I'm glad I don't have beta access - and that's NOT sour grapes

I think Blizzard has finally cottoned on that beta and alpha access would be wasted on me. I am happy to see that many of my friends and guildies are having beta access, and it's good actually, because I think it does feel like you're a bit special if you get to see stuff before everyone else, and then get to talk about it and try it out. It might bring back some enthusiasm for the game for those who have been a bit disillusioned with WoW lately. There are, after all, a whole host of other shiny games to play!

However every expansion I say my thoughts, and they haven't changed this time around! I can't even level a toon normally, let alone level one and quest with one when it means nothing on a beta where none of my effort counts to anything!

However, I am not against hearing some titbits about the beta, though storyline spoilers are a big no-no in my book.

I think the one that concerns me the most is that there are items that cost a million or 2 million gold to purchase in Legion. For someone like me that has very little gold, that is a massive undertaking! Yes there are a lot of people on gold cap, and that's all very good and well for them, but gold farming and collecting is not something I am very good at (I just live comfortably in my little 200-300k gold range) and the thought that I might miss out on a pet because I can't afford it behooves me!

There are lots of people testing out the instances, raids and healing, and it was interesting on Twitter that some of people I admire/follow had thought that perhaps it wasn't worth writing about their thoughts on the alpha anymore.

Dayani (who does a lot of healer discussion and number crunching as well as guest posts and podcasts on multiple sites) and Sunnier (Former bear turned monk tank) said they had felt disillusioned with community responses and opinions to their thoughts on things.
Unfortunately, negative responses are a part of feedback - weighing each response for validity and justification is part of information exchange and discussion. Perhaps there were some comments which were more overzealous than others - and I guess that can be disheartening or irritating. Especially if you want to just voice your opinion rather than have everyone else having a pot shot on your opinion or observation.

Also, for those two, I hate to say it, but that's the price of fame! Being well read means more people are reading you and thus more people are going to comment or have an opinion. You could take it as a compliment. The price of celebrity!

But I don't need to worry about that stuff, since I am not in the beta or commenting about it. I think I am just happy to stay here and hear rumours because if I delve into it too much, I might lose some of the excitement about having an expansion. A bit like when Batman vs Superman put out too many trailers and ruined the storyline. That might have deflated my opinion of the movie somewhat, though I still enjoyed it (but I still say that Civil War was 10 times better and I can't wait to see that again).


  1. I get sad when I see people like Dayani feeling disillusioned about giving feedback. As a resto shaman I really value her input because I know that she is someone who really takes the time to think and research what she has to say.
    I do agree with you - unfortunately, because she is a popular person in the community, she is more exposed to the masses, and I imagine that would be terribly disheartening at times. I hope that Dayani and Sunnier continue to give the feedback - it's people like them who make the game great!( Also, thank you for putting me on to Sunnier! love finding awesome new people to follow!)

    1. Ooh connecting people, I love doing things like that :) Yes I really like Dayani - I was petrified of meeting her because she writes such amazing stuff but she's actually quite shy and "normal" IRL - totally not elitist at all! And she loves to bake, who doesn't love Dayani? :D But yeah it's a shame they feel that way, I hope they continue to share their experiences and knowledge (and I suspect that they will - once you start being engaged it's hard to stop!)


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