Multiple wipes on The 2016 Blizzcon Ticket Queue boss

At 7pm PDT on 20 April Blizzcon tickets went up for sale.

Everyone tried to zone in to try to be the first in to get the Queue boss. By the end of 12 minutes everybody knew if they were successful or not.

Many people blamed lag. It's true, you do better on boss mechanics with lower latency. Probably EVEN BETTER when you're in the States. I am here on HSDPA on my mobile phone so I probably wasn't going to have much luck.

Others hadn't read up on the boss. Perhaps they hadn't preregistered and had all their details ready to go. That may have slowed them down a bit. There were a few people who made it to the enter details stage, but then a little message in the corner said that the tickets were sold out before they'd finished filling out all the details.

Some people downed the queue boss easily and then started selling all their BoEs on Ebay. Bastards :P Some tickets went for double what they were selling for!

I saw many people getting tickets, and many people missing out. I really want a ticket! A bunch of us want to go this year, and I would really love it if we could all go. It's only the first round, but hopefully we will be able to get some tickets the next time round, or I will be one super disappointed person this year!

It's a shame that not everyone can go. I understand that numbers are limited to how many people you can fit into Hall A, but damn it, there are so many people who love Blizz games who would like to go for the first time. I moaned on Twitter that I wished they'd set aside some tickets for Oceanic players before they put them back up for general grabs, but that doesn't necessarily guarantee us tickets.

I saw Elvine had created a ticket website for people who got extras who want to help out others to get tickets. It's supposed to be a goodwill thing where you don't make profit, but if you can make an extra $200 selling the tickets on Ebay, who is going to hand over their tickets at cost?

Anyway, here's hoping for Sunday 3am. I should have decent net by then. But at 3am, my reflexes may be a tad bit slow. Wish me and my guildies luck!