Navispam - Frenone and her amazing artwork

I love commissioning artworks! I decided that I wanted another piece of artwork so this time I asked Frenone if she could squeeze me into her busy schedule.

Frenone was one of the co-founders of Badgebabes, who make avatar badges for Blizzcon. She started doing digital art 2 years ago, and her work has evolved and changed greatly over that time!

So what did I want from Frenone? Well I thought I would like to have a picture of Navimie in her full Frostwolf kit with pup! And Frenone made a gorgeous pic for me, which she streamed on Twitch.

Aren't I adorable!?

As a small favour, I asked her if I could Navispam her in game, and she graciously agreed! Of course, European time zones are vastly different to Aussie times, and after a few months I finally managed to catch her online - though for me, it was 4am!

I was going to take pics around Thunderbluff, but then I saw Darkmoon Faire was up, so I went to the sandbox there and took pics instead!

We had a long chat, where I found out a little more about her and her art. She used to make traditional art and murals, having enjoyed drawing since she was a little, and only started digital artwork 2 years ago. Her first customer for a badge was Trolden, who makes Hearthstone videos.

Later in the year, she asked Avaltor, Faebelina, Fallingstardusk to start a website, which Faebelina decided to call BadgeBabes and in 2016 there are TONS of artists there just waiting to be commissioned to do Badges for Blizzcon and other conventions!

Frenone said that they are all really good friends and a good support group, motivating one another and sharing works-in-progress.

I asked her which Blizzard artist did she admire the most? She found that a tough one... but she said probably Laurel D Austin who created the art for Lords of War, the animated series.

She used to live in the US and thus played on US servers (and attended Blizzcon twice) but now she is back in EU and playing in EU servers. She said that pugs in the US are nicer than with EU! She said it might be the language barrier, as there are many different languages in the EU compared with the US.

She asked me what makes people like me want to commission art and when did I start to become interested in commissioning WoW fanart? I told her about my first commission, done by Genzoman, and then of course onto SleepingFox, and then I started giving gifts of art to my friends. I love collecting WoW art because I love the game (and I can't draw) it appeals to a collector like myself.

Her favourite thing in WoW to draw is Valkyr! She said she loved all things Forsaken-themed - priests, Hallow's End, Zombies and spooky stuff. That would explain why she had a Lost of Lordaeron out as a vanity pet. And she also did love the sparkle pony as her favourite mount (Celestial mount).

Thanks Frenone for letting me Navispam you! You are just as lovely and sweet in game as your art! If you would like to commission Frenone for an artwork you can contact her on Twitter, BadgesBabes, or on her website. Or if you can support her on Patreon and get some cool rewards as well as watch her draw and get drawing tutorials!


  1. Love Frenone's stuff. I always find it funny seeing you as a level 1 druid again.


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