Patch 4.2

It feels like Patch 4.1 just came out and everyone is already talking about 4.2.  Obviously the big excitement is that the legendary is coming so our casters are all excited about that.

But of course I am here to comment on Druid resto changes.  I know very little else really!

Omen of clarity clearcasting now will last 15 seconds.  Awesome.  Though I have to admit I never really had a problem with it's duration anyway... it was enough time for me to get a regrowth or HT off anyhow.  Currently it doesn't have an internal cd and it refreshes itself whenever it's procced so I can't really see a problem with how it is currently.

The other thing that is changing is that symbiosis is going to become Harmony, which increases direct healing by 10% and casting direct healing spells grants an additional 10% bonus to periodic healing for 10 seconds.  Each point of mastery increases each bonus by an additional 1.25%. Healing Touch, Nourish, Swiftmend, and the initial heal from Regrowth are the direct heals that this affects.  This is kind of good for me, because I have specced into a nourish friendly spec and I do use lots of regrowth when it's free.  So my hots will get buffed if I use nourish?  That's kind of cool.  But it does change my healing a bit, as we go from being hot queens to be more like... paladins... :P

But here are things that do affect me...

Mana Tide now grants 200% of the caster's Spirit, down from 400%.
Bleh.  Well mana regen talents are being nerfed all over.

Innervate now grants an ally target 5% of his or her maximum mana over 10 seconds, but still grants 20% of the druid's maximum mana over 10 seconds when self-cast.
^^.  GDI, there goes all my uber innervates I've been scumming of Lushnek.  Time to live off my own innervates...

And it wouldn't be patch discussion without some mention of Tier 12... the Tier 12 4 piece bonus is when LB blooms 2 other targets nearby get healed for that same amount.  But when the hell do I let LB bloom in PVE??  Geez I try NOT to let it fall off!  So does this mean I have to let it bloom more often so I can heal more people??  I guess it would be kinda cool in TOL form.  2 piece bonus is a 40% chance of getting 1% mana back when u heal with LB.  Which is ok, but not brilliant.

So.. thoughts on my Tier?  Looks wise I think I look like it's straight out of a Troll instance...  Looks like I won't be showing my helm any time soon...