ZOMG! Al'Akir down!

We bashed away at Al'Akiron Sunday on 25s till about 10pm and then switched to 2 10s which actually both went rather well!  Both got to P3 quite easily (like first attempt) but then had some rather meh goes.  I know the first time I got to phase 3 I was like oh my god what do I do now...

Doing it on 25 was like how we did it initially on 10 man.  People spread all the way around.  In 25 man there are 8 groups and they are all stacking on circles on the drawing with 2 dps and a healer on each spot.  That worked pretty well.  We had 8 healers spread around so that was not too bad, though we did consistently get to phase 2 and one time we got it with almost everyone alive, but we never got to phase 3.

Anyway the 2 groups had lost people by 11pm so I was pvping when the other group asked me and Sev to join them which was exciting.  So on the first attempt we got to 0.5%!!!  So close! So everyone was really pumped for the next attempt.  We had a few dud attempts and then we got it!  Everyone was so excited!  So who was there for the kill?

Tank: Hwired
Healers: Navimie, Shnaptim, Cymre
DPS: Moopie, Lushnek, Beldarien, Sevros, Azadelta, Xynzelle

Oh and it dropped Tier helm! Warrior Hunter Shaman of course, what else? :P