Raiding - Guild achievement runs

We did our guild achievement run (again!) on Wednesday and Thursday last week and we managed to do all achievements except for Archimonde. And the hardest achievement? Would have to be Xhul. Turnout was quite good for that by the way!

Wednesday we had a few issues with people not stacking their fires. On Thursday we had a slightly different crowd and I even DPSed a few attempts, and on the actual achievement attempt I had a huge stuff up and dropped purple at a really bad spot! I had been tanking the big purple add and I was running around in a panic and out of range of heals and then got the void fire stuff and dropped it somewhere way stupid! Interestingly, Neuro had to sit out that attempt and everyone was wailing because he was such high DPS. And we somehow did it. I don't know how, but we did.

I was dreading Socrethar but Aza said not to worry about it, HK will trap them and it will all be sweet. And it really was. It took hardly any goes (it wasn't a one shot but it wasn't a ridiculous number of attempts either) and I was happy and so was everyone else.

The rest of them weren't hard. However, we were a bit confused with Archimonde and what Kyxyn and HK thought was how you do the achievement was not how it is worded (as long as there is fire on the ground when you kill Archi it's ok, you don't have to actually have the doomfire spirit up) and that was the one achievment we couldn't get. We can come back and do it the following week anyway!

But, a few people got their mounts, so they are happy. At least there was that chore out of the way!


  1. Hi Navi - I blogged about the same night from the perspective of a lowly DPS!

    1. That was a really great post Orbit! It makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside :) glad you had fun!


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