New rare pics for the week

Found all the rares for Mulgore this week. Even Ghost Wolf, who isn't even rare anymore, so he doesn't make the list but at least deserves a mention.  I already have Pokey and Mazzranache but I took them again to see if I could do it any better.  Mazzranache is still my favourite.

Did a few sweeps through Feralas as well to pick up the last few I needed to finish the zone.  The Razza looks pretty awesome.

And in Stonetalon Mountains I managed to get:

Got some better pics of the Darkshore "Ladies" as well.  Lady Moongazer has nice clothes, don't you think?

And!  Polished off Tanaris.  Updated my Caliph Scorpidsting pic with this one with the silverdragon portrait - thanks Roshii for the original but now I have a Navi-style one.


  1. Love your Rare Silver Dragon hunting trophy shots. I have started a limited Rare screenshot folder as well. But alas they do not really fit well within the Saga structure.

    Starting to think I need a second connected blog for my other doodlings. Need to resist the urge.

    Keep up the great hunt, and thanks for the static page to go back and see what is out there to be had.

  2. @Draccus - thanks! Cymre and I started together a long time ago and her collection is MASSIVE, way bigger than mine as I only just restarted again in the last year. I love rares :)


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