Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rotface 25 down!

At long long last we have killed Rotface! 2 attempts on Thursday and we got it!  Of course we had multiple attempts on Wednesday...

Healers present:

Check out my epic heals here.

Tried to double up healers on every target so that if one was running there was still someone healing that target.  So I had Tani+Melf on Fue (who was kiting), me and Bish on people with blobs, and the rest on MT and all of us on raid.

People really got the hang of kiting and avoiding the slime explosion and much better on slime spray.  A bit of panic towards the end but somehow we managed to keep people alive and I was one of the last cows standing!

Trauma dropped, and Melfina got that, he's really pleased.  No other caster/healer stuff dropped, the other things were dps stuff.  I wonder how Trauma goes for heals.  Will have to see how it is next raid...

And I frapsed it too!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Woot! New neck!

Yay!  Last Wednesday I got my Bone Sentinel's Amulet and socketed it with a Int/Spi gem.  Put me over haste cap but I could switch a gem over and see how that goes.  We only managed to do it up to Saurfang, 3 people had to leave (Sev had connection issue, Epi had some friend he had to go see, and Twink had mum agro).  What a shame, it was a good group for trying Festergut too.

Last night though we did 10s because only 2 healers showed up.  But it gave me the opportunity to test my healing and I managed to pump out 6k hps on Festergut, woohoo!  You can see the heal chart here.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Healing Festergut 25

Been some issues about healing with tanks dying and what not.  After looking at our logs and some other people's logs I thought I'd make a blog about it then post it on guild website.

Some people say use 5 healers.  But we'd all have to be pushing out 6k hps and not many of us are up to that I'd say.

Doing without a pally wiill be painful to say the least.  I wish we had another healing paladin as a spare but that's not going to happen any time soon.

Yesterday I'd say we had an ideal makeup for Festergut healing.  A pally, 2 priests, 2 druids and a shaman.

Important healing points (note this is druid biased):
1) Raid healing is important at the start when people have no inoculations, once the inoculations build up the raid starts taking less damage I noticed.  Rejuvenation is good because if someone starts vomitting you can swiftmend them back up.
2) Tanks constantly need heals but by the time he starts reaching 3 inhales then pretty much need all of us healing him non stop (that's at 9 bloats on first tank at the switch)
3) Tank switch is important.  At the first tank switch the tank needs to blow all their cooldowns and then the healers have to keep him topped up until they wear off.  Probably a waste to do guardian spirit here, I'd save it till Fester's on his 5th breath (6th breath I know is at 5-6 bloats after 2nd switch).  The bad thing is healers can get lazy because the tank seems easy to heal when the cd's are used but suddenly takes a hit when they all wear off.  Need to watch for that.
4) Spores - make sure you're under one!  The worst thing is when one of the healers has one and has to run out to the ranged because there are 2 in melee or something.  I can never see which symbol is on my head, I only know if I have the spore.  Also after he does the Pungent Blight need to get the raid back up because if their health is low and the inoculations are gone, they'll start taking damage again and die.  So WG, rejuvs on them helps (from my POV) but chain heals, CoM, renews will get everyone back up quickly too.
5) Whenever WG is up I pretty much chuck it on melee to top them up.

Rotface 10 down!

Ding Dong Rotface Dead! Which Rotface? The Wicked Rotface! Ding Dong Wicked Rotface deaaaaaad!

Finally! 3 attempts and the last attempt was a bit iffy but we managed to get it down!

Tanks: Hyad, Chihako
DPS: Moopie, Huntinhk, Sevril, Eboniee, Shadevar, Caedis
Healers: Navimie, Beldarien

Eboniee was offhealing and we had Chi kiting, Hyad tanking, Bel cleansing and healing the people with the debuff, Eboniee healing Hyad, and me healing Chi. It really is just getting the situational awareness things right, with the slime spray, the ooze explosion and knowing where to run with the little blob to join the big blob...

I think it's just important to keep an eye on the MT when the MT healer has got the debuff otherwise the MT goes splat.  Gets a bit crazy with raid healing by the end, and the kill attempt we beaconed the MT.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Raid on 10 February

Well we managed to get an all guild run for 25 man this week.  Pugging last week managed to nab us 2 new raiders - Idriel a pally and Maxmsomething a DK. Idriel came with us to our pug 25 ICC last week, and Maxm was from a pug VOA we did.

Knocked off the first four bosses in under 1.5 hours, no wipes.  Bit messy though.  We 6 healed it with no problems and after the Saurfang nerf we could do it without letting people die, even though we had slightly crappy dps.

Decided to attempt Festergut even though we didn't have the dps but we did manage to get the strategy down reasonably nicely.  Only 4 people are above the 7.5k dps that we need to get him down.  Though we did also only do it with 24 people, but even a 25th person wouldn't make much of a difference I think.

Alas, no cloak this week but Marrowgar's ring dropped which was nice but I passed it to Tanimaga.  I think I want to go for a Tier token next week but I haven't quite got enough badges yet.

Hyad got to dps this week which made him happy.  He even got some offspec loot.  He needs some better gems and a better weapon but he was working on his rotation and I think it has made him happy about playing again.  Especially since Fue told him that we needed an arms warrior and now he's working on loot and dps rotation and practicing.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pugging ICC 25 man - not a bad effort!

Didn't have enough guildies to raid with on Thursday so we ended up pugging a few people - like 6.  I think there were 2 ret pallies, 2 DKs, an ele shaman and a mage.

The good thing was that we managed to kill the first 4 bosses!  Wiped on Saurfang the first time, but it was close and then it all went smooth the second time and then we went on to Festergut.

Of course I think it's the awesome healers (Me, Xarek, Beldarien, Tanimaga, Rockhoof and Viles) and we had guild tanks as well.  Azadelta refused to come because he doesn't like pugs but he was replaced.

Loot was all rolls... scary!  I did make an officer post about that but we'll see how he takes that.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

God I hate Rotface

Sigh got nowhere with Rotface last Sunday.  Wipe wipe wipe wipe wipe.  I think the closest we got was 15%.  We had a good group too, just couldn't do anything to get better.  I guess it's the kiting which is the hard bit, so many oozes by that stage.

We then went on to Blood Prince Council and winged that a bit to see what it was like.  Looking forward to trying it properly on 25 man or 10 man again.  We did just go there coz we were sick and tired of looking at Rotface...