I guess I DO have a bucket list!

Over the years I see lots of people listing their "Bucket Lists" or "Things to do before -insert WoW expansion here-" and I never really thought that I would have one, but in the last month I realised I have been slowly trying to get a couple of long term goals.
  • 605 Unique pets
    I have been really lazy with PvP pet battles and I should do it just so I can get that Stunted Direhorn.  I've never been a fan of PvP pet battling because it gets a little bit OLD with the Unborn Val'kyr combinations, but I've decided to just stick to two combos and if they work then cool, if it's straight losses all the time, well I'll just stop battling for a bit.  So far, it's been going well.  I also need to get the Argent Squire on alliance side which means I have to bash at those stupid Argent Tournament dailies.  I'm doing it... slowly.  I haven't quite got the dedication to do it every day.  I also have one last Recruit a Friend (RAF) pet to get... tempted just to RAF myself to be honest.... so sitting there at 602 and at least a few months to go before I get another pet...

  • Herald of the Titans
    I have two toons locked at 80, which is a pain because I still don't have a second 90.  But now that my second druid is 80, I have been slowly bumming around scooping up Ulduar runs where I can so I can do a run, picking up both feral/guardian and caster gear.  Though I would like to do heals since I know that best, but we have a few guildies interested (including Nath, Jazz, Crooked and maybe even Exray) so we might have a group good to go for it if I can get my ass into gear with ... gear.  Usually just trying to hitchhike my way with those people who are going for Mimiron's head (and hanging around for the clear to Yogg) - I may be dead all the time but hey, loot is loot!
  • Going to need Bigger Bags
    Yeah, I'm not going to get this any time soon (maybe not any time ever), but I do go to the Isle and I tend to only kill those mobs I need for the achievement.  Sometimes I drag Aimei with me, who complains at me when I go for the big rock dudes.  Camping does my head in, so the closest I'll get is afk-ing at a rare spawn spot.

  • A second level 90
    It is SUCH A DRAG trying to level without RAF.  My poor Warlock is going through Deepholm at a snail's pace, and Lushnek says to me that we can go to the Timeless Isle at level 85 (though what we're going to do there I'm not sure - I remember dying a lot as a level 90 in ToT gear!).  One of the advantages to levelling there I suppose is that I can work on my Going to need Bigger bags.  And maybe do some herbing/mining as well.  And before you say "Why don't you boost....." I just don't feel like boosting ok!!


  1. I was playing on one of my many priests (my friend I was hanging out with says I have a problem), and I painfully made it through half a level of rested xp to get to 88 tonight running random dungeons with him and another friend. No heirlooms and no RAF is so painful!

  2. Good luck with the other three pets and achievement. I look forward to getting those RaF pets sometime (although I've always wanted to get that rocket).

  3. Farming the little silkworms is insane experience leveling. Was able to do 1-1.5 hours per level (rested) for my prot warrior from 85-90 just by killing them repeatedly. Other classes/specs may have a harder time doing that.

    1. So hard to get silkworms because everyone is doing them! I've fallen back on levelling by questing...


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