Horde Alphabet Book for my daughter

This week I noticed that WoWInsider's WRUP was about a children's book.  I had been thinking about making a book for my daughter about WoW, some simple story using pictures or screenies or characters from WoW since she likes it so much.  So here is an alphabet book I am thinking of making for her which is Horde oriented:

(Disclaimer - a number of these pics are from WoWWiki.  Some are my own.  When I finish the IntPiPoMo challenge I will be off collecting these for my daughter's book)

A is for Alliance that I like to fight
 B is for Bat that takes us in flight

C is for C'thun, with his one scary eye

D is for Druids, they can fly in the sky

E is for Earthbind, it makes you run slow

F is for Forsaken, who are undead as you know

G is for Goblin, if they can cheat then they will

H is for Hunters, who will shoot you to kill

I is for Icecrown, where the Frozen throne lies

J is for Jaina, who can't find love if she tries

K is for Kodo, which Tauren all ride 

 L is for Lich King, whom we all can't abide

M is for Mages, who pull agro and die

N is for Night Elf, whom are called Kaldorei

O is for Orgrimmar, the main city of Horde

 P is for Paladins who use light and a sword

Q is for Quel'Danas, where you'll find the Blood Elves

 R is for Rogue, who picks pockets and stealths

S is for Sylvanas, the great Undead Queen

T is for Thrall, a great shaman who's green

U is for Undercity, where all undead roam

V is for Vashj'ir under waves and the foam

W is for Warrior, so strong and so wild

X is for XT, who talks like a child

Y is for Yogg, with her 1000 faces

Z is for Zeppelin who flies to far places


  1. Absolutely adore it. Might have to study this to practise saying the alphabet backwards as I always get muddled up around Q.

    M is especially awesome :D

  2. @HK - woot you commented :)
    @Erinys - thanks! Did you like M picture or M the rhyme? :P
    @Effraeti - ty and great to have you drop by :)

  3. Great work Navi, an excellent concept.
    I'd love to see the look of confusion on a teacher's face when this is recited.... :P

  4. @Fleckso - :) thx Flexie, I was just imagining how amusing it would be if Erika said Z is for Zeppelin, that's a big word, and they might think she was clever :P. But V for Vashj'ir? Might think she was making up words or speaking another word (UNLESS her teacher played WoW, in which case they might recognise it and that would be rather funny)

  5. "Did you like M picture or M the rhyme? :P"

    The rhyme, although I do like the picture as well. It's just that every Mage I've ever raided with tends to do just that.

    "Look at my awesome dps!"

  6. Wah! How did I miss this? What the hell! I loved it!!! I wish your daughter could post a video and sing this omg! 2000+ adorable points from me! =)

  7. I demand that lil navi reads this to us next raid!
    amazing job navi

    - Roshii

  8. @Faith and Tout - I posted it on guild forums too just for fun :)
    @Jasyla - Ty Jas :) glad you liked it
    @Amerence - Hey Amerence, I thought you would like it, and ty :) If my daughter sings along to it I'll have to youtube it hahaha
    @Roshii - my daughter has the attention span of a flea, so she might start and then get distracted by the "spider over there" or the "snake people - kill the snake people" things

  9. How am I not the letter 'L', that's it Navi now I gotta make my own version of this.

  10. That is so awesome. I was reading it aloud and the kids a watch during the day all turned to listen. I'd buy it if it was in book form!

  11. @Niki/Edenvale - TY! I think it's great for kids, my daughter really likes it. I wish I could make it into a book!
    @Matty - TY! so nice of you to come visit :)

  12. Omg this is so cool!! You are really talented XD


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