What would I talk about if I went to the Blizzcon Benefit Dinner?

In our last ditch attempt to get tickets, we are going to attempt to get tickets for the Blizzcon charity dinner. Here's a banner from 2015.

The dinner is on the Thursday at 6pm at the Hilton, and you can only get 2 tickets at a time. Each ticket is a whopping US$750 and you get to chat to Blizz employees for the evening in a "relaxed dinner". You also get a signed Blizzcon key art print. Proceeds will be donated to the Children's Hospital in Orange County.

I have no idea what the likelihood of getting one of these tickets is, and when I mentioned it to Az and Shab they did balk a bit at the cost, but they do still really want to go to Blizzcon! Naturally if I did manage to win any of those tickets I would want to go the charity dinner. Imagine who I could meet there!

Az did laugh at me, saying that I would ask Dev's silly questions. However, I am not sure I want to talk JUST about Warcraft or Blizz games - I would just like to get to know the people behind the scenes! And then I thought who would I really like to meet?

I would like to meet Michelle Morrow - she seems really fun to talk to! And of course Chris Metzen looks super engaging and LOUS, and I would love to shake the hand of Mike Morhaime as well! And who knows who else! As long as there is FOOD I'd be happy to go, I don't care if it's a fancy meal or just cocktail food!

The weird thing - why am I unable to find any pictures from the charity dinners? Are pics not allowed? Or do people not take pictures at these functions? If I did go the Benefit, I would take lots of pictures with everyone! And of course I'd be taking pictures of the food - I am sure people would be curious, right? Because I sure as hell am!

I wondered - do devs just want to talk about the game and answer questions all day? Surely they'd like to talk about other things right? I'm sure at a charity do if I had to attend as an employee, I'd just love to have a nice night out and talk about fun stuff at work and not have to listen to someone whinging at me about some broken mechanic or what was WRONG with any of the previous expansions. Imagine if I turned up to a hospital benefit and the attendees where complaining to me about hospital wait times and complications of operations we had done! OMG that would not be a fun night out at all!

This is all wishful thinking of course. Who knows if I can even get tickets at all! But, I can tell you this - if I go, there will finally be photos on the internet about the Benefit dinner!


  1. Oh man that would be such an amazing opportunity! I would LOVE to go to something like that!
    Who care what you would ask them?! To be honest, I don't think the devs would mind having "silly" questions asked of them- it's got to be a lot more engaging and enjoyable than the constant rabble of "give us legacy servers / why can't I fly? / WoW sucks! Garrisons broke WoW" blah blah blah. They may be devs, but they are still people, and I'm sure they'd love to have a conversation with someone like you who clearly loves the game :)

    My fingers will be kept tightly crossed for you!

  2. Welcome back from your vacation, hope it was fun!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad to here you got them! If you talk to anyone in the art or sound department give them a hug from me, they are most excellent.

    1. I shall tell them! I will hug them if they are amenable to hugs :P

  4. Me and the missus actually had the conversation about the benefit tickets if we didn't get them in the main sales. I told her I'd rather be at one of the fan gatherings (i.e. Con Before the Storm) because there's where all the people I admire most are (i.e., bloggers, casters, etc - fans!).

    Part of it is right down to the central theme of this post - I wouldn't know what to do with myself in that sort of situation. I'm gonna be tongue-tied enough around, say, the BW or WoWHead staffers. And then there's whatever you wanna call the Twitter party over at the Doubletree. So much to do, so little time.

    Can't wait to meet you there! :D

    1. All my friends will be at Con before the Storm too, so I am a bit sad I'll miss that, but I will look for you - hopefully you will be somewhat conspicuous or I'll have a clue to what you and Mrs Grimm look like. I'm so excited!

    2. I'll post some pix before the con (well at least of me) for anyone wanting to meet or stalk me. I'll also be wearing a Vidyala badge, well, pretty much everywhere, including the shower.

      I'm sure we can figure some sort of meeting of the nerds within the meeting of the nerds before it's over.

  5. I got my Benefit dinner ticket last night so if pic are allowed i'll be posting it ;-)


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