Guildleader chores - More thoughts on recruiting.

I have still been browsing the recruitment forums for people that I think are "nice" or would be a good fit, and there have been a few out there that I would have liked.  Two are still on my realID (though I am itching to have those spaces back) - both are tanks and looking for a heroic raiding guild, but I'm not sure if they would fit in here - I think they're looking for raiding spots specifically.  (Edit: One has dropped off so I assume he has found a spot somewhere.  I suspect the other will drop off soon too) There was another tank who came with a few friends from Moonguard but I'm not sure why they were advertising in oceanic forums - these guys were east coast US!  If they were nice people I would have taken them all but after going over to Moonguard to talk to them I realised they hadn't quite realised the time difference. Shame - the druid I chatted to seemed nice enough.

Then there was Alca and Una - who was the GM of Scion and his partner who plays a shadow priest.  They are around, and I was surprised they weren't snapped up already. Exray is quite good friends with them and he told me that they would consider coming to Frostwolves if we had a raid spot for them.  Gee, now that's a tough one! I really want them to come here, they are both lovely people, great attitude and great players. but I don't have raid spots unless people sit out!  And we're already trying to do that, as I have considered having Drauka, Dontmountme, Dragonray, Crooked, and Sars rotating in for early bosses.  If I had Tensai and Asys regularly that would be even more people and with Una and Alca... OMG we might have 20 for 6.0!  Oh and it's a long shot maybe but Zeirah may even come over - BUT her partner is with one of the top guilds on this server so she may end up going there instead.  It would be fun having her with us - I did tell her that she would have some of her readers in this guild :P

There were 2 healers from Saurfang who had done early heroics - one of them hadn't responded to me, but the other is hanging out with some friends at the moment helping them in Flex.  She said she would consider us later or in WoD.  But I'm not holding my breath because I know that helping friends can be heaps more satisfying than progression.

I wandered over to Frostmourne to send mail to another person who was interesting sounding but I suspect unlikely to join after I chat to them - I thought there was an 80% probability that this person was arrogant and full of themselves.... but they were eloquent in their forum post.

But it's also hard when we're working on a new boss and we're just still working out our nitty gritty. Throwing in TOTALLY new people mucks up the mix! I don't want to lose that teamwork but I do want these guys to be included. It's a tough biscuit, I tell you that.  Will it be me doing the sitting out?  I don't want to but what's good for the guild long term?  I really need to look at the big picture and think about what I want to do when 6.0 comes out - do we want to do Mythic for that short period?  Or do we just take a break from heroic/mythic raiding until expansion?  As I've said before, Mythic is not going to concern us, really. We're not that kind of guild.

In the meantime, I have been trying to get all our future raiders in for a taste of heroic raiding.  There's so much to say on that I think I shall make a post on it all on its own.


  1. The other thing to consider is that the changes in a major patch have traditionally made the final raid tier easier. I don't know if that will again be the case, but it may not matter too much if you bring normal geared players in to make up the numbers for mythic. If that's the case, you could stick with what you know and focus on progressing through the last few bosses, rather than trying to integrate people now.
    You could also extend the sunday raid id in the new week to forego the first two wings and get more time on progression - just use an alt who is saved but not needed.

    1. My main goal with integration is that all members will feel like members of the raid when we do become one raid. I am hoping that when you experience the raid with your hands held at first it will give you the confidence to learn it in steps rather than 6 new people coming in with no idea what to do! I am thinking of asking dragonray about extending just this week but I will see what she says.

    2. I am all for extending, however I am not sure we have a group capable to going all the way - but only one way to tell for sure. We had a few issues on some of the bosses last week, so we may need to pick and choose a group if we want to get to the end but I don't think it will happen on our first try through the second half.

      I think we need to get a solid base for the second group so we can carry the less geared/experienced through each week without too much issue so they can get the experience and gear they need. Finding the base is the issue given we have so many people switching in and out. We may need to just be a little more focused now that we have had a couple of weeks happening.

      My thoughts on your post - I think you should get the main team through to heroic Garrosh as soon as you can - because it won't be around forever and now is the perfect time to do that - even if you extend lock outs rather than do fresh clears each week. Just so you get a couple of good solid attempts on the bosses you have left. Surely there aren't many people actually needing too much gear from the earlier bosses and with the second team running now we are helping people get upgrades anyway.

      If you are worried about combining people later, you could always drop a 10 man raid night and make it a 25 man raid night (I am sure we have plenty of people/friends would could pug in) but only in conjunction with the raid extends as mentioned above. I don't think it would make sense to drop a night if you are not extending. We have plenty of time to get people integrated (we still have flex as well) and providing most people can be mature about things it shouldn't be much of an issue anyway.

      As Crooked said they will soon throw us the pre-expac which will likely kill our gear/stats (if they follow their usual pattern of giving us time to readjust to major changes etc). Which means people will lose focus and start preparing for the new game and I think you will struggle to get through the heroic bosses you have left.

      I know Frosties is not the hardcore raiding environment, but you are so close at this point to having them all done, I think it would be a shame to be so close and not pushing that little bit further.


    3. The only problem with doing normals as 25 is that we actually don't take it that seriously (the heroic raiders). I could be speaking for myself though. When we do heroics though we put our noses to the grindstone and put out our best and play properly - Exray is a prime example of playing for fun rather than properly when we do normals, Aza on Garrosh too! - and it's that seriousness and commitment I want to see from the guys who are only subbing in. The casuals and normal raiders only see us when we're being super fun and cool and relaxed in Flex and normal - though we are still like that in heroics, kinda... there are some Navi rants which are more funny than scary (honestly, so disrespectful, nobody takes me seriously!) and... I guess the main reason is I hate seeing all this good loot being sharded!


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