, then DK... and he piped up saying that he went DK because we needed it!  And please don't take his DK from him!! LOL!  Though I do like that rule, but we aren't really so strict about it here - I think if people were switching a lot, I'd end up sitting them out anyway coz I have so many others to gear.

Players will provide two weeks notice before leaving the guild

Jazz said it sounded like raiding and playing WoW was like a job in TBP.  I said to her that doing EPGP and cleaning up guild bank WAS a job.  Sars told me to get more officers so I could laze around more.  I did just promote Morz though!  More people to do EPGP!  Sars made the joke that you won't get your deposit back, and Lyndra (another new recruit /wink) said Oh no!  And then I piped up saying that I had forgotten to collect the guild joining fee from Lyndra... LOL, I can't imagine that people would give 2 weeks notice leaving guild.  I am not sure how they would police that really - though it is courtesy to do so, because it gives you time to find replacements for raid.

Raiders will be selected on a boss-by-boss basis to assist guild progression, and ensure fair representation by all raiders

Gosh, I only balance DPS and heals.  I don't really care about group makeup because we're here to have fun.  Our Thok composition shows us just how we just make do with what we have!

After reading that and we all had our little jokes about it, I was seriously having doubts about this alliance. They take their raiding so seriously - I mean, we take it seriously too, but we try to make do with what we have.  I know that when Mythic comes we need to increase our classes as raids will want us to bring every class if possible, so I may have to consider that when 6.0 hits.  It also made me realise how relaxed things are here in Frostwolves.  I know that rules exist because you need to have guidelines to avoid drama - but I did try my best to weed out the drama beforehand.  All new recruits know the general rules, and raiders are pretty cohesive and know the unwritten rules of courtesy and raiding in Frostwolves.  I mean, my rules have always been simple.

  • No abusing others in guild chat, raid chat or Ventrilo. You can do it in whispers if you're good friends
  • No trolling in trade chat on any toon that has Frostwolves as a guild tag.  You can do it on a level 1 alt not in the guild.
  • If you raid you have to be amenable to sitting out and taking turns.
  • No sexist, racist or rape talk in guild chat.  Excessive swearing in guild chat may have to be curbed. (Note that I never said anything about vent in private channels... especially with my PvP swearing...)
I will discuss with Lyconah via game mail to let him/her know about what we expect, and also we'd have to hash out a raid time - they raid way to early for me (7pm-10pm server).  All up, I'm not sure that it will work, but I will have to do a fair bit of ground work and ground rules first to protect my guild and ensure that raiding is still the fun thing we all love to do.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Warlock T3 Fish mog

When we went to Melbourne for our guildies meetup, we were at the Melbourne aquarium and we saw this fish:

This is a Mandarin fish or Mandarin Dragonet (Synchiropus splendidus).  When we saw it, Aza said OMG it's a T3 fish.  I had no idea what warlock T3 looked like and I forgot all about it.

Today when we were raiding, Morz said "OMG you're wearing the fish mog!"

LOL, it really DOES look like that fish!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Our first Guildie with the Dark Shaman mog!

Cptsars is our first Frostie with the Dark shaman transmog!  Here are some pics of him looking awesome - he picked it up on Sunday's raid.  He is one awesome looking shaman!

Pity he's telling me he's gonna mainswap in WoD... :P

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A female tauren's thoughts on the new tauren female model

When Blizzard showed us the new female tauren model I must admit, I had reservations!  Though the model looks amazing, detailed expressions and more fitting underwear (tribal look!).

The hands and fingers do look a lot better!  But I feel like I've got a male tauren's face!  I do really like the angry faces!  And I now am a very muscular female.

I think my main anxiety is that it is no longer the same face that I've gotten used to for almost 10 years.  I think if I didn't play a tauren, I would like the models more.  I think it's like the undead models, and the night elf ones, oh and that gorgeous human male - as someone who doesn't play those races, I think they're amazing!  But because I have that special personal relationship with my tauren, I don't feel like I'll be looking at the same tauren when the model changes! Yes I know that I could just not turn on the new changes but then I'll miss out on all the other new models.  The other thing is that I know I'm not the only one - when Sev saw the new orc male models he too felt a bit of dismay because it wasn't the same face - and Tome of the Ancient too when she saw Sasche's new face!  But the change is coming, no matter what I do, so I guess I'll just have to get used to it, like we get used to every other new thing with each patch and expansion.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Hearthstone - Navi's adventures in the Arachid quarter of Curse of Naxxrammas

I know Hearthstone is supposed to be a social game but it's hard to play sometimes at work (OK OK quit the groaning I know how lucky I am to be able to play at work) or during a spare few minutes at home when you want a quick game and you don't want to arena or PvP.  So when Naxx was being released I was super excited because now I can play by myself for a little bit and experiment with different decks.

Naxx was released on Wednesday Australia time (Tuesday for all those other people) and I couldn't wait to get a look.  So I had fun playing my favourite decks with the Arachnid wing bosses: Anub'rekhan, Grand Widow Faerlina and Maexxna.

I had sound off when I was at work, so when I was playing Sars was chatting to me and he told me Kel'thuzad was making him laugh, and I was confused because I couldn't see Kel'thuzad as a boss, and I didn't really see him chattering away at the bottom of the screen!  But when I got home and played, I heard him loud and clear!

Oh and I was super thrilled to see Faerlina's art pic - after all I am a Genzoman fan and I can recognise his art anywhere!  Oh and I never realised that's how you pronounce Maexxna (Mai-ex-nar).

I think you can play your favourite decks with these bosses and it wouldn't be much of a problem on normal. I had a little bit more trouble when it came to the heroic versions!  In the heroic versions the bosses have 45 health and all of their hero powers are friggin' OP!

So looking at Anub'rekhan on heroic, I went through a few shuffles before I decided that I was going to have to smash my way through and ignore those 4/4 Nerubians (his heroic hero power - on normal it's a 3/1 Nerubian) and after trying my Warrior agro deck and my Warlock control deck, I gave up and used a Priest Deck with Ancient Watchers, Ironbeak owls, Silences and Defenders of Argus to get some usefulness out of my Ancient Watchers, and then used my Lightspawn with Power Word: Shield and Divine Spirit to smash Anub'rekhan.  Didn't get to use my Faceless Manipulators but tried to pull as many cards as I could with Northshire Cleric and healing from Holy Nova and Circle of Healing to get what I needed.  Mountain Giants were in my deck too but didn't get to use them... though I'm sure there are better decks out there to use, but the healing really helped me with this one.

Grand Widow Faerlina actually gave me a lot of trouble - Priest deck was bad because her hero power (Rain of Fire - casts a missile for every card I had in my hand which costs two mana on normal and one mana on heroic) was smashing me because I was being a card hoarder.  So I was trying to use a Rogue deck with lots of combos and cheap cards, and trying to put out an early Shieldbearer. I gave up and looked up someone else's deck and they used a Warlock deck with all normal cards, which was really good.  They had Voidwalkers and Shieldbearers for the first play to soak up the Rain of Fire, and then got rid of annoying mobs with Soulfire and plenty of cards with attack power battlecries (like Dark Iron Dwarf, Abusive Sergeant, Defender of Argus and Shattered Sun Cleric). The rest of the deck was filled with Argent Squires, Flame Imps, Young Priestess, Amani berserker, Dire Wolf Alpha, Haunted Creeper, Knife Juggler, Nerubian egg (brilliant for this fight!!) and a Doomguard (which never got used). It was a great hand and I was annoyed I couldn't come up with that myself!

So for Maexxna, I was determined to do it on my own.  Her hero power was Web wrap which would return 2 random minions of mine back into my hand. On normal, it cost 3 mana but on heroic it costs 0 mana so she did it at the start of every turn.  Which meant that I needed minions that could charge or heal me because Maexxna would just try to overwhelm me with spiders.  Oh, and she started with 2 Haunted Creepers out already on heroic.  I used a hunter deck and let Maexxna put have 3 Haunted Creepers out and then used Explosive trap so when she put out her 4th minion (which seemed to be Shade of Naxxrammas or a Stoneskin Gargoyle) it would kill all the spiders and make the floor full of spectral spiders and she couldn't bring out anymore minions.  Then I was lucky because I had some good draws with another Explosive trap, and an Ironbeak Owl which dealt with the Sludge Belcher and made it to 9 mana crystals and just put out King Krush who smashed Maexxna - it was a close call but I haven't been able to duplicate the kill! I really want to try and do it without a legendary card in it - hopefully just common and rare cards so I have been trying again.  So muddling along with a priest at the moment to see if I can do it... but I haven't been able to outheal the damage yet!

So would love to hear what combos people are using - I am sure Dahakha has some expert tips to give me :P

Navispam - Plenty of places to look for Paladins

For AGES I have been trying to catch Plaidelf on her home server. But with so many toons, she is one hard lady to catch!  And then she's started playing Beta so I will never be able to find her now!

Plaidelf writes at Plenty of Paladins, and like me she writes about all sorts of things she gets up to in WoW, but especially her alts and their adventures (and transmogs). It's one of my favourite blog reads - I can't actually remember how I first started reading, but we have a lot of game/blog friends in common, so it was inevitable we would chat!  We chat through our blogs but it would be so much more cool to see her in game!

I did get to see her at one of the OLRG, but I was so strapped for time all I could do was say hi and bye and I had kids distracting me so I was a very poor conversationalist. I didn't even get a pic with her that time!

So after almost 2 months of trying to find her, I admitted defeat.  I had to ask a friend to ask her for her if I could battletag her so I could find her.  It makes me wonder why I didn't do that before because it made things so much easier!  Oh wait, I know why - that takes the fun and surprise out of it LOL!!

My friends were doing their OLRG and Plaidelf jumped out so I could have a long visit and a long chat and she could show me some cool things!

She used her alt from a PvP server.  And fittingly, a paladin, since her blog is Plenty of Paladins.  She asked me where I'd like to take some piccies and I asked her where she liked best.  Blood elves often say Silvermoon and so off we went.  Lukcily for me Plaidelf has a wide variety of 2 seater rides.

She showed me the emote where you eye someone up and down and the guardian's kneel.  I am not sure if someone has shown me that before, but I had to take a pic because I thought it was cool.

And this is one of her favourite mounts for Seish. It goes well with a Blood elf and a paladin.  I told her that mount looks silly when used by a Tauren.  Lots of mounts look silly when a Tauren rides it.

One of her favourite vistas through the archway.  I kinda ruined it with this shot, but pretend we're not in the picture and forget that I forgot to turn names off.

Another one of her favourite spots.  I remember these waterfalls, I got stuck in the rocks once.

And this place, Plaidelf says, makes her wistful and wonder how beautiful it used to be.  It was dangerous for poor little me because these Arcane robot things kept attacking me.  Luckily Seish despatched them quickly before I died.

And Seish's fave pet.  So cute, this guardian cub - rare now too, I hear, since they no longer sell it on the store.  It's doing the catching butterflies thing - awww so cute!  After that we played with all our interactive pets - Moon Moon's /dance, Tyrael's /dance, and ran around with Toxic wasteling, watching it eat critters and grow larger.  But time flew so fast and I had to run and do family things - Plaidelf's night is my daytime and she plays at night for family reasons (same as me!) and kids were clamouring for attention so I had to go.  It was a lovely visit and now I can talk to Plaidelf whenever I like! :D  Thanks for letting me meet up with you and Navispam you!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Raiding - You can still F-up and have Dino Breakfast

Now I didn't know that Heroic modes couldn't be unextended like normal modes can when you don't kill a boss, and so I extended it as I started the raid, and the trio of Aza, Exray and Lushen weren't very happy. They didn't want to waste a week if we did kill Thok as we would have missed out on all the other bosses.  Unfortunately I had already decided that last week and every week we have not extended so I didn't think that one extend would hurt - especially since we were so close last week.  I put a vote up, but Aza pointed out a vote was pointless because I had already extended.  Fortunately, the vote was to extend, but I think those 3 were rather glum about it.  I did feel bad for about 5 minutes but I remembered that I haven't extended in like...forever... so I think a once off extend isn't anything to worry about.  I was excited enough for everyone, and Jazz was as well and our first attempt that night got Thok to 4%... OMG 4%!!!

We were trying hard to push a slightly longer P1, and it was slowly getting there. Our best goes were 64% before transition and then we had deaths that led to wipes (I remember I was one) but I felt like we could do it and on our 5th go we got it!

I died at the end - we had run down to the bottom for the last cage and I got fixated and I was already down the bottom with nowhere to go... tried to run into the cage and got chowed. But the boss by then was on 6% or something and then he ate the caged guy and got back some health up to 12% (gosh, couldn't do that fight without Nath's ?Widow Venom - I'll have to ask him what it was) and then the just hit the boss and used personals to get it down.  And it went down!  Vanquisher Tier - is that a surprise?- which I passed and gave to Exray.  The cloth loot was sharded.

I hadn't really looked at Blackfuse so we all had a few minutes to watch it.  I watched Warcraft Academy but the others watched Fatboss - I actually enjoy the Warcraft Academy ones more, they are more to the point and factual, though Fatboss is quite entertaining with their commentary at times. We were killing mines on the belt and missiles on the floor but man those missiles are so random!  Anyway, it didn't feel like people's hearts were in it, and that made me a little sad, but I kept whispering Morz and congratulating him on a boss well healed :P It was somewhere on one of these attempts that I realised that I had done the stupid thing again - I had swapped out my Prismatic Prism of Pride for Dysmorphic Samophlange instead of swapping my Thok trinket - which meant I had done Thok UNDER haste cap and being generally spastic.  Man... I need to default my heal set to not have Thok's tooth on it...

So after watching a few more videos, and asking a couple of my Heroic Garrosh killing friends, they kill missiles on the belt to avoid the randomness and kill the crawler mines, which means we'll have to have all ranged taking them out. Sev said he may not be on to raid tonight, so that leaves us one down, but maybe it will give us an opportunity to learn and practice.  But... yay Frostwolves, Thok down and 2 healed!  Aza teased me that I wanted to show off about my 2 heal of it, but I kinda lost my desire to do that after my little F-up!  I think that now we have it figured out, we can 3 heal it without disrupting our heal rotations too much which will make Thok a lot more fun for casters.  Oh, and I have to say thanks to Dragonray for whispering POMPOMS to us for us to get our Thok kill - even though she was only on via remote chat in guild!  POMPOMS always seems to help get us a kill /hugs

Edit: Morz recorded our kill!  Here it is in all its glory :D

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Non WoW: That feeling when you realise you're WRONG

I have lots of moments like that.  And I'm not just talking about that time when I was doing Ultraxion in Dragon Soul and I had to do it in kitty and Fue wondered why my damage was so low, and when he looked at what I was doing, I was using Claw - which was something I used when I was 60 but hadn't really done any kitty since then, and of course everyone laughed at me for being so behind the times when it comes to kitty.

More recently, there's the time when I went to watch the Lego Movie, and in the movie, they said this:

The Man Upstairs: You know the rules, this isn't a toy!
Finn: Um... it kind of is.
The Man Upstairs: No, actually it's a highly sophisticated inter-locking brick system.
Finn: But we bought it at the toy store.
The Man Upstairs: We did, but the way I'm using it makes it an adult thing.
Finn: The box for this one said "Ages 8 to 14"!
The Man Upstairs: That's a suggestion. They have to put that on there.

And I realised that I WAS THE MAN UPSTAIRS.  I WAS PRESIDENT BUSINESS.  I was the villain in the movie - who is always saying "Don't touch Mummy's Lego" or "This Lego is from Grown ups and not for playing with."  And what was really embarrassing was everyone at work who saw the Lego movie said that when they saw the Man Upstairs, that instantly they thought of me.  That I was the big meanie who wont' let my kids play with things that are supposed to be toys.  I'll admit, after that movie I did change - I let my kids play with mummy's Lego and I try really hard not to cringe every time a piece goes missing.

Here's my latest example.  My sister is pregnant and I have a cot that can convert into a single bed.  We had the cot as single bed in our spare room but I was delighted that she could use our old cot.  I dismantled the bed into pieces, found some more spare parts of the bed in the cupboard and gave it to her.  Then her husband told her there were some pieces missing.  I have no idea why, but I shook my head in disbelief.

"Did you LOOK in the bag?" I said.  I had put all the bits and bots into a plastic bag that accompanied the bed.
"He did," replied my sister. "There are some railing things for the cot side missing and two planks and some brackets for the bottom.  I did vaguely remember the brackets and I hadn't seen them, but I was still sure I had given her everything.  I told my husband to go look for the stuff and he told me he looked everywhere and couldn't find anything.

Even my mother was scolding them for not looking properly. With a big sigh, I said I would go look at the cot, thinking to myself that they had domestic blindness.  So I went over and had a look and there WERE pieces missing.  Lots of them!  So knowing what was missing, I went home and looked in the cupboard where I had found the spare parts and emptied it, thinking it must be there somewhere.  Hmm.  Not in the cupboard.  So I climbed on a chair and looked into the top of the cupboard and there was a box hidden behind some bags and wall decorations - a BIG LONG box mind you - labelled "Single bed parts - keep for future use".  Well.  I took it down and looked inside and lo and behold all the pieces were in there.  So I trundled back to my sister's house sheepishly and said I found the stuff and rang my brother in law to apologise and he crowed with delight and said thank you to me for eating humble pie.  I don't even know WHY I thought they would be mistaken in the first place!

You're not listening to me...
Oh and my poor son. There are multiple instances of me being wrong when it comes to him, and I feel really guilty because I'm not sure if he understands when I am saying sorry for being wrong!  With the autism and language/speech delay, I want to try to make sure we listen to him when he's talking but sometimes I don't understand him and he gets really insistent but the more garbled talk he throws out and gets upset about, the more frustrated I get as well!

The most recent one was on the weekend.  We were sitting in my husband's car and my son asked for "Blue plane."  I had no idea what he was talking about.  "There's no blue plane in the car," I said.  "Is it a plane outside?"

"May I have Blue Plane please?" he said, gesturing around the car. I asked my daughter what he wanted. She shrugged and said "Blue plane."  I knew we had no blue plane toys.  "I can't find the blue plane," I said. "I'll find it later?"

"There there!" He said again, gesticulating wildly.  "Blue plane PLEASE PLEASE!"

When I again denied his request there were tears which were pacified by reminding him we were going to go to playground after lunch.

The next day we were in the car again and I enabled the GPS to see where we were going.  "Blue plane!" my son yelled, pointing.  And sure enough, the arrow indicating our position was blue.  And it kinda looks like a plane, or at least a paper aeroplane.

I felt so bad for my poor son who was only asking for a simple thing and got hugely frustrated because we didn't understand him.  Can't be helped, I know, but I really hate misunderstanding him because he's trying so hard to be understood and it couldn't be good for his confidence with me being so dismissive!

But that mortifying feeling of suddenly realising you're wrong - you almost want to go and hide in shame or pretend it didn't happen. I'm not talking about the little wrongs like "Oh, sorry I thought we were meeting up at 1230pm not 1pm", or "Whoops, sorry I thought your name was Fiona, not Angela."  This is more like the fundamentals of your life were shaken up - like suddenly being told the Earth was round instead of flat, or that there is no heaven/hell/afterlife, or that Santa doesn't exist (I'm a mean parent, my children have never really believed in Santa because I told them we bring the presents - Santa to them is like Dora the Explorer or Peppa Pig, something made up that is fun to imagine).  Trying to get my head around letting my children play with my precious Limited Edition Lego is a stomach sinking experience.  I just hope that nothing in Azeroth will be like that - though if I found out that all this time I've been healing wrong on my druid I might just collapse of an apoplexy.

Raiding - Getting better on Thok!

Yay a new raid day, more time to wipe on Thok!

Nothing was a one shot. Wiped once on Malkorok though I feel like that was my fault because I hadn't organised groups so I could see everyone better and my healing felt sloppy.  The second go, only poor Jazz died (she and Nath had switched spots and she took the door spot of doom) and Exray got some heroic warforged love with Blood Rage Bracers.  Then onto Spoils where it took us 3 goes (the Mantid side died once, then Mogu side died once, and third go we killed it!).  No loots for anyone.... which makes me think WHY DO WE HAVE TO DO THIS STUPID BOSS...

Then onto Thok.

I had started the raid a little on the less than shiny happy side because Exray and Aza were telling me that we will not progress on Thok unless we get a third healer.  Aza even offered to offheal on his paladin, but I would rather he DPS'd than healed on an alt when I have healer mains.  And besides, he does good damage. I know he was trying to help but Morz and I really wanted to get this 2 healing.  I think we two were the only ones who thought we had been making solid progress.

So we're getting the bats down, but we're still only getting to 15 roars and Thok's health on our best goes with a transition at 15 is about 68%.  Would like it to be just that little bit lower!  Our 5th attempt was awesome as we got Thok to 14% but I felt like an idiot because I moved out and people died because he didn't transition as I had my panic run away.  The attempt before that Sev and I had been run over by the Yeti and I felt a bit stupid as I moved because I thought "OMG he's looking at me, I need to move, he's going to run this way," but actually I need to look at the eyes on the wall (but who has time to do that when I'm trying to dispel and keep health bars up?? I suppose I could do a keyboard turn to look...)  However, our 6th attempt was amazing as we got to 9%!  Everyone was feeling really positive after that and Morz and I were feeling happy that this 2 healing thing wasn't the impossible task people made it out to be.  Oh, I did have one other minor hiccup... I was telling Morz that I was using my Blackfuse trinket yay and Mana was good (instead of my Thok's tooth) and then when I looked at my gear I realised I had accidentally swapped out my Prismatic Prism of Pride with my Blackfuse trinket... miraculously the two GOOD goes were straight after I fixed my trinkets up.  But shhh....

Aza said later that I wanted to 2 heal it so I could brag about it, and he was right.  But who would I brag to, really?  Nobody would particularly care... though me and Morz would feel pretty chuffed about it!  The only person I could tell is Balkoth and he said to me he never said it couldn't be 2 healed, he just said that it was painful!  And he's right. I tell you, I would LOVE a devotion aura.. and maybe one Hand of Protection as well!

Extended maintenance tonight (6pm-6am AEST) probably means that we can extend and have a couple more goes on Thok on Wednesday (as I'm PRETTY sure nobody had time to kill Garrosh before shutdown).  Who knows how good we'll go when we're all fresh at it!  It might even be even better attempts than before!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

I guess I DO have a bucket list!

Over the years I see lots of people listing their "Bucket Lists" or "Things to do before -insert WoW expansion here-" and I never really thought that I would have one, but in the last month I realised I have been slowly trying to get a couple of long term goals.
  • 605 Unique pets
    I have been really lazy with PvP pet battles and I should do it just so I can get that Stunted Direhorn.  I've never been a fan of PvP pet battling because it gets a little bit OLD with the Unborn Val'kyr combinations, but I've decided to just stick to two combos and if they work then cool, if it's straight losses all the time, well I'll just stop battling for a bit.  So far, it's been going well.  I also need to get the Argent Squire on alliance side which means I have to bash at those stupid Argent Tournament dailies.  I'm doing it... slowly.  I haven't quite got the dedication to do it every day.  I also have one last Recruit a Friend (RAF) pet to get... tempted just to RAF myself to be honest.... so sitting there at 602 and at least a few months to go before I get another pet...

  • Herald of the Titans
    I have two toons locked at 80, which is a pain because I still don't have a second 90.  But now that my second druid is 80, I have been slowly bumming around scooping up Ulduar runs where I can so I can do a run, picking up both feral/guardian and caster gear.  Though I would like to do heals since I know that best, but we have a few guildies interested (including Nath, Jazz, Crooked and maybe even Exray) so we might have a group good to go for it if I can get my ass into gear with ... gear.  Usually just trying to hitchhike my way with those people who are going for Mimiron's head (and hanging around for the clear to Yogg) - I may be dead all the time but hey, loot is loot!
  • Going to need Bigger Bags
    Yeah, I'm not going to get this any time soon (maybe not any time ever), but I do go to the Isle and I tend to only kill those mobs I need for the achievement.  Sometimes I drag Aimei with me, who complains at me when I go for the big rock dudes.  Camping does my head in, so the closest I'll get is afk-ing at a rare spawn spot.

  • A second level 90
    It is SUCH A DRAG trying to level without RAF.  My poor Warlock is going through Deepholm at a snail's pace, and Lushnek says to me that we can go to the Timeless Isle at level 85 (though what we're going to do there I'm not sure - I remember dying a lot as a level 90 in ToT gear!).  One of the advantages to levelling there I suppose is that I can work on my Going to need Bigger bags.  And maybe do some herbing/mining as well.  And before you say "Why don't you boost....." I just don't feel like boosting ok!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Navispam - Lurking in Kal's corner

I have been trying very hard to catch a friend online but without much luck but some other bloggers are easier than others!  One of which is Kal, of Kal's corner.

He put nice easy directions on his blog for me to find him and lucky me got it second go.  He was in a Siege of Orgrimmar raid, and I didn't expect a reply but I sent a whisper anyway, saying sorry for disturbing and I just wanted to say hi because I read his blog.  Surprisingly he replied!  And so I waited for him to wipe on finish Galakras.  When he was free he said he had never had a blog reader visit before, and I told him that the toon's name that I was whispering him from was a little misleading (it was a randomly generated name), as it wasn't my real (game) name.  And do you know what he said?

"Oh, I know who this is."


"You must be Navi."

Wow. I'm so predictable.  I told him that I didn't know I was that predictable!  He said that I was known for doing this sort of stuff.  Well, yes, that's true I guess!

So we chatted a little about Galakras, and a little bit about geeks - he told me to go look up The Oatmeal's stuff on Tesla - and then told me the definition of a geek was someone who would give up sex for their passion.  Even footballers can be geeks - if they would rather play football than have sex.  Well that's different way of looking at a geek!

My burning question for him was easy - I wanted to know about his blog- Kal's corner actually has the web address thehunterchannel and he said ages ago his guildies were paying him out about always talking about hunters and so he made a blog so he could spout his hunter stuff there.  These days he's talking about all sorts of random things (not hunters) and he told me that he was thinking of an blog overhaul.  I asked him if he played other games, and he said WoW is his MMO and I got the feeling he would be playing it for some time to come.

When I asked him if he would mind taking a picture with me, he said that he was already dressed for the occasion! Here he is looking spiffy in his Overlord's transmog and Lofty Shield (making him look very Horde-y).

Thanks Kal for letting me visit!  I have to admit that was an easy Navispam!  Plaidelf however continues to elude me, as does Anoukisse!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Raiding - We all live in a SoO Sub-marine

It was subs city last night - with Nath and Jazz totally exhausted after getting back home just before raid, we needed some DPS to sub in for our heroic raids. I was trying to figure out what was fair and what would be appropriate for each person based on their personalities, skill and gear levels.

Dragonray, as you can see from her post, probably needs a little more encouragement rather than being dropped in the deep end, so I decided that Norushen would be the best fight for her to jump in on. I had also arranged for Tacky to come in and heal it, but he didn't login last night... sigh.

Asys was also MIA.  Luckily I have backup healers these days with Tensai and Dontmountme.

Drauka has actually done some good DPS though last time we demoralised him by taking him to Norushen and sending him in last to be cleansed, so naturally if he looked at damage he would have felt a bit down in the dumps.  I knew Dragon would feel that way as well, but that fight has the least new mechanics and is much like normal.  Drauka went for all fights up to and including Iron Juggernaut.

Dontmountme told me he and Drauka had read up the first 3 fights.  I couldn't help but smirk to myself because I was going to drop the bomb on them and let them do more, which they hadn't read up or watched.  Morz and I had to decide which fights we were going to sit out on and I strategically planned to not go to the bosses that I think are a total waste of (loot) time such as Norushen.

We brought Crooked in for Sha and Galakras.  Poor guy, died a lot on Sha.  You can't really stand still on Sha or you'll go splat.

So, let's go blow-by-blow, shall we? :D

Immerseus was healed by me, Tensai and Dontmountme.  It's a testament to paladin healing because I put Tensai on tank heals whilst me and Dontmountme did raid.  Normally when Morz, Asys or I do tank heals, we're on the bottom of the heals done.  Tensai was top.  Goddamn paladins, is all I can say.  It was Drauka's first time there and I did get a little snarky when people didn't move when the tanks swapped - do you think I just say that to be annoying?  Especially Sev, because if he doesn't move, he doesn't get dispelled, and the reason we move is so that the tank could help hold all the adds in one spot - adds over 2 platforms just aren't easy to tank and hard to AOE down.  And SEV has to move if he wants to be dispelled or he can bloody well dispel himself.  I did apologise later because poor Drauka, Dontmountme and Tensai might have thought I was yelling at them but it was aimed at my wayward lazy officer. Oh, and guess what dropped... a heroic warforged Chestplate of Congealed Corrosion!  So Drauka's first loot was a heroic warforged item... MAN.  But Aimei had a good roll and rolled a heroic warforged Trident of Corrupted Waters so there were cheers all round.

Tensai sat out for Protectors and so Morz, Dontmountme and I healed it. I am not sure what is wrong with my mana but I really needed to use every scrap of mana to work that boss.  I was OOM even!  I think that I might be missing my Jazzbangers mana battery though we did have Mana tide from Dontmountme.  Initially I told Dontmount me to do dispelling with Morz since he never ran out of mana - but he said he couldn't find his dispel button (I'm 99% sure he was trolling/joking), and so I changed my mind.  I had offered him dispelling as an excuse for his low healing but now his job was to try and catch up to our healing since we were now doing dispels. But, he still has some ways to go to catch us and I'm sure when he overtakes me I will never hear the end of it.  Drauka got the Mark of Anguish at one point and he might have been a little bit frozen in mild panic as we yelled at him to pass it off to another DPS before he died to it.  Don't want anymore Sevrus-like heroic gestures which turn into deaths.  Drauka picked up more loot with Sorrowpath Signet.

I sat out for Norushen and we 3 healed it with Morz, Tensai and Dontmountme, and Dragonray and Drauka. Poor Dragonray died, but she was very serious and quiet when she was playing which meant she was concentrating hard (and knowing her, freaking out about stuffing up) and unfortunately for her she didn't get any loot, but Dontmountme picked up Norushen's Enigmatic Barrier.

I said to Morz, "What do you think, shall we unleash the two newer healers on them?" and Morz said I was being mean.  4 newer people on Sha was a little bit mean, but Tensai had done it before so it would be a good way for me to see how he measured up.  And, you never know, it could go OK, as long as people picked up their rifts and they dispelled the debuff 5 seconds before pride or those people would die.  And I let those two have two goes but they died a lot and I said big mother Navi would step in if they couldn't get it in 2 goes.  I asked Tensai what he wanted more - Sha or Galakras - and he said Sha, so I let him stay for Sha and moved Dontmountme out and we managed to get it.  Dontmount me had a few questions about dispelling and it is difficult to time it and you're heavily reliant on the other healer to get their dispels so that you don't have to dispel and put yourself on CD for dispels, but it went better (especially for poor Crooked who died a lot) and we were a bit firmer on picking up rifts and it went ok.  Vanquisher Tier chest dropped and Drauka said "If you want me to give back the chest and take that one, I can do that." Surely he was not SERIOUS! As if we would make him do that, when nobody was going to take it - he might as well take the Tier as offspec! So lucky him, free offspec Tier.  Lucky Crooked walked away with Gaze of Arrogance.

Onwards to Galakras, and I told Morz to come in and heal Crooked, so I sat out.  I was secretly hoping for us to run out of time to do Iron Juggernaut because I really hate Iron Juggernaut.  But they one shot it, and Lushen walked out with Heroic Warforged Kogra's Venom Soaked Gauntlets. Dontmountme was on the bottom, and I was pleased to hear that he actually ran out of mana on that one because it meant he was using his healing to his full potential! The main thing was he managed to heal his section and didn't die.  Crooked and Drauka did towers in Jazz and Nath's place and it was a breeze with Morz there holding their hands. Gala is not that much different from normal so I think all 3 of those new guys found it a rather reasonable heroic to do.

Sars had been on standby but he did have work to do so I sat him out instead and he was happy with that. He actually popped into vent to listen to raid - he said he liked listening to "white noise" as he worked and he laughed when I jumped back into the raid and said to me, "Everyone has suddenly gone all serious now that Navi is back in the raid..." Which I have no idea what he was talking about because all I heard was constant ribbing of how that GM of Frostwolves is so coordinated she runs into Thok's stationary mouth to be eaten.

I moaned and groaned at having to do Iron Juggernaut. The warlocks were so busy telling the new guys that IJ was such an easy healer fight and that the healers AFK all the time, that nobody had bothered to explain to Drauka the fight until we pulled. And it was hectic and crazy as always.  Tensai was in this time, but Aimei was tired, having flown up and down to Wagga Wagga that day and was probably not playing at his best. We had a few goes, and after the first go Drauka said "Wow there's a lot happening..."  That's putting it mildly.  After that we just wiped some more and then called it for the night.

Thursday didn't start much better.  Must have had about 4 or 5 goes on IJ before we got it down, even though Nath and Jazz were back.  I really do think a Shaman does better on IJ than a paladin in siege mode, but maybe I'm being biased.  When we did kill that stupid scorpion robot I was thrilled to see Sev getting Belt of Ominous Trembles but NOOO he still needs some other item from that boss and so I have to continue being tortured by it.

Dark Shamans had only one wipe I think, maybe two, but it was ok.  Tensai picked up Kardris' Scepter so he as happy.  Then onto Nazgrim and Aimei had some work to do so he sat out, and Lushen was tanking, which meant we needed more DPS.  Drauka was drafted back in and I decided to let Dontmountme try healing it with Morz.  I said two goes, and the first go was bad, but the second go was better and they were in the final phase but they wiped.  I told Dontmountme that he did reasonably well but probably just needed more practice and more gear (and maybe more experienced tanks and DPS - with a new tank, DPS and healer it probably wasn't going to be perfect). And what dropped - MORE stuff for Drauka.  Vanquisher tier gloves and Gar'tok, Strength of the Faithful - which is good for Unholy but Drauka didn't want to use it as frost.  But, nobody else was going to use it so he might as well keep it.

That was it for the night, which means not much time left on Monday for Thok.  I am going to try the extend next week and work on Thok a bit - any excuse really not to have to do Iron Juggernaut or Spoils again!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Guildleader chores - More thoughts on recruiting.

I have still been browsing the recruitment forums for people that I think are "nice" or would be a good fit, and there have been a few out there that I would have liked.  Two are still on my realID (though I am itching to have those spaces back) - both are tanks and looking for a heroic raiding guild, but I'm not sure if they would fit in here - I think they're looking for raiding spots specifically.  (Edit: One has dropped off so I assume he has found a spot somewhere.  I suspect the other will drop off soon too) There was another tank who came with a few friends from Moonguard but I'm not sure why they were advertising in oceanic forums - these guys were east coast US!  If they were nice people I would have taken them all but after going over to Moonguard to talk to them I realised they hadn't quite realised the time difference. Shame - the druid I chatted to seemed nice enough.

Then there was Alca and Una - who was the GM of Scion and his partner who plays a shadow priest.  They are around, and I was surprised they weren't snapped up already. Exray is quite good friends with them and he told me that they would consider coming to Frostwolves if we had a raid spot for them.  Gee, now that's a tough one! I really want them to come here, they are both lovely people, great attitude and great players. but I don't have raid spots unless people sit out!  And we're already trying to do that, as I have considered having Drauka, Dontmountme, Dragonray, Crooked, and Sars rotating in for early bosses.  If I had Tensai and Asys regularly that would be even more people and with Una and Alca... OMG we might have 20 for 6.0!  Oh and it's a long shot maybe but Zeirah may even come over - BUT her partner is with one of the top guilds on this server so she may end up going there instead.  It would be fun having her with us - I did tell her that she would have some of her readers in this guild :P

There were 2 healers from Saurfang who had done early heroics - one of them hadn't responded to me, but the other is hanging out with some friends at the moment helping them in Flex.  She said she would consider us later or in WoD.  But I'm not holding my breath because I know that helping friends can be heaps more satisfying than progression.

I wandered over to Frostmourne to send mail to another person who was interesting sounding but I suspect unlikely to join after I chat to them - I thought there was an 80% probability that this person was arrogant and full of themselves.... but they were eloquent in their forum post.

But it's also hard when we're working on a new boss and we're just still working out our nitty gritty. Throwing in TOTALLY new people mucks up the mix! I don't want to lose that teamwork but I do want these guys to be included. It's a tough biscuit, I tell you that.  Will it be me doing the sitting out?  I don't want to but what's good for the guild long term?  I really need to look at the big picture and think about what I want to do when 6.0 comes out - do we want to do Mythic for that short period?  Or do we just take a break from heroic/mythic raiding until expansion?  As I've said before, Mythic is not going to concern us, really. We're not that kind of guild.

In the meantime, I have been trying to get all our future raiders in for a taste of heroic raiding.  There's so much to say on that I think I shall make a post on it all on its own.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Guildies: Frostwolves First World Problems

Sometimes Frostwolves (myself included) complain about the funniest things and I just had to write them down. So here is the list of our Frostwolves First World (of Warcraft) problems!

(How convenient!  Someone has already made memes out of the first two I wanted to do!)