Thursday raiding - 2nd group Heroic Rhyolith

With me being late last night, I wasn't sure if I could raid at all, but my group did Baleroc with Lushnek (who was also late) and got it down rather easily.  They were 9 manning it for a while and didn't do too badly.  I was bone tired though and made lots of mistakes during Alysrazor and was dead for a long time on the kill attempt.  Not that it's an excuse... well, actually that's my excuse! :P

The other group had all the Zodiac guys in it and they got Rhyolith down.  WITH FUE DRIVING.  Amazing!  He must be trying to impress the new recruits I'm thinking.  Just wait till he's relaxed enough and he has his left rights all mixed up again.  Poor Fue got teased in officer about it.

It was Vanquisher tier week for us.  The gloves dropped and Roshii got them.  So now he has 2 pieces of Tier.  Maybe I shouldn't have passed for him on those legs!!!  I don't like the gloves anyway.  Bleh.  Hwired got some Tier I think.  And Voe got a chest.  So last night Bale and Alys went down.  Sunday night is Beth night.  I hope the DPS have got a plan.

Fue picked up ANOTHER rogue yesterday.  A server transfer.  I wonder how he went.  Well, they got Rhyolith down so it couldn't have been that bad I suppose.

People are still nervous about the big influx of new people.  I have lots of complaints from those in the lower tiers of raiding about not being able to get into raids and then these new people come and walk straight in.  It seems unfair, I know, but you HAVE to be reliable in attendance to be able to raid.  You can't just turn up once a week and expect to get in.  The new guys have all been told that they have to turn up to raids otherwise they aren't guaranteed a spot.  And everyone should follow those rules I think.  Even the socials.