Navispam - Meeting Thorbartin, one of the winners of the #FWMylight competition

Thorbartin (Bill) was one of the winners of my #FWMylight competition and I wanted to meet up with him in game and have a chat some time. We exchanged battletags and hoped for some crossover luck. However, trying to find him online when I was online was a challenge itself, until he sent me an email saying that he noted that whenever he logged on, my bnet message would say I was on 10 hours ago.

So on one of my days off I decided to log in at 1030am and lo and behold, guess who was online!

I sent him a whisper and went off to see him in his Garrison. It seems the most convenient place to see people these days!

I had a squizz at his monuments, some are similar to horde ones and some were different.

I also mentioned the Winter Veil Tree - the Alliance one looks like a standard Christmas tree, quite unlike the horde one which is adorned with skulls and weapons. Thorbartin said he had never seen the horde Winter Veil tree!

Thor told me about his surprise when his Mylight package arrived - he said he expected a small night light not a whopping huge sign with his name on it!

I asked him what his wife thought of it (she doesn't play) and he said that they just stared at it when they first opened it.

"LOL She loved the story," said Thor.
"What did you tell her?" I asked.
"Everything about the contest. I started with the unopened package, and told her what was inside, then told her about the blog contest, then told her about the Aussie thing, then told her it may not even work LOL"
I was giggling at this point.
"Then opened it," he said. "And both our eyes lit up. I was thinking nightlight like you plug into the wall... not a huge ass sign!"
"But it DOES plug into the wall!" I said.

Thor has been doing old raids and isn't much of a pet battler. It was lovely to be able to meet him though, and I'm happy they loved their prize.

Thanks for meeting up with me in game Thorbartin!


  1. Thanks again Navi and to your friend for the awesome light, I may buy some for Christmas gifts. And thanks for coming by my garrison, never got to host celebrity before. Lol.

    1. LOL Kyxyn would laugh if he heard you calling me a celebrity :P And it was fun visiting your garrison and meeting up in game!


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