Raiding - You can still F-up and have Dino Breakfast

Now I didn't know that Heroic modes couldn't be unextended like normal modes can when you don't kill a boss, and so I extended it as I started the raid, and the trio of Aza, Exray and Lushen weren't very happy. They didn't want to waste a week if we did kill Thok as we would have missed out on all the other bosses.  Unfortunately I had already decided that last week and every week we have not extended so I didn't think that one extend would hurt - especially since we were so close last week.  I put a vote up, but Aza pointed out a vote was pointless because I had already extended.  Fortunately, the vote was to extend, but I think those 3 were rather glum about it.  I did feel bad for about 5 minutes but I remembered that I haven't extended in like...forever... so I think a once off extend isn't anything to worry about.  I was excited enough for everyone, and Jazz was as well and our first attempt that night got Thok to 4%... OMG 4%!!!

We were trying hard to push a slightly longer P1, and it was slowly getting there. Our best goes were 64% before transition and then we had deaths that led to wipes (I remember I was one) but I felt like we could do it and on our 5th go we got it!

I died at the end - we had run down to the bottom for the last cage and I got fixated and I was already down the bottom with nowhere to go... tried to run into the cage and got chowed. But the boss by then was on 6% or something and then he ate the caged guy and got back some health up to 12% (gosh, couldn't do that fight without Nath's ?Widow Venom - I'll have to ask him what it was) and then the just hit the boss and used personals to get it down.  And it went down!  Vanquisher Tier - is that a surprise?- which I passed and gave to Exray.  The cloth loot was sharded.

I hadn't really looked at Blackfuse so we all had a few minutes to watch it.  I watched Warcraft Academy but the others watched Fatboss - I actually enjoy the Warcraft Academy ones more, they are more to the point and factual, though Fatboss is quite entertaining with their commentary at times. We were killing mines on the belt and missiles on the floor but man those missiles are so random!  Anyway, it didn't feel like people's hearts were in it, and that made me a little sad, but I kept whispering Morz and congratulating him on a boss well healed :P It was somewhere on one of these attempts that I realised that I had done the stupid thing again - I had swapped out my Prismatic Prism of Pride for Dysmorphic Samophlange instead of swapping my Thok trinket - which meant I had done Thok UNDER haste cap and being generally spastic.  Man... I need to default my heal set to not have Thok's tooth on it...

So after watching a few more videos, and asking a couple of my Heroic Garrosh killing friends, they kill missiles on the belt to avoid the randomness and kill the crawler mines, which means we'll have to have all ranged taking them out. Sev said he may not be on to raid tonight, so that leaves us one down, but maybe it will give us an opportunity to learn and practice.  But... yay Frostwolves, Thok down and 2 healed!  Aza teased me that I wanted to show off about my 2 heal of it, but I kinda lost my desire to do that after my little F-up!  I think that now we have it figured out, we can 3 heal it without disrupting our heal rotations too much which will make Thok a lot more fun for casters.  Oh, and I have to say thanks to Dragonray for whispering POMPOMS to us for us to get our Thok kill - even though she was only on via remote chat in guild!  POMPOMS always seems to help get us a kill /hugs

Edit: Morz recorded our kill!  Here it is in all its glory :D


  1. Yay! Grats Frostwolves!!

    Ok Navi I guess you *don't* heal wrong as a druid ;-)

  2. Good luck on Siegecrafter!


    1. It is icky! Gawd I feel like I have no idea what's going on. It's just bombs fire and .. more bombs and fire.

    2. There's also magnets and shredders!

  3. Kill video here:

    Enjoy :)


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