Finally! I finished ZG!

Having been on holidays and having limited time to play I didn't really get the opportunity to do ZG properly.  I did it once with Epi tanking when we had no idea what we were doing and were nutting it out without reading strats.  Which is all fun, but doesn't get me any achievements... or completions of dungeons!

So I had tried a few times to pug the damn thing and I kept stuffing up or getting distracted.  Today I did it and I was so distracted I did a godawful job and the tank left the group because I was so terrible.  That was ZA though, and I have done that (though I would like the bracers from there).  Anyway, then I finally got a ZG group which went through a few tanks before we got it done, and thankfully Julian stayed asleep that whole time and Erika was vaguely cooperative and let me finish the damn instance.  So yay to finally having done ZG!