Happy Birthday to The Daily Frostwolf! 2 years old today!

You know what's weird?  There are a lot of blogs I follow which have also just turned 2.  I could have sworn those blogs had been around for AGES. But now the Daily Frostwolf is 2!  Happy Birthday Daily Frostwolf!
2 years means 2 cakes.  Nom nom nom.

Last year I forgot my one year blogaversary.  But this year I'm not going to forget!

I first started this blog as a reminder to myself of things that I wanted to remember.  Gear lists.  Raid kills.  Funny things that happened.  The only people that read my blog back in those days were my close friends and guildies.  I think 4 people used to read my blog.  Those were my blog's first steps, blog infancy.  Some of my posts were just silly, and I used to post sporadically.  In fact, someone said my blog title was a misnomer - there was nothing DAILY about it.  After that comment, I made the effort to post every day.  In two years I have made just over 500 posts - a lot of those are mini posts and screenshot posts from participating in shared topics, but still, crazy number of posts just the same.  I remember Jamin from Shattered Beginnings talking about needing to catch up on his feed reader, and told me that I was one of the worst offenders for making the unread list long.  That made me grin (though that was just last year).
Then I was a blog toddler.  It was my second year of blogging.  I would look at my early posts and cringe about my writing style.  And the lack of pictures.  Now whenever I post, I feel like I MUST put a picture there, or it's just an ugly wall of text.  And I no longer just write for myself, even though I should, because now I know people are reading what I write, I have to watch what I say so that I don't offend anyone, but it's still easy to get my message across if I have something to say.  I think by now I've settled into a routine and a flow in my writing (like Mondays are guildie guest sposts, Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon are raid recaps, Saturday is Rares for the week and Sunday is Favourite posts from around the Blogosphere).

So what are my most popular posts in my second year?

  1. Not surprisingly, a lot of people search google for resto druid gear, so my resto druid gear post for 4.2 was the most popular post of all time.  The 4.3 post is slowly catching up though and probably by the end of Dragon Soul, it will be equal to the first post.  Though it's not very comprehensive, I made it more for myself really so I can flick back and look at gear which I am supposed to be getting.
  2. The second most popular post was my Good Old Days Shared Post, which was featured on WoWInsider.  I wish I had worked harder on that post, it seemed to pale in comparison to the other blogs featured on that day!
  3. The third most popular post was my post about the Firelands Trash.  I remember writing that because we had such trouble with trash on that first day!  And I wrote about how we dealt with some of the hard mobs - maybe that's what people were looking for at the time too.
  4. The fourth most popular post was my first comments on Transmogrification.  It was a really boring post.  I don't know why people keep looking at it.  I only featured Rogue Tier and Druid Tier sets on it.
  5. The fifth most popular post was actually my favourite post.  It was the first rhyme that I did, the Horde Alphabet book for my daughter.  I am very proud of that post, and I remember the day I wrote it, it was one of those days you feel really creative and inspired and the words just seem to flow through your fingers from the keyboard to the screen.  And I went around looking for pictures to dress it up and I thought it all went rather nicely.

And a couple of statistics...

In 2 years I have had just over 40,000 page views (thought that's really been quite exponential in the last 6 months... last month I had 10,000 page views) and 571 comments (though half of them are probably me replying to my comments!).  Famous druid bloggers like Jasyla and Angelya have even visited my blog (I know I know, I'm such a fanboy/girl!!) and I've met so many people and been introduced to so many blogs through the Blog Azeroth community.  And Twitter... I know it increases traffic for my site and I use it to promote my site (and my friends' sites)  and keep up with what the latest gossip is around Azeroth, but the damn thing is addictive and when I try to stay away, I end up with 300 unread updates and then I'm stuck in it again...

So as a birthday gift to my blog, I commissioned a new banner.  It won't be ready by the actual 2nd birthday, but it's better late than never, right?  And the second gift to my blog, is the facelift that it's been undergoing over the last 2 weeks.

But I would like to give a small present to my readers.  I'm not really good at anything except taking silly pictures and making rhymes and puzzles, so for every one who replies to this post, I will make a small poem or a picture or a puzzle about them as a thank you for your support through the years.  Obviously the other good thing is, if nobody replies this post then I won't have to write any puzzles because I have no readers, and everyone just reaches here from google.

So thank you to everyone who reads my little blog.  You know who you are!  And if you reply this, then I'll know who you are too :)


  1. Happy Birthday for your blog Navi.


  2. 2 years?! Congrats :)

    Aha, don't worry. I still make sure to read, no matter how long the list XD

  3. Happy Birthday to The Daily Frostwolf!!!
    Thanks for making such a great read Navi, for a long time it was my only source of WoW related material and Guild gossip.
    Now it's the first feed I check of a morning :)
    Keep up the good work.

    - Flex

  4. Oh navi, how I love waking up to new blogs(: its like a daily routine now of reading your posts. I guess being in the same guild and also being a healer we relate in more ways than one. Love you long time NAVI<3

    Keep up the great work and happy 2nd bday!!

    Guess who it is (;

  5. Congratulations on your second year!

  6. Happy birthday to your blog and grats on its growing success! Always an interesting read, especially your posts on our raiding and bg-ing adventures :D

  7. @Erinys - TY! It's been great having you visit so often :)
    @Ayelena - TY Ayelena, thanks for all the help with the rares and posts :)
    @Jamin - you know that has stuck in my head since you said that! TY for all the comments and because of you I try to reply to every comment like you do on your blog
    @Flex - You have always been so supportive and reading my blog :) TY Flexie
    @Windsoar - TY Windsoar and ty for all the great advice and reading over the years :)
    @Anonymous - Voe? If it wasn't for the healer and the love you long time I would have thought it was Roshii... coz Yuda wouldn't write that.... Beauti wouldn't say that... Targetme wouldn't write that... and Bish doesn't read my blog

  8. Nobody reply Psh!. Grats on reaching 2 years. Seems I have a long way to catch up to that accomplishment.

    I hear you about the number of comments though on your own blog. I'm going to try and do more group ones so mine don't drown out the lovely ones from the comment widget.

  9. Cant believe the "NAVI<3" wasnt a dead give away

    Voe (;

  10. Congratulations and Happy Birthday Navimie! =) Great accomplishments Great time for New year! Two is your lucky Number, 2 yeas (2012) hehe. Anyway, Have Fun hon. <3

  11. Happy B'day for your blog Navi,
    It's always a pleasant read.
    With lots of exciting stories
    and shout outs for good deeds.

    Two years in the making
    and I've only been reading under one
    Still its worth the effort,
    I hope you continue it to run.

    See lots of people have replied,
    It shows you people do care.
    So make more of your lovely posts
    and screenshots to share.

  12. Congratulations Navi.. Your blog has and will continue to inspire many people. I love reading your blog, its one of the first things i do every morning. I am very happy for you friend

    - Roshii <3

  13. Happy blog birthday, Navi! Your two cakes look delicious. :)

    Your Horde alphabet book post is one of my very favorites as well.

  14. Happy Blog Birthday, Navi! You know what's kind of amusing about your Horde Alphabet being one of your top read and your personal favorite? It was your first post that I read, and it happens to be my favorite also! :)

    Keep up the wonderful blogging! <3

    ~ Effy

  15. @Shabadu - Ty for being there and reading these past 2 years :)
    @Cymre - TY and I think that's a good idea to group ones (like I'm doing now) to minimize my own comments
    @Amerence - TY and I didn't think about all the 2s this year (2012)
    @Faithy - Oh TY for your cool poem and for reading my blog this past year :) Hope I continue to hold your attention for another year!
    @Roshii - your comments and encouragement have always inspired me to post often :) Ty for the lovely comment <3
    @Tzufit - ty for the birthday wishes :) And I'm glad you and I have good taste in fave blog posts :)
    @Effraeti - TY and awww! I really appreciate the lovely comments :)

  16. Congratulations on your blogiversary, Navimie!
    May your third year of blogging be even better and brighter!

  17. Happy Blog Birthday Navi!

    Always a source of entertainment at work.


  18. Happy Birthday Nav

    Keep the blogs coming

  19. @Kamalia - TY Kamalia :) Gosh, I can't imagine what new randomness I'll be spouting this next year!
    @Hwired - Ty Hwired, I am happy you can access my blog at work (thank god I don't have too many naked night elf pics)
    @HK - TY HK, for your support and pageviews these last 2 years

  20. Happy Birthday Navimie! I'm so glad you posted the link for the alphabet book cause I had missed that.

    Here's to another year of rhyming Navi!

  21. A very happy blogoversary to you, Navimie :) I always enjoy reading the millions of posts you leave in my reader ;) Keep it up! <3

  22. @Ancient - Oh I'm glad you got to see it! It's my favourite, and TY for the birthday wishes :)
    @Angelya - TY Ang, I never know how to spell blogoversary :) Your support has always been an inspiration to me

  23. Happy birthday! Can't wait to see the blog's new facelift! I love, love, love the Horde Alphabet book for my daughter!!!

  24. Happy Blogiversary! The amount of quality posts you publish is inspiring. May you have another fantastic year of blogging ahead! :)

  25. @Lilpeanut - I am glad you saw the Horde Alphabet book :) my daughter STILL likes it, and TY for the tweets!
    @Aralosseien - TY for lovely compliment! I hope I can be as inspiring for another year :)

  26. Happy Blogiversary!

  27. Navimie Mistrunner,

    Dear sister Tauren Druid. You are a gem and a gift to so many of us in the blogging community. The fact that your site has be going solid for two years is a testament to the quality and effort you put behind it. Your role and place within the Saga is not over by a long shot, you gave generous grace, & showed mercy. I thank you for having the spirit, personality of a caring soul, and the sincerity of a person of high character.

    Found out something interesting today. Since everyone is talking about blogiversaries I decided to go back and see when the Saga first tentatively pressed the publish button. We share a birthday of January 10th! Granted you have a year on me, but how cool. Our shared day in time will always be special.

    As for this baited gift for posting a comment..... you really do not have to..., but I would love to see what you would write into the story or the enhancement to the words in the form of your awesome pictures.

    Keep up the great almost daily postings. Here is to another wonderful and richly blessed by Elune year ahead.

    Most Appreciatively,

    Draccus Moonsayer

  28. @Draccus - TY Draccus for the well wishes and how funny we have the same blog birthday! It will be a little while before I get to your gift (still working my way down the list) but I know you don't mind the wait.

  29. Happy blogiversary! Here's to many mooooore!! おめでとうございます!

  30. @Redcow - あかちゃん どうも ありがとうございます!

  31. Aah, I've fallen so far behind on my blog reading this month, but better late than never.

    Happy Blogiversary Navi! :)

  32. @Jasyla - TY Jas :) I can't believe your blog is 2 as well, I could swear I've been reading yours for longer.


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