Guildleader chores: A proposition and an avid guild discussion

I was approached by the GM of The Bushido Project today (just as we were about to start raiding) who asked if we were interested in a raiding alliance till the end of Mists, when 6.0 hits.

It's interesting because I was thinking about that a few months ago, and then when I couldn't get a hold of their GM, I decided not to worry about raiding alliances anymore.  After all, since then, I've picked up a few people and I've thought that I might even be able to scrape enough for 20 heroic raiders - with Crooked, Drauka, Ravzz (Dontmountme changed his name finally), Cptsars, Tensai and maybe Haevela (and maybe Souglyy and Vexil) then I might be able to drag a few more to 20.

Anyway, I couldn't chat coz I was trying to heal Immerseus but I let the other officers know what was on the table, but I wouldn't make any decisions without discussing it with the guild, especially those who would be raiding.  Now, this isn't to bag out Bushido Project at all, but it's a demonstration of how different guilds can be, and I worry a lot about raiders meshing.  And there are nothing wrong with their rules - things are way more relaxed here (because we don't fight over loot... much!).  I imagine most hard core guilds have rules like this.

Jazz told me that she applied to Bushido when she first came to Saurfang, but they declined her and Nath due to lack of experience.  I said that it was Bushido's loss LOL!  I was so happy to have her and Nath in Frostwolves!

Jazz went to their website and started telling me their rules, and the guild scrutinised them.  This cool image is from their website.

Once a decision has been made by the raid leader it will not be challenged

Snowcaller said that it would be pretty hard for us to not be able to make any decisions, and if we didn't agree with Bushido Project's raid decisions.  I said I should have a rule like that "Once a decision has been made by the guild leader, it will not be challenged."  Then we all said that Aza would probably not listen anyway and get annoyed because... well it's Aza.

When wipe is called all raiders will commit seppuku as quickly as possible

Our new recruit, Kuro, said where's the fun in that - seeing how long you can live without tanks and healers is half the fun.

Players will be committed to a single raiding character and raid role until an expansion is complete

I said that Exray would be devastated... going from Boomkin, to warrior, then DK... and he piped up saying that he went DK because we needed it!  And please don't take his DK from him!! LOL!  Though I do like that rule, but we aren't really so strict about it here - I think if people were switching a lot, I'd end up sitting them out anyway coz I have so many others to gear.

Players will provide two weeks notice before leaving the guild

Jazz said it sounded like raiding and playing WoW was like a job in TBP.  I said to her that doing EPGP and cleaning up guild bank WAS a job.  Sars told me to get more officers so I could laze around more.  I did just promote Morz though!  More people to do EPGP!  Sars made the joke that you won't get your deposit back, and Lyndra (another new recruit /wink) said Oh no!  And then I piped up saying that I had forgotten to collect the guild joining fee from Lyndra... LOL, I can't imagine that people would give 2 weeks notice leaving guild.  I am not sure how they would police that really - though it is courtesy to do so, because it gives you time to find replacements for raid.

Raiders will be selected on a boss-by-boss basis to assist guild progression, and ensure fair representation by all raiders

Gosh, I only balance DPS and heals.  I don't really care about group makeup because we're here to have fun.  Our Thok composition shows us just how we just make do with what we have!

After reading that and we all had our little jokes about it, I was seriously having doubts about this alliance. They take their raiding so seriously - I mean, we take it seriously too, but we try to make do with what we have.  I know that when Mythic comes we need to increase our classes as raids will want us to bring every class if possible, so I may have to consider that when 6.0 hits.  It also made me realise how relaxed things are here in Frostwolves.  I know that rules exist because you need to have guidelines to avoid drama - but I did try my best to weed out the drama beforehand.  All new recruits know the general rules, and raiders are pretty cohesive and know the unwritten rules of courtesy and raiding in Frostwolves.  I mean, my rules have always been simple.

  • No abusing others in guild chat, raid chat or Ventrilo. You can do it in whispers if you're good friends
  • No trolling in trade chat on any toon that has Frostwolves as a guild tag.  You can do it on a level 1 alt not in the guild.
  • If you raid you have to be amenable to sitting out and taking turns.
  • No sexist, racist or rape talk in guild chat.  Excessive swearing in guild chat may have to be curbed. (Note that I never said anything about vent in private channels... especially with my PvP swearing...)
I will discuss with Lyconah via game mail to let him/her know about what we expect, and also we'd have to hash out a raid time - they raid way to early for me (7pm-10pm server).  All up, I'm not sure that it will work, but I will have to do a fair bit of ground work and ground rules first to protect my guild and ensure that raiding is still the fun thing we all love to do.


  1. I actually agree with the second one when a wipe is called, especially for us considering the short amount of time we raid each night!

    1. All of their rules are actually very reasonable but seeing it all listed out makes it seem militarian. Hk also says we should wipe quicker. He also said we should adopt their rules :p

    2. When wipe is called, last one standing has to pay the raid 50g each!

    3. I'm seeing all these comments as pure warlock hate, squishy-people.

    4. Typical warlock - all about you. And Dah, that's a good idea - I know someone that will be very poor!

  2. I can see the dilemma if things don't work quite the same in both guilds. I think I'd be more concerned over the general atmosphere, especially if you guys are more about having fun (even if you can be serious when the time calls for it) than the second guild. I do hope things will work out. C: You care about your guildies so whatever you decide, I'm sure it will turn out to be for the best!

    1. Recruits are bulking up the guild at the moment, so I'm not sure if it will go ahead, but we shall certainly have the discussion I think.


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