Sunday raiding - 6/7 Heroic!!! and 3/7 heroic down for 2nd group!

Last night we killed heroic Beth'tilac. And boy were we happy. 6/7 Heroic YAY right before patch.

To be honest, I didn't think we'd get it.  Or at least get it that fast.  The first few attempts we had spiderlings sneaking through and Souglyy died a lot, getting stuck in the poison or just out of my range.  But that really was the hardest part for me, chasing them around to their caves to keep them healed up while throwing a few heals on the raid as well.  She said she wasn't disengaging because as soon as she was about to do it, another lot of spiderlings would come and then she'd be far away from them.  Ampharos didn't take as much damage as Souglyy.  And I am really proud of her, as everyone thought she wasn't up to it on a survival hunter, but she just went to prove that she can do it as survival, despite what everyone says about being Marksman.  Each attempt we did we survived a bit longer and there was improvement despite the pessimism of Voe and Moo about us being able to do it.  So well done to Souglyy for persisting and getting it down.  I am sure she was feeling down about the whole thing because she was really quiet for the whole fight.

Some things in that fight are quite freaky.  Sometimes I'm concentrating so hard on health bars I was standing in poison for a bit, and that stuff slows you too.  And taunting those spinners down is important because boy is it annoying when you're trying to heal someone and you get webbed and you can't do anything except watch their health dwindling.  And then when the drone targets you, I'm freaking out because I'm running back to the tank, trying to get the drone away from spiderlings, hoping I'm not getting everyone sprayed and now I am FAR away from Souglyy and Ampharos and getting annoyed with people saying turn it away!  I might have even travel formed to get back to them once.  And when the drone targets one of the spiderling DPS and the drone is rushing over there doing its Boiling Spatter and I'm standing in it's path, it's like shit get it the hell out of here!!!

We only got to phase 2 once (and that was the kill), and I'd already stuffed up by doing a Tranquility earlier instead of a warstomp (doh, buttons next to each other), but I managed to sneak one in towards the end right as the CD was up, but it was too late for Souglyy and Moopie they died just as I was casting it which was during Ember flare but it was too much to keep them up.  But we kept going, and we got it down after 7 minutes and 29 seconds.

No loot was sharded though, with Beauti taking Funeral Pyre, Souglyy taking Flickering Shoulders and Moo taking the Crystallised Firestone.

I remember when Hwired said "We can just have no dps up top and we can do Beth'tilac in phase 2 starting at 100%" and I was thinking OMG I will have no mana for that phase, and Voe thought exactly the same thing.  She came down with 87% I think (someone may correct me on that) and I was just healing all out.  I had actually swapped trinkets - I put my Darkmoon card back on because I wasn't going to keep any dots up to get my Necromantic focus to be up.  Probably just as well because I managed to keep my mana up enough to heal for the end.  My mana was taking a beating though, but I wasn't on mana fumes and I didn't have to pot.  Voe complained about his mana too.  Beauti was up top so she was probably wondering what the hell we two were whinging about.

And you know, after killing Beth, I think everyone was on such a high that we forgot how to play for a bit because we started doing stupid things:
  • We stuffed up the achievement for Domo, Only the Penitent... (Belinia!), 
  • On the first pull of Staghelm we weren't stacked enough so we had a Scorpion/Cat/Scorpion transition which was a wipe...
  • We forgot to run out for one of the scorpion phases and we got swiped
  • We wiped on Rag trash
  • My one little stupid thing... I was so excited about the kill I forget to send a tell for the staff... but that's ok, Beauti took it so I don't mind

I was looking at my healing and I do use WG a lot, though - though of course that was during Beth'tilac with lots of AOE damage going around (minimal on Staghelm was you would imagine given the mechanics of the fight) - I wonder how my healing will be affected come 4.3.  Oh dear, you can even see where Voe ran out of juice in phase 2 in Beth!

My group
Tanks - Hwired, Belinia
Healers - Beauti, Voe, Navimie
DPS - Sevros, Roshii, Moopie, Ampharos, Souglyy

The other group did well too!  They consisted of:
Tanks - Fueghan, Manbull
DPS - Azadelta, Sekken, Fallnapart, Shabadu, Entranosh
Heals - Gutsy, Targetme, Tahleah (Nok's priest)

They got Baleroc and Majordomo down on heroic, and look at this - they did Baleroc with 3 healers, with 6 seconds left till enrage.  I thought our DPS was good in our group, and we couldn't do it, so next time I want to do it with 3 healers as well, so that I get the opportunity to heal Baleroc.  I think it was a great raid night all around, and after  3 nights of raiding I am going to say that I am glad that we have our new recruits.  2 groups doing heroic stuff, giving a little of that competitive edge... I like it.  Now I'm looking forward to 4.3, I can compete again.