Good 5s games last Thursday

We did some 5v5 arenas last Thursday on the one day I was at home between trips and it was after raid, and Sev, Lush, Beauti, Beasti and I got together, and we thought bah we won't get many games... surprisingly we played quite a few games!  And we won quite a few too (8 to be precise).

We did battle the same teams a few times....

There was one team with a hunter, warrior, mage, shaman and rogue, that beat us once or twice but we beat them back 3 or 4 times.  The first time we lost, it was as if they weren't even touching the shaman, his health never seemed to move, and we got mown down.  The best strategy was when they burned down the shaman and then worked on the others from there.

There was the 4DKs and a pally group, that we killed a few times as well.  Multiboxers... well we just killed the pally and then cleaned up the DKs.

So it was great!  Beauti, Beasti and Lushnek all got High Five: 1550 so that was really really cool.  What a great arena day!