Saturday, April 30, 2016

Raiding - Ah back to guild runs and early mythics

Ah, first guild raid since I got back! I always enjoy Wednesdays, despite my trepidation earlier in the day that it could have been ugly. We had a couple of non guildies hanging around (Medio and Manataan) but we decided it was a good enough group to do Archi/Manny.

Unfortunately we spent most of the night wiping on Archi because we had little things not going well. 4 healing it was better, but we did struggle a little bit, and Rag and Koda were on their alts who had not done Archi before, so they at least got that down at the end which was satisfying. Unfortunately I was dead at the end, so I'll just put that down to out of practice.

Also, my healing is TERRIBLE when I'm slightly panicking! I go back to relying on rejuv spamming instead of concentrating on throwing my lifeblooms and wild growths around. It was rather embarrassing!

We pushed a bit later than normal and finished the first 4 bosses on the bottom floor, so maybe we can have a slightly more interesting night tonight. Lower floor is a yawnfest!

I was happy to get some of our more casual players like Clint and Gorvek in for lower floor. Gorvek's first raid with us, and I was a bit embarrassed for him when Voe said loudly "Who the hell is Gorvek?" to which I replied he was a guildie and Koda said "AND a Shaman!" I did giggle at that. Hopefully Gorvek didn't feel affronted!

It was much more enjoyable for me in the final bit, just healing and bumming around. I felt bad that I had to have a bit of a chat to my guildies - it felt like they were being a little bit naughtier than usual (even though I could tell they were being fun by being boisterous and loud) but it can be a little intimidating and just slightly too loud for my liking in a raid - even a fun one.

Saturday night did some mythics again, and this time felt a bit more warmed up so I was feeling a bit competitive and tried to up my output a bit to keep up with Annabelle. Dunno why I didn't use it before, probably because I liked the mana conservation part and getting to wrath for fun, but I guess now I had to concentrate on healing! We did the first 5 which means all day tomorrow is Gorefiend. That will be one expensive repair bill!

I unfortunately had to DPS for the first few bosses in mythic, but I did get to heal for Council and Kilrogg so that was good, at least. It was funny that Reaver was a one shot but we died a few times on Kormrok - apparently it was the opposite last week.

It's a bit of shame (and I don't blame them at all) that Nostalgic now have enough interest in their guild to almost fill their runs. We were only ever going to be fill-ins anyway, so we aren't guaranteed a spot, but now it's just the 3 of us hanging around in raid. Today it was HK's pally, myself and Neuro. I mean you can understand, most guilds want to do things AS a guild, and Frostwolves is no different. I don't begrudge them that, but I sorely wished it was my guild that was raiding! But, I've already said we aren't, we aren't going to recruit for us to do so, and I do enjoy getting to just turn up, or NOT turn up if I have something on. I'll just keep riding this ride while it lasts. That's the best I can hope for.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

What would I talk about if I went to the Blizzcon Benefit Dinner?

In our last ditch attempt to get tickets, we are going to attempt to get tickets for the Blizzcon charity dinner. Here's a banner from 2015.

The dinner is on the Thursday at 6pm at the Hilton, and you can only get 2 tickets at a time. Each ticket is a whopping US$750 and you get to chat to Blizz employees for the evening in a "relaxed dinner". You also get a signed Blizzcon key art print. Proceeds will be donated to the Children's Hospital in Orange County.

I have no idea what the likelihood of getting one of these tickets is, and when I mentioned it to Az and Shab they did balk a bit at the cost, but they do still really want to go to Blizzcon! Naturally if I did manage to win any of those tickets I would want to go the charity dinner. Imagine who I could meet there!

Az did laugh at me, saying that I would ask Dev's silly questions. However, I am not sure I want to talk JUST about Warcraft or Blizz games - I would just like to get to know the people behind the scenes! And then I thought who would I really like to meet?

I would like to meet Michelle Morrow - she seems really fun to talk to! And of course Chris Metzen looks super engaging and LOUS, and I would love to shake the hand of Mike Morhaime as well! And who knows who else! As long as there is FOOD I'd be happy to go, I don't care if it's a fancy meal or just cocktail food!

The weird thing - why am I unable to find any pictures from the charity dinners? Are pics not allowed? Or do people not take pictures at these functions? If I did go the Benefit, I would take lots of pictures with everyone! And of course I'd be taking pictures of the food - I am sure people would be curious, right? Because I sure as hell am!

I wondered - do devs just want to talk about the game and answer questions all day? Surely they'd like to talk about other things right? I'm sure at a charity do if I had to attend as an employee, I'd just love to have a nice night out and talk about fun stuff at work and not have to listen to someone whinging at me about some broken mechanic or what was WRONG with any of the previous expansions. Imagine if I turned up to a hospital benefit and the attendees where complaining to me about hospital wait times and complications of operations we had done! OMG that would not be a fun night out at all!

This is all wishful thinking of course. Who knows if I can even get tickets at all! But, I can tell you this - if I go, there will finally be photos on the internet about the Benefit dinner!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Raiding - I only do Mythic for fun, is that weird?

I literally got off the plane, got picked up at the airport, had a quick Pho (Vietnamese Beef Noodle soup) with the family, got home, threw all a week of dirty laundry into the washing machine and then left my husband to shower the kids and put them to bed whilst I got on to raid, as I had been DYING to raid so I joined Nostalgic on their weekend raid again.

I was worried I would be the only newcomer but I wasn't. I did at least get some warming up time on Council before we went to Kilrogg, which took a bit of time. Neuro was giving some great advice as he always does, and though he recommended we try not dispelling so there were less reaps around, people were dropping off like flies with them. Yes, more punishing to the healers, but I think the DPS didn't use as many cooldowns as they ran towards the edges and thus out of our reach for heals and then died. So we went back to dispelling at 5-7 seconds.

I was happy we got Kilrogg down, as I totally needed a carry through Kilrogg ;)

At least got a look at Gorefiend - wow, that requires a lot of control! No wonder people whinge about it.

I was talking to a friend of mine from Noctem who was looking for recruits, and I had already had one of my guildies, Deidria, want to do more mythic so he was going their way, and my friend asked me if I and another guildie wanted to be carried regularly through Mythic so we could be geared enough to help them out. I won't lie, I did bristle a little when he implied I was going to be a huge carry, which I probably would be, but it's just never nice to HEAR that, you know? He asked what I was doing and I said I was pugging into a raid on Barthilas and we were 5/13M. He said, don't you want to progress? Come along with us and you'll get further, you won't see the end content by the time Legion drops. And I thought to myself, but I don't really mind, I just like feeling like I'm working my way towards it. I don't want to be anyone's carry, or feel like a carry, no matter how much I would like to see content. And I really do wish I was doing it with my own guild. It's made me glum today, because it's Wednesday and my guild's raid day - which will be more alt heroics.

Which I don't mind because I love to raid, but I wish it was a bit more challenging. I guess it is challenging because we are taking alts and it's not as easy as with our mains, and I don't know how much middle floor they've been doing with everyone on funny toons. I also would like some of our casuals to see content too, but obviously raid mechanics matter more when we're not overgearing content.

Unfortunately for me I am on call this weekend, so I may not be able to raid, but there is a... 60% chance that I can! I felt a bit glum after that, and I thought some retail therapy would help. So I sent a donation to my favourite podcasts - Group Quest/All things Azeroth, Girls Gone WoW and Twisted Nether Blogcast. Big hugs to you guys!

And... I bought a dress, jacket and a shirt when I went to the Post Office. I think that's enough retail therapy for the week!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Multiple wipes on The 2016 Blizzcon Ticket Queue boss

At 7pm PDT on 20 April Blizzcon tickets went up for sale.

Everyone tried to zone in to try to be the first in to get the Queue boss. By the end of 12 minutes everybody knew if they were successful or not.

Many people blamed lag. It's true, you do better on boss mechanics with lower latency. Probably EVEN BETTER when you're in the States. I am here on HSDPA on my mobile phone so I probably wasn't going to have much luck.

Others hadn't read up on the boss. Perhaps they hadn't preregistered and had all their details ready to go. That may have slowed them down a bit. There were a few people who made it to the enter details stage, but then a little message in the corner said that the tickets were sold out before they'd finished filling out all the details.

Some people downed the queue boss easily and then started selling all their BoEs on Ebay. Bastards :P Some tickets went for double what they were selling for!

I saw many people getting tickets, and many people missing out. I really want a ticket! A bunch of us want to go this year, and I would really love it if we could all go. It's only the first round, but hopefully we will be able to get some tickets the next time round, or I will be one super disappointed person this year!

It's a shame that not everyone can go. I understand that numbers are limited to how many people you can fit into Hall A, but damn it, there are so many people who love Blizz games who would like to go for the first time. I moaned on Twitter that I wished they'd set aside some tickets for Oceanic players before they put them back up for general grabs, but that doesn't necessarily guarantee us tickets.

I saw Elvine had created a ticket website for people who got extras who want to help out others to get tickets. It's supposed to be a goodwill thing where you don't make profit, but if you can make an extra $200 selling the tickets on Ebay, who is going to hand over their tickets at cost?

Anyway, here's hoping for Sunday 3am. I should have decent net by then. But at 3am, my reflexes may be a tad bit slow. Wish me and my guildies luck!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Random achievement accomplished!

Most achievements are about skill or a grind. But some are just totally random. Take archaeology for example. A lot of grind but also a fair dose of random in it too.

So today when I got this achievement I was pretty pleased!

Those stupid decoded messages from Blingtron are so random. I am sure if I kept doing Blingtron everyday I'd get it eventually but it was so good to get it today! Also, the achievement is not account wide so you have to keep doing Blingtron on the same toon - not such a big deal for me since I don't have alts. However, doing the Blingtron daily is account wide so maybe it makes sense.

I actually saw the message and was about to vendor it and thought oh wait, I better open it just in case, and it WAS the one I needed!

So yay for a random achievement. Now I should get back to those real achievements that actually require some work and effort...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Legion release 30th August announced, and what else I've been missing

I may be away on holidays with the lousiest internet reception in Australia but I did manage to hear that Legion will be dropping on 30 August.

My first thought? Well, they said September, and it's 2 days shy of September!

My next thought - that leaves me less just over 4 months to get all the achievements I want done. Garrison achievements mostly. I need to get all those Garrison Invasion bosses - I haven't been doing my Apexis missions to spawn an invasion so I should do them a little more religiously. Also, pet battles. Need to do that.

It meant something different to CTwin. He whispered me that we will have had 434 days of Tanaan and was unimpressed with that.

Nath said only 4 months to get all his alts levelled!

HK said we had 4 months to take it easy and not burn ourselves out before Legion.

In the meantime, the Frostwolves tagging along with Nostalgic have been killing things! Last weekend they got Council and Kilrogg down and now I'm feeling left behind! Gorefiend of course looks horrible and I can't wait to see it for myself. I do worry that 2 days of mythic raiding on a weekend is a little bit much - though not for me, I never get WoW burnout - but for the others, it might. We'll see how that goes, but looking forward to getting my nose into it on Sunday (maybe) or at least next weekend. I heard even Neuro went, but two days on a weekend is too much for Kyxyn, which I did say, but hopefully he will cut back before he burns out or has a family eruption.

Crooky has been doing BGs with Luxy, and I still need to help him get his last arenas so he can have a mount. I need to do more BGs for more achievements!

So far I have not logged in very much to do any WoW stuff. I could try but if net is still crappy it frustrates me more then provides any kind of satisfaction or relief. I might give it a try tonight and see. Might as well clear some garrison crap.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Navi's AFK - What's going on whilst I'm away

I am away for 2 weeks (much to my chagrin) on holidays (which I SHOULD be happy about) but there are some changes going on and I wish I had been there for them!

Firstly, some Frostwolves were pugged into Nostalgic's raids. They went well! They killed 3 bosses and had a few attempts on the Council. I would love to be there! But I can't. Next week they will be doing 2 nights and I still can't be there. I wonder if there will be a spot for me when I get back!

Also, alt runs have been trying if I haven't been on. Whether it's mechanics or just gear that's holding them back, I'm not sure, but I haven't been there to see for myself. It must be frustrating for KyXyn holding the fort whilst I am away, especially wiping on that stuff, but when I get back hopefully we can do it together and ease through it. Of course, I am speaking from a 3rd hand point of view, so it's a bit rough unless I see it for myself to see what the problems are.

Internet here in Tassie is abyssmal. I am worried because I need to get my Blizzcon tickets and I am out here in the woods with lousy internet and minimal phone reception (problem with my service provider as well as general coverage) stressing out about trying to get tickets for Blizzcon. I have asked a few people to try on my behalf! Hopefully one of them can get some!

So posts may be infrequent, but I will be around. Tasmania has a lot of fun natur-ey things to do, so I will enjoy myself, even if I worry about what's going on in game!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Guildleader chores - When one door closes, another opens

Holidays soon! I will be away for 2 weeks so I am a bit sad to be missing out on raids. However, tonight was a tough decision.

We did say that if we were struggling for numbers on one night then we were going to call it quits for mythics. Tonight, we did struggle.

I knew that it was going to be tough and I spent a lot of the afternoon looking for PuGs. I went through group finder, recruitment forums, I visited different servers checking for responses from people I had sent personal mails to. I posted on Facebook to try to drum up interest, and I even sent out a message on Twitter (which was kindly retweeted by Neuro) and I found one person there. But, we were missing a number of people - Dan, Bish and Splatz - and one of the pugs didn't show. Even with the extra friend of Neuro's (a Twitter follower!), we didn't have enough and Xyn said to me in officer "Do you remember what we said if we couldn't make the numbers?" I did remember. How could I forget? I didn't want to stop raiding mythic, even though it was a lost cause, but it was inevitable. And at least I did my best!

So we did a heroic Archi instead, and at the end of the raid let everyone know. There was some relief, actually. Some people were happy for the break. Some were disappointed. However, I did know that perhaps this was an opportunity for our guild to take a different approach and be the fillers for a raid this time.

Aza was doing mythic HFC with his own friends, and though I was glad he was getting to do stuff with his friends outside of guild, it was slightly bittersweet to see him getting mythic boss kills whilst we were unable to do our own raid. He had stopped raiding because he wasn't enjoying playing with people who were PuGs and carrying them whilst we didn't progress, so at least he is enjoying himself now.

Nostalgic has started Mythic raiding, and now that we have stopped raiding, we have a small pool of raiders that can join with them. They raid on totally opposite days to us, so it doesn't interfere with what we want to do. Now we can just concentrate on heroic alt stuff and if they need us, we can be pugged into their raids. Tauroki has been kind and let many of my guildies come to their raids, and he enjoys our company, and they are similar enough to us that we can get along without friction.

So the pressure is off - I no longer have to find people to raid. I can now be one of the PuGs and relax and just heal and be told what to do! I will still get to play with those in my guild who are interested in pugging with us (and there are a few) and we will get to do mythics once a week and heroics the other day. I am relieved, yet disappointed. It's strange that I can feel both! But I will look at the bright side of it (rather than think of myself as the failure) and throw myself into helping, and enjoy life as a raider on the other side of the stick :)

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Blizzard April Fool's 2016

I am actually quite gullible and I was listening to the radio and got fooled by something that was obvious to everyone else was an April Fool's joke... but that's off topic. I'm just recording on my blog what the gags were this year:

Introducing Azeroth TV!
I do admit that some of their TV shows were rather amusing. I did like the "Keeping UP with the Kardashians Barovs: and Vrykul, the Vikings spoof.

Introducing the Frostdoge Clan
A new peaceful faction, so WOW, and much WoW, but rather silly and obvious, this spoof. Though people seemed to like it :)

Legion Alpha Patch Note Preview
This post is too huge to post but things that made me smile included:
  • Achievement squish, Zone Squish and Draenor Squish
  • Flight in Draenor has been made 33% less controversial
  • There were multiple class specializations named “Holy,” “Protection,” and “Frost.” To reduce confusion, these have been removed.
  • Due to feedback from players requesting to “blow up their Garrison”, we’ve added a new Inflatable Garrison toy that you can bring with you everywhere!
  • New loot option: Personal Style Loot. Functions similar to Personal Loot, but items are only rewarded if they’d look good with your transmog.
  • If you loved Ashran, and miss the full 3-dimensional movement of Vashj’ir, you’ll love our brand new World PvP Water Park: Splashran!
    • Take on exciting, interactive rides and attractions, including “Five Different People Shouting Five Different Orders At Once,” “Why Is Everyone Just Fighting In The Middle,” and “That One In The Mines That We Haven’t Really Figured Out Yet.”
    • Need a break from the action? Enjoy the Lazy River! Kick back, relax, and let the Honor flow while everyone else does all of the actual work.
  • Cleave is a Warrior ability.
    • This isn’t a new change, we just thought we’d remind you. Please stop naming every single 3v3 Arena composition after it.
  • Will of the Forsaken has been renamed to Won’t of the Forsaken.
  • The /laugh voiceover audio for all races has been replaced with a recording of Ben Brode. Including the Gnome Female. Especially the Gnome Female (I didn't know what this meant until I went to look it up and found it on Youtube)
  • To avoid spoilers, the “White Walker” and “Winter is Coming” talents have been removed from Death Knights until everyone’s caught up on Game of Thrones.
  • Demon Hunters are now immune to Blind. We’re not sure how it was working before. They’re wearing blindfolds, for pete’s sake.
  • To better promote security and combat identity theft, Druid Swipe has been replaced with Chip and PIN.
  • The Hunter talent “Barrage” has had its functionality extended to also pull extra packs from completely different dungeons.
  • The Hunter talent “A Murder of Crows” can now be customized into one of several alternate options, including:
    • A Bellowing of Bullfinches
    • A Parliament of Owls
    • A Convocation of Eagles
    • A Muster of Peacocks
    • A Kettle of Vultures
  • In an effort to reduce confusion caused by too many Mage spells following the “Arcane ____” naming convention, we’ve just removed all of them.
  • Monk's Tiger Palm has been reworked. It now soothes the target upon use, removing Enrage effects and muscle tension. Renamed: “Tiger Balm.”
  • The Priest Shadow talents “Legacy of the Void,” “Reaper of Souls,” and “Fortress of the Mind” have been removed so as not to cause confusion with expansions for other Blizzard titles.
  • Rogues can no longer Pick Lock. They can, however, continue to Pick Warrior, Priest, and/or Hunter.
  • In addition, all Warlocks have a new ability, usable only while mounted on their Dreadsteed, named “Imp My Ride.”
  • Warrior's Meat Grinder now properly creates delicious sausages.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Minipost: #FWMyLight giveaway - Congrats to Luxy and Thorbartin!

The #FWMyLight giveaway was drawn just before midnight on 31 March, and the winners were:

Guild giveaway - Luxy
Twitter/Blog giveaway - Thorbartin

Yay! Both winners have been contacted and designed their lights already :) Orders went out and hopefully they will be receiving them soon.

Thanks again to My Light (and Thinto) for the promotion and even my husband wants one for his work LOL!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Warcraft: Traveler - A Scholastic series for kids

I was pretty excited when Blizzard announced that they were collaborating with Scholastic to make a series of books based on Azeroth for kids aged 8 to 12.

A young human boy gets lost in Azeroth with his magic compass and a sketchbook and with Makasa (2nd mate on his father's ship) they meet all various races of Azeroth.

What made it even more exciting was that Greg Weisman, who worked on Disney's Gargoyles and the Young Justice animated series - both of which I have watched and really enjoyed - is going to be writing the series! How exciting that one of the co-creators of my fave animated series of all time is going to be working on books based on my favourite game of all time!

I have often wished there are Warcraft stories for kids - there is of course a fair bit of fan fic out there, and of course I have my own poems and Pandaren Fables that I did with Mataoka and Kallixta. My children often asked me to read my stories to them as bedtime stories and even now my son still asks me to read him my Horde ABC poem as well as look at the pictures when we're lying in bed.

I'll probably be fighting my daughter for first dibs on the Warcraft: Traveler book (or maybe I'll read it when she's sleeping) - I wonder how big it will be! Hopefully not too big - the Harry Potter later books are a bit of a turn off for my daughter as they are so big and heavy to read (and she's on the small side).

Everyone looks so excited about the project on the trailer - James Waugh, Greg and Chris seemed so animated and thrilled that this project was happening. It's contagious and I can't wait till November.

I was a bit disappointed that Godmother was so scathing in her thoughts on the subject - that the females never get to be in charge and women are typecast as companions or mothers. The writer is a man, of course he's going to write about a boy, as he understands that best. Do you really think a grown man would be able to write from the perspective of a teenage girl? That's just asking for trouble. I myself would find it difficult to write about something from a young boy's perspective as I write from personal experiences. The nuance and perceptions that I could bring to a female character I wouldn't be able to do justice to a male one. And I'm sure Mr Weisman would feel the same.

And before anyone says why didn't they ask for a female writer - I am sure that they chose the BEST writer, the one who would be most enthusiastic about the project. Greg Weisman seems to be as enchanted with Azeroth as Duncan Jones is about his upcoming movie, Warcraft, and when someone is excited about the project then you know they will pour their heart into it.

The conversation with my daughter went something like this:

"Guess what! They are going to make Warcraft stories for kids!"
"Can we get it?"
"Yes, I'm going to get it as soon as it comes out. I'm going to read it too!"
"Can you read it to me?"
"You can read it yourself."
"How can I read it if you're reading it?"
"I'll read it when you're asleep."
"But you'll make me lose my page."
"I"ll put a bookmark for you."
"What if it falls out?"
"I'll look and see what page number you were up to just in case it falls out."
"What if you forget?"
I think I was rolling my eyes here. "Then you'll have to read it until you can find it again!"
"What if my brother wants to read it too?"
"He can't read properly yet, this book is too big for him."
"Will it have Navimie in it?"
"No. It's about a boy who gets lost in World of Warcraft and he has a magic compass and he's trying to find his dad."
"Won't the red bad monsters kill him?"
"Not if he sticks to the roads. Like I told you to do."
"Will he have a pet to fight for him like my hunter?"
"No, he has a girl with him and they can fight together I think."
"When are we going to get this book?"
"They said it will be out in November. That's ages away."

Hmm out in November. I wonder if it will be available at Blizzcon? I look finding out what other WoW playing parents with kids the same age as mine will think (eg Kyxyn, Moogyver/Natanie, Peggy)