Wednesday raiding - new recruits and our first look at Heroic Beth

So Fue grabbed some new recruits to fill out our raid to make 3 raid teams - 2 heroic groups and 1 normal group.  There are some people who like to raid casually and it would be nice to have a group made for them, though I do still miss a 25 man where we all can hang around together.

So who are these new people?

All of them come from Zodiac Guard.  I've seen the guild around, but one of the guys told me that the Raid leader stopped playing and things have been kind of stagnant from there.

Gutsy - Disc/Holy priest from Zodiac guard.  He came from the Realm forums in our recruit post.  I'm not sure if we really needed any more priests, as would like a paladin or a druid but any good healer is always welcome.

Augment - Combat rogue.  Hard to look at any rogue after having Roshii around (but mind you he is in heroic gear so really can't compare!!!)

Entranosh - Blood/Frost DK.  Came as a tank, but Fue likes him as a DPS atm.  I think we need a tank :)

Fallnapart - only joined on Thursday, didn't raid on Wednesday.  Fury/Prot.

So how do you think it will turn out?  Over the years I have been cautious when large groups of people come - I don't want to be too reliant on them as when they leave enmasse if they are unsatisfied then it leaves gaping holes in our roster again.  However, I like to ensure they get a Frostwolves welcome - after all, we're not hard core snobs, we are a guild, and we are nice people.

Anyway, back to the raid last night.

So we looked at Beth'tilac heroic for the first time.  All I can say is OH... MY... GOD.

I don't think I have pumped out that much healing for any other fight in Firelands.  All of us were all 16k+ HPS and still health was low.  The main problem would have to be the spiderlings.  I really think that a mage would be best on that fight.  Though Souglyy is good DPS, it may be because she hadn't read up the fight or watched the video that made it a bit difficult for her to know what exactly to do (or it could be her spec).  You're supposed to "block" the spiderlings (I think) from getting to the raid and exploding and putting poison on the ground.  But you have to kill them as well.  So I'm not exactly sure what the deal was, but a lot of spiderlings were getting through and puddles of poison were everywhere.  And then when the Drone fixated on one of the spiderling killers it would run all the way over there and that was crap because then all the spiderlings reached the drone.  It just seemed really really hard.  And it felt like our DPS wasn't quite up to it.  Anyway, it was only our first time there, and you know how it is, you go for the first time and it seems impossibly hard but after getting a strat down you, you get the hang of it.

So last night all we did was Rhyolith and Shannox and had a look at Beth.  Tonight we will go finish off Alysrazor and Baleroc (gulp!) and then go back to Beth'tilac again to see if we can figure out any ideas to make it work.

Vanquisher legs dropped from Shannox.  I let Roshii have them.  Hwired (teasingly) said "Oh, what? Are you giving those to Roshii? Hasn't he got enough heroic gear?"  But maybe if he gets one piece he will stop sulking and then I can get the rest of what I need :) After all, I'm happy now, I have one piece of tier and at least I have something to show for being in Heroic Firelands.

The other group got heroic Shannox down too.  But they are doing the rest on normal.  I think they should at least do Rhyolith or even Alys because Alysrazor was reasonably easy on heroic I think compared to things like Baleroc and even Majordomo.

Unfortunately, I am at work while typing this, and it looks like I'll be at work for a while.  Which means I might miss raid.  Which will be crap.  I hate letting my raid buddies down!

Anyway, fingers crossed I can make it to the raid tonight.  I would like to try my hand at Baleroc healing - everyone tells me how druids are the highest on the healing for that, but it really depends who you let get the stacks.  If you let the druids get it then of course we will be highest, but if you let the paladins, then of course they will be the highest.


  1. already trying to replace Roshii and Me!


  2. We don't need a tank, I'll be back next week.

  3. @Hwired - Pfft, who could replace you Hwired? Nobody knows a dog or a spider like you.

    @Lacrox - you said that last month!

  4. Yeah, but then I saw the gear you can get in the 5-man dungeons in 4.3 and didn't see the point in raiding for gear.

  5. @Lacrox - well hurry up and come back. I need more people to laugh at/with :P

  6. you failed to mention how nobody could replace me! im so upset :(

  7. @Roshii - You sook :P Who could replace our 38k dps rogue


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