4.2 Resto druids (2 piece T12) Gear from Ominous forums

I saw this list made by Tellervo from Ominous (Saurfang) and decided to paste it here for easy reference.  She did say it could be incorrect but it gives me something to look forward to.

Head: Cowl of the Clicking Menace (Beth'tilac)
Neck: Firemind Pendant (1250VP). Heartstone of Rhyolith (Rhyolith) has more Spirit and less Mastery
Shoulder: Unfortunately there is no non-tier item for this slot unless leather shoulder with random enchant that drops off Shannox happens to be good (Flickering Shoulderpads).  Looks like I'll have to wear my PVP ones (Ruthless Gladiator's Kodohide Spaulders)
Back: Flowing Flamewrath Cape (Avengers of Hyjal - Friendly)
Chest: Obsidian Arborweave Robes (2200 VP). Incendic Chestguard (Rhyloith) has more spirit but less haste.
Wrist: Glowing Wing Bracers (Baleroc). Smolderskull bindings (1250 VP) has crit instead of haste.
Hand: Cindersilk Gloves (Beth'tilac) or Heavenly Gloves of the Moon (Leatherworking). Cindersilk has more Spirit and less Haste
Waist: Firescar Sash (Avengers of Hyjal - Honoured)
Leg: Obsidian Arborweave Legwraps (2200 VP) has mastery. Firecat Leggings (Majordomo Staghelm) has haste
Feet: Phoenix-Down Treads (Alysrazor) has Mastery, and Ethereal Footfalls (Leatherworking) has Haste.
Ring1: Quicksilver Signet of the Avengers (Avengers of Hyjal - Exalted)
Ring2: Soothing Brimstone Circle (1250VP) or Crystal Prison Band (Shannox)
Trinket1: Jaws of Defeat (Majordomo Staghelm) or Fiery Quintessance (Avengers of Hyjal - Revered)
Trinket2: Eye of Blazing Power (Alysrazor) or Moonwell Chalice (Firelands Dailies)
Main Hand: Ko'gun Hammer of the Firelord (Ragnaros) is a 1H mace. 1H+OH combo gives less Spirit but more Haste thant 2H. Another option is the 2H staff Smoldering Censer of Purity (can drop from any boss) with more Spirit. If you don't have T11 heroic weapon, then Lightforged Elementium Hammer is BiS until you get Ko'gun
Offhand: Goblet of Anger (Shannox) much better imo than Globe of Moonlight (Firelands Dailies)
Relic: If mana is not an issue, then Soulflame Vial (700VP) is the BiS. If you want Spirit then Singed Plume of Aviana.  There is also the vendor one available from Firelands Dailies Relic of Elune's Light.