OMG I was one of the winners for the 2011 Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving contest!

Amerence's Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving contest closed yesterday and the judges made their decisions.  There were so many fantastic entries and creative ideas that have not only given me new blogs to read, but also some great ideas for further blog posts.

I checked my blog this morning to make sure my IntPiPoMo posted and then replied to all my comments and then went to work.  After I had settled at work for a bit I looked at my phone and there were about 12 Twitter messages mentioning me, so I went to look and I had all these congratulations about being one of the winners!

So thanks to Amerence for organising such a great event that got a whole heap of people in the Blog Community involved (yay Blog Azeroth!), and for the judges for taking the time to read everyone's entries.

I was tied with Effraeti who did the most GORGEOUS story with her 5 year old daughter, which I thought was fantastically creative, hope I can do something like that my daughter when she's old enough.  I am so excited that my entry was considered equal to hers, what a fantastic honour!

(I can't contain my enthusiasm!!  I am still so very excited!  OK Navi, calm down, enough with the exclamation marks...)

So coming in second was JDKennada's Billy Joel PianoMan rewrite for the competition which I thought was really clever and wish I'd thought to do that with my poem (the timing and spacing of the rhymes can be subjective and I was worried it wouldn't come through right).  Go read and sing along!

Give us a read Blog Azeroth
give us some thoughts today
Well, we’re all in the mood for a good read
And we know you’ve got somethin’ to say!!

Rioriel came in 3rd with his pictures and words post (Rioriel takes some of the best screenies in the whole WoW blogosphere IMO!) with each picture fitting perfectly with his words of thanks in Titan format.

It's 7 hours after I found out and I'm still all SQUEEEEEE about it!  I really loved writing that poem (it was written at one of those times when you have your creative burst of energy and stuff just seems to flow) and I was happy with the end result, and my guildies were happy with it, and so too were a lot of the people who read my blog (Thank you all for the lovely and supportive comments!).  I rang Cymre, Lushnek, Yuda, and Roshii and Aza (who didn't answer) to tell them about it (though Cym already knew of course!)

And you know what?  I'm just glad I didn't have a Guardian mount already.  Phew!  I would probably just tell them not to buy it and save them the money - I was just happy to be part of the community :)


  1. Congratulations Navimie! You had a great poem and it was very fun too, I could never do that! I am also glad you didn't have the guardian mount yet! Please contact me via BA inbox to send me your WoW email account address to send the prize so you will received it in game. Thanks so much to be part of this great event! I am glad that it was truly a success with great bloggers all around! <3

  2. @Amerence - TY Amerence! Beru has already contacted me, so I've emailed her via BA. Thank you so much for organising the event, I am sure you are proud of the success that it's received!

  3. Grats Nav! ;) Great poem and well deserved (expect to see you on the guardian mount soon ... :p)

  4. @Sevros - I will add a pic to this post when I get it :)

  5. Just want to add my congratulations.

  6. Grats Navi!!!
    Awesome stuff, like always

  7. Congrats, Navi! :D

    I am still in awe myself, as I almost feel bad excepting a prize for something that came just as much from my lil cousin as from myself. She inspired the pictures and I cannot express my astonishment at the expanse of that girl's imagination!

    I will definitely be doing something super special for her for Christmas. :)

    *squees along with Navi and dances in a circle with her*

    ~ Effy

  8. @Erinys @Jamin @Flex - Thanks guys!
    @Effraeti - /hugs /hugs /hugs /grins like an idiot

  9. Congrats Navimie! Well deserved.

  10. @Jasyla - Ty Jas, all your words of wisdom helped me win :)

  11. Gratz Nav! Lucky you didn't post Moo's poem

  12. oh that was me. stupid anonymous


  13. @Hwired - can you imagine... omg I'd die of embarrassment and laughter...


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