Monday, May 30, 2016

Glory of the Thundering Raider

Crooked, McTacky and Sars helped me out on Sunday night to get the last achievement I needed for my Glory of the Thundering Raider achievement. Ritualist who? was the last achievement I needed, and Crooked and McTacky told me it was quite easy to do - all I had to do was reset the instance after I killed all the Ritualists, as long as we didn't kill Animus.

Not that we were likely to do that with just the 4 of us on 25 man.

The whole thing was made slightly more difficult because the weekly with the rare, Archritualist Kelada, had popped up and he was right outside that door. It just meant we had to kill him with every reset.

With the four of us it was easier, as two would go in and the other two would summon them out. Sars came along late but he got his done pretty easily!

So the cool pop culture reference for that is that all those Ritualists are named after monsters in Dr Who!

Sirian - humanoid species inhabiting Sirius (couldn't find any pics)


So here is the mount, Armored Skyscreamer. It's not a very attractive mount, is it? Take a good look because it's unlikely I am ever going to see it again!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Raiding - Guild achievement runs

We did our guild achievement run (again!) on Wednesday and Thursday last week and we managed to do all achievements except for Archimonde. And the hardest achievement? Would have to be Xhul. Turnout was quite good for that by the way!

Wednesday we had a few issues with people not stacking their fires. On Thursday we had a slightly different crowd and I even DPSed a few attempts, and on the actual achievement attempt I had a huge stuff up and dropped purple at a really bad spot! I had been tanking the big purple add and I was running around in a panic and out of range of heals and then got the void fire stuff and dropped it somewhere way stupid! Interestingly, Neuro had to sit out that attempt and everyone was wailing because he was such high DPS. And we somehow did it. I don't know how, but we did.

I was dreading Socrethar but Aza said not to worry about it, HK will trap them and it will all be sweet. And it really was. It took hardly any goes (it wasn't a one shot but it wasn't a ridiculous number of attempts either) and I was happy and so was everyone else.

The rest of them weren't hard. However, we were a bit confused with Archimonde and what Kyxyn and HK thought was how you do the achievement was not how it is worded (as long as there is fire on the ground when you kill Archi it's ok, you don't have to actually have the doomfire spirit up) and that was the one achievment we couldn't get. We can come back and do it the following week anyway!

But, a few people got their mounts, so they are happy. At least there was that chore out of the way!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Navispam - Meeting Thorbartin, one of the winners of the #FWMylight competition

Thorbartin (Bill) was one of the winners of my #FWMylight competition and I wanted to meet up with him in game and have a chat some time. We exchanged battletags and hoped for some crossover luck. However, trying to find him online when I was online was a challenge itself, until he sent me an email saying that he noted that whenever he logged on, my bnet message would say I was on 10 hours ago.

So on one of my days off I decided to log in at 1030am and lo and behold, guess who was online!

I sent him a whisper and went off to see him in his Garrison. It seems the most convenient place to see people these days!

I had a squizz at his monuments, some are similar to horde ones and some were different.

I also mentioned the Winter Veil Tree - the Alliance one looks like a standard Christmas tree, quite unlike the horde one which is adorned with skulls and weapons. Thorbartin said he had never seen the horde Winter Veil tree!

Thor told me about his surprise when his Mylight package arrived - he said he expected a small night light not a whopping huge sign with his name on it!

I asked him what his wife thought of it (she doesn't play) and he said that they just stared at it when they first opened it.

"LOL She loved the story," said Thor.
"What did you tell her?" I asked.
"Everything about the contest. I started with the unopened package, and told her what was inside, then told her about the blog contest, then told her about the Aussie thing, then told her it may not even work LOL"
I was giggling at this point.
"Then opened it," he said. "And both our eyes lit up. I was thinking nightlight like you plug into the wall... not a huge ass sign!"
"But it DOES plug into the wall!" I said.

Thor has been doing old raids and isn't much of a pet battler. It was lovely to be able to meet him though, and I'm happy they loved their prize.

Thanks for meeting up with me in game Thorbartin!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Guildleader chores - Flown the nest and moving on

It's been a busy week. Lots of things on my mind and I had to wait a few days to write about it so I could make a well thought out post. My best posts are often written in times of great emotion, and I should have actually written it all out to let out some of the thoughts whirling in my head as it made me sleep even LESS than usual.

Four Frostwolves left to join another guild this week, as the raiding times and personalities of the other guild suited them a lot better. I am sad to see them go, they were all great raiders and great contributers to the raid and the guild (and have been here for a LONG TIME), but people grow up and move on and that is the way of things. Much like old toys - you loved it when you were younger but eventually you will outgrow them.

Though I thought that leaving the guild for them would have been an easy choice - and it was for 1 or 2 of them - it was an amicable parting and the guild wished them well. People asked if I was upset or angry - but how can you be angry at someone for following the path that best suits them? I have never wished to stop anyone from leaving or guilt tripping them into staying - as someone who fully believes in following your dreams and ambitions, how could I be otherwise?

However, even though I wish them well, you can't help but feel sad that they can't stay as they were forever. Could I have done more to encourage them to stay, could I have handled the situation better, was it the right time or did I force them out? I think the truth was staring at me for a while - restless behaviour, attendance in guild and raid, and less engagement with newer members in our own guild - and in terms of timing, I think it was a good time. I've noticed that as people get increasing restless they become more irritating and then the being irritating becomes the only memorable feature. That point had not yet been reached so everyone still had positive feelings between guildies still, and so it's not a painful separation.

There are two ways the guild can look at a significant group departure - one negative and one positive. The negative things can include:

- "The guild is falling apart"
- "There is something seriously wrong here and that's why people are leaving"
- "I'm really disheartened by this all and I don't want to play either"

I cannot stress enough how a these negativities can be negated by things that long standing members or officers. From an officer point of view it's important to examine the reasons behind the departure and listen to the feedback from the departed about why they left. Are there things we can address or need to fix? Are these isolated feelings or do many others feel this way? One comment was about me making an offhand observation that was untrue but had been true at other times (but not in that particular time, and it sounded like I was calling them out when in fact I was merely reminding them not to do tunnel). From that feedback, I will make a conscious effort to do those observations more quietly and in whispers with evidence. Which I should have done anyway!

The second significant feedback was that they didn't want to feel like they were letting the guild down by doing things we don't do and if they left the guild they wouldn't be misrepresenting us any further. I admit that I thought that was well expressed and mature.

From the positive perspective, officers can also help alleviate guild concerns by being open and nonjudgemental about the whole process. We don't want people to feel like officers are a secret club where secrets are kept from the guild and we make decisions without thought or consultation.

We explained it all clearly to all guildies who were asking about what happened, emphasised that we encourage people to leave if the guild is not the right fit for them, and the most important thing is not to be emotional about it, like saying "I"m really upset they left, and they gave stupid reasons". All explanations to guildies MUST be made in a non-judgemental way, because despite what we may think about the circumstances of the leaving, it is our job to deliver the facts, not our opinions. People make up their own minds about what they think occurred, and knowing that we support free choice and encourage people to find what makes them happy is a fundamental principle of our guild, will make sure that everyone will adopt this mentality as well.

For those who are non officers, the positive input you can put in is to show support for the guild and not encourage feelings of ill-will. We certainly don't want any of that! We strongly maintain that people should not be afraid of leaving as long as they are open discussions and we can receive feedback. Sneaking off without saying anything doesn't help anyone improve nor does it endear you to anyone. We had many guildies supporting our guild positions, as well as telling us that they have no intention of leaving. There is nothing more reassuring than knowing that as an officer or GM, we're not alone, and we'll stick together.

Now, to move forward. I had a look at the deficit from those guys leaving - that would bring our raid numbers down to 13-14. Which is still plenty to raid with, and that doesn't include others who are now casual but wanting to move to heroic raiding.

There is a move to try to teach our casual players to be better raiders, so they can move from casual to heroic as they get more confident and better used to teamwork and raid mechanics. Kyxyn and Neuro had made suggestions about it and we will be adopting those in Legion, but in the meantime perhaps I should use some of my downtime to start a teaching raid or something so I can practice teaching non raiders how to raid in an non-threatening environment. Malkarii does something like that (and streams it) and I thought if I could find someone on Twitter who does runs like that for oceanic players perhaps I could join in. Or maybe I could start my own one! A big ask though and I'd probably have to free up weekends for it, but it's a nice positive project that would take my mind of it all and feel like something good has come out of things.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Guildleader chores - Raid Planning for Legion

Our guild has gone through a few different things in Pandaria and WoD (which has been my time as guild leader) and there are a few lessons I've learned along the way that will make me change how we do things in Legion.

1. Casual Normal raids and Regular Heroic raids
In MoP we had Saturday fun nights, and in WoD we had Sunday normal runs (and in this lull before Legion we're doing heroic casual runs on Wed/Thurs but that's not a permanent thing). As a guild that has members who are heroic focussed and those who are more casual it's actually quite good to have separate raids where they can feel comfortable playing with like minded people. Heroic raiders are welcome to come to the normal raids as long as they realise that we will be teaching them the casual players the fights as well and patience is to be expected. I quite like how this has been going, and I will continue it in Legion with Heroic raiding on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday and casual raids on Sunday. However in the early part of Legion raiding we'll do Wednesday, Thursday heroic raids and Monday casual raids as we won't be progressing super fast in early Legion and doing some normals may help with gear as well.

2. Selection of raiders in early Legion
There was a massive explosion of people who wanted to raid when we started in WoD, so much that we had to sit people out and take turns - and tons of these peeps did not come back to raid. Who is going to get to go to heroic raids? I think that anyone who has been doing mythic raiding with us in WoD should get into a heroic raid, and everyone else will have to go through casual raids first and see how their performance and their raid awareness goes, as well as being "ready to raid" in terms of flasks, pots, gems and chants. We will also be stricter on required addons for heroic raiding, and Discord will be a must. And there will be no putting the raid leader on ignore because "the addon whispering me that I haven't eaten food or flasked is annoying me". Oh man, Kyxyn was absolutely ropable when that event occurred with a raider!

3. PuGs on Casual raids
We have usually let a number of people raid with us who are not from our guild, and I have looked at them as pseudo-guildies. However, in the early part of Legion we have probably not have any PuGs because it will be stuffed full with guildies who have returned to look at the new expansion. However, as the shininess of Legion wears off there will be room for regular non guildies to come again so I have a feeling that will be after.... 6 weeks! Shall we take bets?

4. Looting
EPGP was the loot method we used for the whole of WoD and later Pandaria, and to avoid drama in the future, we're going to go to personal loot. Personal loot also means faster pulls, and less time wasting. With the ability to trade duplicate personal items of loot it might make it a lot easier as long as people actually keep the unwanted item in their bank somewhere. The opposers of personal loot have actually been the ones who complain about loot the most when it is distributed with master loot or rolls, so eventually everyone is going to get used to it.

5. Classes for Legion
I used to tell people we needed X melee or Y ranged, and then we didn't need them, and when someone asked if they could heal I told them we have too many and now we are short! So I have decided that everyone should play what they WANT to play, however, if fights struggle then we may have to drop people if we had too much melee or healers. So far, for heroic raids, I have two tanks - Kyxyn (prot pally) and Aimei (Brewmaster Monk) - Me (resto druid), Koda/Cosima (resto shaman), Bish (holy priest), Sev (affliction warlock), Lushen (windwalker monk), Aza (destruction lock), Crooked (shaman), Splatz (DPS warrior), Sars (Enh shaman). I'm not sure what Ultra, Exray, Dan, Rag, Duck, Voe, Neuro are going to play. And also not sure if Fielsa, Gorvek, Naesca and Mauve are going to want to raid heroic either. But at least we have more than 10! Will there be 4 demon hunters? Who knows!

I am excited however, thinking of new raids, and playing with our old friends! And maybe some new ones? Oh so much more to look forward to!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Guildleader chores - Thank you! But I like it here just fine

It is not unsurprising that raiding consistently with another guild, that the question would eventually be asked - "Would you like to join our guild?"

I'm sure lots of people get asked that question a lot. Especially when you're out and about pugging things.

It isn't UNREASONABLE that people assume that your guild is collapsing or failing because you are out pugging instead of raiding with your own guild. It isn't like Frostwolves isn't raiding, it's just that we aren't raiding mythic. In fact, heroic turnout is very high you sometimes think that we COULD do mythic, but people just aren't interested in doing it, unfortunately.

The GM asking me knew what my answer would be, as he had asked me a few times before, but I had politely declined as my own guild is the perfect place for me and I wouldn't change it for the world. But, after their last officer meeting, they said that he should ask, even though he said it was of no use. So he did ask. And I thanked him for the honour but declined on behalf of all my guildies who raid with them.

Everyone knows that nothing short of the guild imploding - and maybe not even that - would make me leave Frostwolves.

People say things like "But what if the raiding team collapses" or "What if you and the other officers have a huge fallout?" Look, I've seen these things happen. I've mentioned before, that the GM friend of mine on Jubei had that happen to his guild - he and his really good friend, with whom he had been friends for years, played together, raided together, led guilds together - had a big blowout and then removed each other from RealID. I've had my share of blowouts too - look at that Moo incident - but even he said that he wasn't mad after the next day but he had removed me from Btag but I just had to reach out to him and we were good again.

What I'm trying to say is that in a well established guild (like Frostwolves) there is little to no chance of being "poached". And because of the relationships/friendships we've built over so many years, it is highly unlikely we will have a major blowout that leads to a guild collapse. Not while I'm still here, anyway.

However, I have found very few guilds where the behaviour is an acceptable level to me. After having worked so hard on improving my guild environment I find it difficult when I hear people being rowdy, childish and offensive in other guilds. I know it's said in "harmless fun" but constant trash talking (and I mean constant, not like 5 minutes of laughing at someone's Freudian slip), "good natured racist talk" (like REALLY, is there such a thing???) and constant rape talk just makes me switch off. I know people think "we don't really mean it" but if they had been raped or actually KNOW how denigrating or traumatic it is they might not make such light of it. I must make Frostwolves sound incredibly BORING but us boring types need a place to hang out too you know!

But relax everyone! I'm not going anywhere. Frostwolves is stuck with me as the GM until I quit playing. And nothing - not the lure of mythic kills, shiny achievements, or even paying me in gold or real money - would ever make me change that.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Navispam - MsMiggi the cute gnome!

Marie (or MsMiggi) was someone I had met on Twitter and got to meet IRL when I went to the Oceanic servers announcement in November 2 years ago.  She was the ANZ Blizzard community manager, and thanks to her I got a VIP pass to meet Ion Hazzikostas and subsequently we have had a few Twitter meetups over Pancakes in Darling Harbour with other community members.

See, I am even wearing my Navimie shirt so it IS me!
Last month we sadly said goodbye to her as she was returning to Blizzard HQ to work on more WoW stuffs, and we had a farewell breakfast (over Pancakes, of course!) and I inherited her Skylanders stuff. There was much sadness mixed with excitement as she was going to be hanging around Blizzard all day long - staying in some staff accommodation which sounded like some kind of Blizzard Dorm accommodation to me (which sounds like party times) but she assured me that was NOT the case, since they are all grown ups now.

Marie plays and raids on an Oceanic server - I should have Navispammed her when she was here in Sydney instead of when she went back to the States, but somehow I managed to grab her!

These days, it's easier to just Navispam in garrisons. Though Marie did have the novel idea of being in the fountain!

"No pink hair?" I asked, innocently.
"What! I'm not the stereotype!" she exclaimed, which made me laugh. I wish I could have pink hair!

Of course, we couldn't help but get up to mischief...

Amazingly, MsMiggi has still been getting up at Aussie times to raid with her guild, as they worked on Archimonde heroic. She said she was up at... 4am? And I was absolutely flabbergasted. GOSH what did that mean for work?

I already have some room in my bag for TimTams for her when I get over for Blizzcon, where I hear there may be an Australian party - much excitement! Hopefully I can make it to that whilst I'm over there (and drag all my guildies with me). She wasn't a big fan of Minties - but I suppose if I take any over, I'll be eating them all myself!

I do have a RL pic of MsMiggi and I but I am not going to put that up until I've edited it appropriately :D I'll sneak it into this post at a later date.

Thanks MsMiggi for letting me leave fur in your pool! Great to finally meet your toon in game :D

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I'm glad I don't have beta access - and that's NOT sour grapes

I think Blizzard has finally cottoned on that beta and alpha access would be wasted on me. I am happy to see that many of my friends and guildies are having beta access, and it's good actually, because I think it does feel like you're a bit special if you get to see stuff before everyone else, and then get to talk about it and try it out. It might bring back some enthusiasm for the game for those who have been a bit disillusioned with WoW lately. There are, after all, a whole host of other shiny games to play!

However every expansion I say my thoughts, and they haven't changed this time around! I can't even level a toon normally, let alone level one and quest with one when it means nothing on a beta where none of my effort counts to anything!

However, I am not against hearing some titbits about the beta, though storyline spoilers are a big no-no in my book.

I think the one that concerns me the most is that there are items that cost a million or 2 million gold to purchase in Legion. For someone like me that has very little gold, that is a massive undertaking! Yes there are a lot of people on gold cap, and that's all very good and well for them, but gold farming and collecting is not something I am very good at (I just live comfortably in my little 200-300k gold range) and the thought that I might miss out on a pet because I can't afford it behooves me!

There are lots of people testing out the instances, raids and healing, and it was interesting on Twitter that some of people I admire/follow had thought that perhaps it wasn't worth writing about their thoughts on the alpha anymore.

Dayani (who does a lot of healer discussion and number crunching as well as guest posts and podcasts on multiple sites) and Sunnier (Former bear turned monk tank) said they had felt disillusioned with community responses and opinions to their thoughts on things.
Unfortunately, negative responses are a part of feedback - weighing each response for validity and justification is part of information exchange and discussion. Perhaps there were some comments which were more overzealous than others - and I guess that can be disheartening or irritating. Especially if you want to just voice your opinion rather than have everyone else having a pot shot on your opinion or observation.

Also, for those two, I hate to say it, but that's the price of fame! Being well read means more people are reading you and thus more people are going to comment or have an opinion. You could take it as a compliment. The price of celebrity!

But I don't need to worry about that stuff, since I am not in the beta or commenting about it. I think I am just happy to stay here and hear rumours because if I delve into it too much, I might lose some of the excitement about having an expansion. A bit like when Batman vs Superman put out too many trailers and ruined the storyline. That might have deflated my opinion of the movie somewhat, though I still enjoyed it (but I still say that Civil War was 10 times better and I can't wait to see that again).

Monday, May 16, 2016

Raiding - Mythic Gorefiend makes me glad I'm the PuG

So now I am doing Gorefiend with Nostalgic. The breaker of guilds. Where one mistake will cause a wipe. And that's if you're doing it properly and know what you're doing. Imagine if you're someone who is not a total pro at mechanics!

So far, Kyxyn, HK/Farashkar, Voe and myself are the regular Frostwolves doing Gorefiend with them. You do need consistency when you're trying to learn a new boss, so it's nice that we've been in every week. I have been just focussing on what I can do better, rather than what everyone else can do better - especially since at the moment, I'm healing, which is my preferred role. I hate DPSing on a progress fight. As I've said previously, it's rather relaxing, from a guild leader's point of view. For Xyn, as our raid leader, he can step back and look at what the problems are looking around the raid, the strats, the people, positioning and whether people are doing what they should.

A few weeks ago, there was more room for Frostwolves to fit in, but they have been recruiting, and so our numbers are being squeezed out. Sound familar? Xyn was initially concerned, but I said that if it was us, we would want our own guildies in for a fight as well - it's our nature, we want to play with our own. Yes, we did set aside slots for reliable non guildies, but Nostalgic is not us, and we can't expect them to be. I'm grateful to be raiding, and with a few of my guildies at least.

I also told him that after a lot of wiping on Gorefiend, people will start trickling out. It's the nature of it. Gorefiend is for the dedicated, and I am not sure that some people who are not true mythic raiders (as a lot of people now are mostly mythic because there is nothing else to do, like me) will enjoy the constant wiping. Tempers get short, and I did notice that last night on Gorefiend. The only thing we improved on was the adds control (as Neuro advised me to just spam regrowth and heal the crap out of them and then drink when I came out) which I did, in tree form. It was actually quite good, and I felt a lot better about my healing inside than I have. Throwing double rejuvs around on a few adds and then genesis helped too (well it helped the healing, not my mana pool) but I felt like I was succeeding. Most of the time I died because I wasn't DPS'd out, or the big add inside killed me. Neither of which were my fault, so I was happy about that.

However last night the first signs of raid stress were beginning to appear. People were snarky, mistakes were pounced upon, and there was lots of swearing and angriness. People felt like we were at impasse, but there was some progress - adds were a lot better, so now people just need to work on NOT dying. There seem to be a lot of deaths from things other than the Touch of Death, which is bad because then bodies start piling up and there are tons of people in the belly....

On a side note, I didn't know that when you were in the belly you were "shrunk". Because it's clearly like the tardis in there because the belly looks so much bigger when you're in it than when you're looking at it from the outside.

Poor Voe had a shocker and accidentally pulled a few times, once was a body pull coz he was laggng and came out of the stomach and was standing too close to the boss and pulled it. Other times he just shot it for I don't know what reason - probaby an accident - and he did feel a little bit sheepish after the raid.

However, Tauroki seemed at his wits end with us not getting anywhere. We have done 80+ pulls and not done much progress, it seems. He was tearing his hair out, trying to make it better.I sent him hugs and reassurances but he just needed us to get SOMEWHERE.

People are still getting broken out too early, and that hurts the dmg on the adds inside. Also the biggest issue I had was with the Shared Fates, where you have to run to the person of there will be an almighty explosion. That wasn't done well and people were stuck whilst others kinda forgot to move (or were REALLY SLOW) for shared fate and there were deaths from that when it exploded. Healing inside has improved - and we did have the other druid sacrificing himself at the beginning to avoid having 2 druids going in at once coz our healing inside would be a bit rubbish, but we abandoned doing that towards the end of the night, as the poor druid had quite a few deaths from dying too early (ie before the boss was pulled) or someone would pull too early (/cough Voe) and people would be stuck without their clothes on (the sacrificing people unequipped their clothes before the pull to lower their health pool because they would die faster).

Tauroki wrote a big post on their guild forums about it, which I read - mostly about too much AoE damage on the clones breaking people out too early meaning that not enough damage being done to the adds inside. Now that I am not DPSing, it's not as big a deal. Hopefully I won't be made to role swap again because I just got my healing figured out!

But he's frustrated and I can see that as the night wears on. It will continue as the weeks of wiping continue. It's interesting because people comment that we're going to kill it tonight, even though I know that there is a lot of work still to be done. Are they trying to keep a positive attitude? Or are they just not really seeing that there is a lot of learning still to be done? Even if we manage to live to the first feast, the damage done to Gorefiend is absolutely WOEFUL, and that needs to be worked on. I am still excited to do it week in and out to improve, but I can see some people are getting tired of it already. How long before this raid starts to dwindle in numbers?

I feel for Tauroki because he has to manage regular signups - because for this fight you really don't want an occasional player to be raiding, you need everyone who has been working on it to be there - and pull your DPS, and healers and tanks into line. It makes me glad that it's not Frostwolves running it, because it would be us having to stress about the right balances and who is not performing well and so on. I better not get used to this "being the PuG" business, because when I get back into it come Legion with our own raids, I may have gotten too used to the easy life and forget what it's like to be a GM!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dark Legacy Comic - Which hits very close to home!

This week's Dark Legacy Comic made me laugh. I've just copied it here in mini form but click on it to go to the original comic.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Minipost: Ivan Kuzkin's WoW Machinima of the Warcraft trailer

This was on MMO-Champion today - and I have to say I was very impressed! What do you think?

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Navispam - Frenone and her amazing artwork

I love commissioning artworks! I decided that I wanted another piece of artwork so this time I asked Frenone if she could squeeze me into her busy schedule.

Frenone was one of the co-founders of Badgebabes, who make avatar badges for Blizzcon. She started doing digital art 2 years ago, and her work has evolved and changed greatly over that time!

So what did I want from Frenone? Well I thought I would like to have a picture of Navimie in her full Frostwolf kit with pup! And Frenone made a gorgeous pic for me, which she streamed on Twitch.

Aren't I adorable!?

As a small favour, I asked her if I could Navispam her in game, and she graciously agreed! Of course, European time zones are vastly different to Aussie times, and after a few months I finally managed to catch her online - though for me, it was 4am!

I was going to take pics around Thunderbluff, but then I saw Darkmoon Faire was up, so I went to the sandbox there and took pics instead!

We had a long chat, where I found out a little more about her and her art. She used to make traditional art and murals, having enjoyed drawing since she was a little, and only started digital artwork 2 years ago. Her first customer for a badge was Trolden, who makes Hearthstone videos.

Later in the year, she asked Avaltor, Faebelina, Fallingstardusk to start a website, which Faebelina decided to call BadgeBabes and in 2016 there are TONS of artists there just waiting to be commissioned to do Badges for Blizzcon and other conventions!

Frenone said that they are all really good friends and a good support group, motivating one another and sharing works-in-progress.

I asked her which Blizzard artist did she admire the most? She found that a tough one... but she said probably Laurel D Austin who created the art for Lords of War, the animated series.

She used to live in the US and thus played on US servers (and attended Blizzcon twice) but now she is back in EU and playing in EU servers. She said that pugs in the US are nicer than with EU! She said it might be the language barrier, as there are many different languages in the EU compared with the US.

She asked me what makes people like me want to commission art and when did I start to become interested in commissioning WoW fanart? I told her about my first commission, done by Genzoman, and then of course onto SleepingFox, and then I started giving gifts of art to my friends. I love collecting WoW art because I love the game (and I can't draw) it appeals to a collector like myself.

Her favourite thing in WoW to draw is Valkyr! She said she loved all things Forsaken-themed - priests, Hallow's End, Zombies and spooky stuff. That would explain why she had a Lost of Lordaeron out as a vanity pet. And she also did love the sparkle pony as her favourite mount (Celestial mount).

Thanks Frenone for letting me Navispam you! You are just as lovely and sweet in game as your art! If you would like to commission Frenone for an artwork you can contact her on Twitter, BadgesBabes, or on her website. Or if you can support her on Patreon and get some cool rewards as well as watch her draw and get drawing tutorials!