Redoing my Raid spec

I had a long think about it and I decided to redo my raiding spec... again.  I respecced when Patch came out, as I wasn't particularly impressed with the Efflorescence changes, but after rethinking it, I thought I'd give it a try again.

So, I took 1 point out of Living seed and dropped NS and Remove Corruption and put max points into Nature's Bounty and Efflorescence.  So now I can get the full effect of efflorescence (3 targets with 12% swiftmend ticks) and also full Nature's Bounty (decrease cast time of Nourish by 30%).  I admit I never use NS in a raid (it's my dungeon and PVP spell) and if I'm raiding I don't need remove magic (as I have that in my PVP spec).  So I will be doing dungeons in my PVP spec from now on... see how that goes.