Transmogrification - sending excitement through the guild

A number of people are excited about the Transmogrification coming in Patch 4.3.  You can read about it here.  Basically you can make your current armour look like old armour but keep the same stats.  It will cost you some gold though, and there are restrictions.
  • Plate can only look like plate, cloth like cloth etc
  • You can only do it on items that have stats ( so no fun hats/weapons/offhands)
  • Weapons have to be the same type (ie you can't make your dagger use the graphic of a mace etc) EXCEPT for guns/bow/crossbows
  • You have to have the item you want to copy in your inventory
A huge shame really, because I would really like to have the Rogue T3 (you can't get that anymore) as my heal gear.  Hmm, so which of these Tier gear do I want to look like?  I was thinking T2 (I have always loved the moose look) but T6 has a nice tribal feel to it which is very Tauren.

Picture from WoWWiki

I am wondering if I can wear Rogue sets?  I'm not even sure I can hand the tokens in for them to be honest! (Edit: I have been informed that I can't.  Boo!)

Picture from WoWWiki
Aza and Roshii were off looking at sets and farming the items.  Now I've caught Transmogrification fever.  This sort of things adds little cute niceties to the game, and perhaps maybe it will bring back some of the nostalgic fun to some of the players who are getting tired of the game.  I think that it will be most exciting for players who are long term players wanting to do some of the old raids in their old gear (for those "Good old days" feelings).  Not sure what newer players will think of this.