Thank you Chimaeron! Bracers at last!

Last night attendance was sketchy and disconnections were rampant so we ended up having one attempt at 22 man BWD but it was fail.  So we split into 10s.

I really wanted my bracers/helm and so I was hoping we'd go!

DPS was slow, and not the best but at least stuff was killed.  Chimaeron was painful but after the 8th attempt or so we got it down.  Melfina was d/cing so I had to get Jinjer back in the raid to help out with healing.  He dc during Magmaw so I two healed that with Belinia (Nabe) and I thought it was a bit stressful but he thought it was ok.  Too much low health for my liking!

Atramedes was quite easy, but Maloriak was hard, and we didn't end up finishing it so that was a shame.

But I was so pleased when my bracers dropped from Chimaeron!  At long last!  Yay me!  Take a hit in the intellect stakes but my spirit has now improved so hopefully last a bit longer during fights.  Though I may miss that extra intellect.

Anyway, one more blue to get rid of and my raid set will be all epic.