Navi's AFK - What's going on whilst I'm away

I am away for 2 weeks (much to my chagrin) on holidays (which I SHOULD be happy about) but there are some changes going on and I wish I had been there for them!

Firstly, some Frostwolves were pugged into Nostalgic's raids. They went well! They killed 3 bosses and had a few attempts on the Council. I would love to be there! But I can't. Next week they will be doing 2 nights and I still can't be there. I wonder if there will be a spot for me when I get back!

Also, alt runs have been trying if I haven't been on. Whether it's mechanics or just gear that's holding them back, I'm not sure, but I haven't been there to see for myself. It must be frustrating for KyXyn holding the fort whilst I am away, especially wiping on that stuff, but when I get back hopefully we can do it together and ease through it. Of course, I am speaking from a 3rd hand point of view, so it's a bit rough unless I see it for myself to see what the problems are.

Internet here in Tassie is abyssmal. I am worried because I need to get my Blizzcon tickets and I am out here in the woods with lousy internet and minimal phone reception (problem with my service provider as well as general coverage) stressing out about trying to get tickets for Blizzcon. I have asked a few people to try on my behalf! Hopefully one of them can get some!

So posts may be infrequent, but I will be around. Tasmania has a lot of fun natur-ey things to do, so I will enjoy myself, even if I worry about what's going on in game!


  1. Comments working ok,lets hope you get the tickets
    Regards ulyesses

    1. Thx Ulyesses, I hope I get them too! Tomorrow fingers crossed!


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