Patch 4.3 is live

It's hard when you're at work and you're itching to get on and see all the changes with patch.  I logged in just now and got my Tyrael's charger, which does look rather lovely.

And to have a look at Void storage and Transmogger.  I'd hate to see it at peak hour.  I deposited some of my stuff in but it doesn't take Unique soulbound stuff which is a lot of my tabards and other holiday items and silly dress up things, so that is annoying.  And I haven't got time to do my Transmog set yet, so I'll sort that out later - I don't have the bag space at the moment either.

A few guildies online doing the new instances, and Nok was doing LFR on his DK.  He said it was easy.  Sounds like we'll have some easy loot tonight - hopefully knock half the place out in one night.

I tried to read up a bit on the raids and my head is all full of purple blobs and green blobs and I can't for the life of me remember which is what.  Tonight shouldn't be too much of an issue - it will be Thursday when we break up for 10s that will be the time to pull out that knowledge.

See you guys tonight at raid!


  1. I was initially against the LFR feature, but on second thought, it allows more ppl access to raids, so the "u cant raid with us cos you have not cleared this raid before" excuse wont be as valid any more...

    Looking forward to those new raids

  2. @Ayao/Ksret - glad to hear it, see it won't be so bad! Just give it a few weeks to settle.


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