Here is my collection of guild antics, pretty scenery, boss kills and silly things.  You can click them to get a higher resolution picture!

Just remember all these pics and vids are screen captures from World of Warcraft (and thus technically © Blizzard Entertainment).  For personal use only!

Frosties come to Dath'remar video - back in BC

Frosties in Kara


Frosties in ICC

Frosties in Cataclysm

Roshii and Souglyy - Best Friends
Reunited - music is Blizzard's "Taverns" played by Shabadu and Beauti
Ayelena Fires it up

Frostwolves in Dragon Soul

Frostwolves come to Saurfang (Throne of Thunder)

Dark Phoenixes


Mountains of Mammoths - WOTLK (ICC)

 Kor'kron annihilators after killing Al'Akir

Moopie getting Shadowmourne - WOTLK (ICC)

Auriyah 10 man - WOTLK (Ulduar)

Kologarn 25 - WOTLK (Ulduar)

 Frosties on Frostwolves - WOTLK (OS)

 Ironbound Protodrakes, Orgrimmar

Xyn with his Arch bug mount

Holding rats in Zul'Gurub


 Sulfuron Spire Mount Hyjal

Statues in Uldum
Vortex Pinnacle Uldum

Therazane's Throne, Deepholm

Bastion of Twilight, Twilight Highlands


 Orgrimmar in Cataclysm

Nordrassil - Mount Hyjal 

 Wailing Caverns - Southern Barrens

 Waterworks - Battle for Gilneas

Farm - Arathi Basin

 Dark Portal

Kodo graveyard - Desolace
Lighthouse - Westfall (ugh the rain!)

Twilight Ridge - Nagrand

Penguins - Borean Tundra

Pic by Aza - totally awesome!