Raiding - Ah back to guild runs and early mythics

Ah, first guild raid since I got back! I always enjoy Wednesdays, despite my trepidation earlier in the day that it could have been ugly. We had a couple of non guildies hanging around (Medio and Manataan) but we decided it was a good enough group to do Archi/Manny.

Unfortunately we spent most of the night wiping on Archi because we had little things not going well. 4 healing it was better, but we did struggle a little bit, and Rag and Koda were on their alts who had not done Archi before, so they at least got that down at the end which was satisfying. Unfortunately I was dead at the end, so I'll just put that down to out of practice.

Also, my healing is TERRIBLE when I'm slightly panicking! I go back to relying on rejuv spamming instead of concentrating on throwing my lifeblooms and wild growths around. It was rather embarrassing!

We pushed a bit later than normal and finished the first 4 bosses on the bottom floor, so maybe we can have a slightly more interesting night tonight. Lower floor is a yawnfest!

I was happy to get some of our more casual players like Clint and Gorvek in for lower floor. Gorvek's first raid with us, and I was a bit embarrassed for him when Voe said loudly "Who the hell is Gorvek?" to which I replied he was a guildie and Koda said "AND a Shaman!" I did giggle at that. Hopefully Gorvek didn't feel affronted!

It was much more enjoyable for me in the final bit, just healing and bumming around. I felt bad that I had to have a bit of a chat to my guildies - it felt like they were being a little bit naughtier than usual (even though I could tell they were being fun by being boisterous and loud) but it can be a little intimidating and just slightly too loud for my liking in a raid - even a fun one.

Saturday night did some mythics again, and this time felt a bit more warmed up so I was feeling a bit competitive and tried to up my output a bit to keep up with Annabelle. Dunno why I didn't use it before, probably because I liked the mana conservation part and getting to wrath for fun, but I guess now I had to concentrate on healing! We did the first 5 which means all day tomorrow is Gorefiend. That will be one expensive repair bill!

I unfortunately had to DPS for the first few bosses in mythic, but I did get to heal for Council and Kilrogg so that was good, at least. It was funny that Reaver was a one shot but we died a few times on Kormrok - apparently it was the opposite last week.

It's a bit of shame (and I don't blame them at all) that Nostalgic now have enough interest in their guild to almost fill their runs. We were only ever going to be fill-ins anyway, so we aren't guaranteed a spot, but now it's just the 3 of us hanging around in raid. Today it was HK's pally, myself and Neuro. I mean you can understand, most guilds want to do things AS a guild, and Frostwolves is no different. I don't begrudge them that, but I sorely wished it was my guild that was raiding! But, I've already said we aren't, we aren't going to recruit for us to do so, and I do enjoy getting to just turn up, or NOT turn up if I have something on. I'll just keep riding this ride while it lasts. That's the best I can hope for.