Navispam - MsMiggi the cute gnome!

Marie (or MsMiggi) was someone I had met on Twitter and got to meet IRL when I went to the Oceanic servers announcement in November 2 years ago.  She was the ANZ Blizzard community manager, and thanks to her I got a VIP pass to meet Ion Hazzikostas and subsequently we have had a few Twitter meetups over Pancakes in Darling Harbour with other community members.

See, I am even wearing my Navimie shirt so it IS me!
Last month we sadly said goodbye to her as she was returning to Blizzard HQ to work on more WoW stuffs, and we had a farewell breakfast (over Pancakes, of course!) and I inherited her Skylanders stuff. There was much sadness mixed with excitement as she was going to be hanging around Blizzard all day long - staying in some staff accommodation which sounded like some kind of Blizzard Dorm accommodation to me (which sounds like party times) but she assured me that was NOT the case, since they are all grown ups now.

Marie plays and raids on an Oceanic server - I should have Navispammed her when she was here in Sydney instead of when she went back to the States, but somehow I managed to grab her!

These days, it's easier to just Navispam in garrisons. Though Marie did have the novel idea of being in the fountain!

"No pink hair?" I asked, innocently.
"What! I'm not the stereotype!" she exclaimed, which made me laugh. I wish I could have pink hair!

Of course, we couldn't help but get up to mischief...

Amazingly, MsMiggi has still been getting up at Aussie times to raid with her guild, as they worked on Archimonde heroic. She said she was up at... 4am? And I was absolutely flabbergasted. GOSH what did that mean for work?

I already have some room in my bag for TimTams for her when I get over for Blizzcon, where I hear there may be an Australian party - much excitement! Hopefully I can make it to that whilst I'm over there (and drag all my guildies with me). She wasn't a big fan of Minties - but I suppose if I take any over, I'll be eating them all myself!

I do have a RL pic of MsMiggi and I but I am not going to put that up until I've edited it appropriately :D I'll sneak it into this post at a later date.

Thanks MsMiggi for letting me leave fur in your pool! Great to finally meet your toon in game :D


  1. Too cute!!! <3

  2. I've always preferred white or black hair on my gnomes. Other colors might distract from getting important work done. Mischief making? It's a good thing y'all aren't a stereotype.


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