Rhymes & Chimes

You may or may not know, but I have a thing about writing poems.  It relaxes me and the sense of rhythm that comes from writing it gives my chaotic mind balance and harmony.  Here are the Collected Works of Navimie - Rhymes and Chimes.

Horde Alphabet book for my Daughter
Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving 2011
Mataoka's Boon Writing Challenge
Big Bear Butt's Writing Challenge
WoW Crush
Guildie poems - Faith, Roshii, Ayelena, Voe, Fleckso, Hwired, Shabadu
Cataclysm ABC
Shaman ABC
Ode to the Ancient  
Ahoy to Aralosseien
Ode to the Grind
Ode to Jasyla
The Steed of Shamans 


  1. Oh this is great Navi! Now I know where I can reread them whenever I want!

  2. You are an exceptional poet, Navi! I dub thee Poet Laureate of Azeroth!


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