Legion release 30th August announced, and what else I've been missing

I may be away on holidays with the lousiest internet reception in Australia but I did manage to hear that Legion will be dropping on 30 August.

My first thought? Well, they said September, and it's 2 days shy of September!

My next thought - that leaves me less just over 4 months to get all the achievements I want done. Garrison achievements mostly. I need to get all those Garrison Invasion bosses - I haven't been doing my Apexis missions to spawn an invasion so I should do them a little more religiously. Also, pet battles. Need to do that.

It meant something different to CTwin. He whispered me that we will have had 434 days of Tanaan and was unimpressed with that.

Nath said only 4 months to get all his alts levelled!

HK said we had 4 months to take it easy and not burn ourselves out before Legion.

In the meantime, the Frostwolves tagging along with Nostalgic have been killing things! Last weekend they got Council and Kilrogg down and now I'm feeling left behind! Gorefiend of course looks horrible and I can't wait to see it for myself. I do worry that 2 days of mythic raiding on a weekend is a little bit much - though not for me, I never get WoW burnout - but for the others, it might. We'll see how that goes, but looking forward to getting my nose into it on Sunday (maybe) or at least next weekend. I heard even Neuro went, but two days on a weekend is too much for Kyxyn, which I did say, but hopefully he will cut back before he burns out or has a family eruption.

Crooky has been doing BGs with Luxy, and I still need to help him get his last arenas so he can have a mount. I need to do more BGs for more achievements!

So far I have not logged in very much to do any WoW stuff. I could try but if net is still crappy it frustrates me more then provides any kind of satisfaction or relief. I might give it a try tonight and see. Might as well clear some garrison crap.


  1. Ah, yes. I have a few garrison / Ashran achievements to do. Good luck with all of yours.


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