Blizzard April Fool's 2016

I am actually quite gullible and I was listening to the radio and got fooled by something that was obvious to everyone else was an April Fool's joke... but that's off topic. I'm just recording on my blog what the gags were this year:

Introducing Azeroth TV!
I do admit that some of their TV shows were rather amusing. I did like the "Keeping UP with the Kardashians Barovs: and Vrykul, the Vikings spoof.

Introducing the Frostdoge Clan
A new peaceful faction, so WOW, and much WoW, but rather silly and obvious, this spoof. Though people seemed to like it :)

Legion Alpha Patch Note Preview
This post is too huge to post but things that made me smile included:
  • Achievement squish, Zone Squish and Draenor Squish
  • Flight in Draenor has been made 33% less controversial
  • There were multiple class specializations named “Holy,” “Protection,” and “Frost.” To reduce confusion, these have been removed.
  • Due to feedback from players requesting to “blow up their Garrison”, we’ve added a new Inflatable Garrison toy that you can bring with you everywhere!
  • New loot option: Personal Style Loot. Functions similar to Personal Loot, but items are only rewarded if they’d look good with your transmog.
  • If you loved Ashran, and miss the full 3-dimensional movement of Vashj’ir, you’ll love our brand new World PvP Water Park: Splashran!
    • Take on exciting, interactive rides and attractions, including “Five Different People Shouting Five Different Orders At Once,” “Why Is Everyone Just Fighting In The Middle,” and “That One In The Mines That We Haven’t Really Figured Out Yet.”
    • Need a break from the action? Enjoy the Lazy River! Kick back, relax, and let the Honor flow while everyone else does all of the actual work.
  • Cleave is a Warrior ability.
    • This isn’t a new change, we just thought we’d remind you. Please stop naming every single 3v3 Arena composition after it.
  • Will of the Forsaken has been renamed to Won’t of the Forsaken.
  • The /laugh voiceover audio for all races has been replaced with a recording of Ben Brode. Including the Gnome Female. Especially the Gnome Female (I didn't know what this meant until I went to look it up and found it on Youtube)
  • To avoid spoilers, the “White Walker” and “Winter is Coming” talents have been removed from Death Knights until everyone’s caught up on Game of Thrones.
  • Demon Hunters are now immune to Blind. We’re not sure how it was working before. They’re wearing blindfolds, for pete’s sake.
  • To better promote security and combat identity theft, Druid Swipe has been replaced with Chip and PIN.
  • The Hunter talent “Barrage” has had its functionality extended to also pull extra packs from completely different dungeons.
  • The Hunter talent “A Murder of Crows” can now be customized into one of several alternate options, including:
    • A Bellowing of Bullfinches
    • A Parliament of Owls
    • A Convocation of Eagles
    • A Muster of Peacocks
    • A Kettle of Vultures
  • In an effort to reduce confusion caused by too many Mage spells following the “Arcane ____” naming convention, we’ve just removed all of them.
  • Monk's Tiger Palm has been reworked. It now soothes the target upon use, removing Enrage effects and muscle tension. Renamed: “Tiger Balm.”
  • The Priest Shadow talents “Legacy of the Void,” “Reaper of Souls,” and “Fortress of the Mind” have been removed so as not to cause confusion with expansions for other Blizzard titles.
  • Rogues can no longer Pick Lock. They can, however, continue to Pick Warrior, Priest, and/or Hunter.
  • In addition, all Warlocks have a new ability, usable only while mounted on their Dreadsteed, named “Imp My Ride.”
  • Warrior's Meat Grinder now properly creates delicious sausages.


  1. I would return for Frostdoge, but then leave because of the achievement squish!

    1. I think everyone thinks Frostdoge is awesome :D


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