I can't remember which Tier was what...

I can't for the life of me remember what Tiers were what, after T3...  So HK told me so I think I"ll write it down here so I can always remember.

This conversation started because I was looking at the druid T12 - yuk.  I bet the green glowing bark skin armour is my one. BORING!

Tier 1 - MC - I had some of that.  Ugly deer horns!
Tier 2 - Ony/BWL - oh I love the moosehorns.  My fave tier helm
Tier 3 - Naxx - Had none of that
Tier 4 - kara/gruul/mag - I do remember the helm in one of my kara videos from prince
Tier 5 - SSC/TK - Hm, think I had shoulders
Tier 6 - Hyjal/BT/Sunwell - Ok had none of that before T7 came
Tier 7 - Nax/OS - yep had that
Tier 8 - Ulduar - yep had that
Tier 9 - TOC - yep had some of that too!
Tier 10 - ICC - how could I forget my T10?
Tier 11 - BWD/BOT - I really don't like the shoulders graphic

I should see if I can dig up some old pics!