Guildleader chores - Thank you! But I like it here just fine

It is not unsurprising that raiding consistently with another guild, that the question would eventually be asked - "Would you like to join our guild?"

I'm sure lots of people get asked that question a lot. Especially when you're out and about pugging things.

It isn't UNREASONABLE that people assume that your guild is collapsing or failing because you are out pugging instead of raiding with your own guild. It isn't like Frostwolves isn't raiding, it's just that we aren't raiding mythic. In fact, heroic turnout is very high you sometimes think that we COULD do mythic, but people just aren't interested in doing it, unfortunately.

The GM asking me knew what my answer would be, as he had asked me a few times before, but I had politely declined as my own guild is the perfect place for me and I wouldn't change it for the world. But, after their last officer meeting, they said that he should ask, even though he said it was of no use. So he did ask. And I thanked him for the honour but declined on behalf of all my guildies who raid with them.

Everyone knows that nothing short of the guild imploding - and maybe not even that - would make me leave Frostwolves.

People say things like "But what if the raiding team collapses" or "What if you and the other officers have a huge fallout?" Look, I've seen these things happen. I've mentioned before, that the GM friend of mine on Jubei had that happen to his guild - he and his really good friend, with whom he had been friends for years, played together, raided together, led guilds together - had a big blowout and then removed each other from RealID. I've had my share of blowouts too - look at that Moo incident - but even he said that he wasn't mad after the next day but he had removed me from Btag but I just had to reach out to him and we were good again.

What I'm trying to say is that in a well established guild (like Frostwolves) there is little to no chance of being "poached". And because of the relationships/friendships we've built over so many years, it is highly unlikely we will have a major blowout that leads to a guild collapse. Not while I'm still here, anyway.

However, I have found very few guilds where the behaviour is an acceptable level to me. After having worked so hard on improving my guild environment I find it difficult when I hear people being rowdy, childish and offensive in other guilds. I know it's said in "harmless fun" but constant trash talking (and I mean constant, not like 5 minutes of laughing at someone's Freudian slip), "good natured racist talk" (like REALLY, is there such a thing???) and constant rape talk just makes me switch off. I know people think "we don't really mean it" but if they had been raped or actually KNOW how denigrating or traumatic it is they might not make such light of it. I must make Frostwolves sound incredibly BORING but us boring types need a place to hang out too you know!

But relax everyone! I'm not going anywhere. Frostwolves is stuck with me as the GM until I quit playing. And nothing - not the lure of mythic kills, shiny achievements, or even paying me in gold or real money - would ever make me change that.


  1. Are there are a lot of guilds out there where that sort of trash talk happens? I know we often have new members come in who say how much they like our relaxed, grown up, social side of things and that they were sick of being in guilds populated with "kids" - but surely a lot of WoW players ARE adults who have an adult attitude?

    *shrugs* I REALLLLY hate any use of the word "rape" ... it makes me wince to even type it. I've never encountered it myself, nor do I know anyone who has .. but it's a horrendous thing to happen and I just can't find any justification for the use of the word in polite conversation. I don't even like the word "Frape" which has come to be used regularly relating to someone hacking someone elses Facebook account. pfft. Like it's the same thing. *rolls eyeballs*

    We have some "suggestions" in our guild rules relating to what sort of guild chat we'll accept, but to be honest it is VERY rare we have to actually speak to anyone about their language. And even then it's usually just an overuse of swearing.

    As for the "poaching" ... I don't know how often, if ever, guild members get asked to join another guild. I know I've been approached a couple of times by others to join their guild, which generally I take in good humour. I especially liked the level 15 guy (or gal!) who had just set up their own guild and asked me to join them and, when I said I was too busy running my own that had been around for many years, they STILL persisted in trying to persuade me :p

    I've also had the occasional request to combine guilds - even got as far as creating a joint website for one, once, but nothing came of them. Well .. we've actually got a few members from one of those that originally wanted to combine, but only through the power of time and osmosis - not through any grand plan :p

    1. You know, I feel like it is most guilds. And it's not because they are kids, these people are ADULTS. And they love to talk like that! I actually have a guild rule about rape/sexist/racist/homophobic talk (that's Frostwolves rule #2). I really would love to find more players who actually like NOT to speak trash talk! Fortunately I have friends like you who are normal :P

      My guild has people in it who have been raped, who are LGBT and also those who have been victims of violence. I am sure they don't need to listen to that kind of talk incessantly. In fact, nobody should have to.


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