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Prestige 25 - Prestige Quartermaster

Achievement - Master of Battle for Gilneas

Minipost: Legendary #36 - Light-Bound Reliquary (paladin)

Fail Friday - Sometimes EoA is hard... and the BG weekly

Raiding - First week with alts in heroic

Minipost: I guess I have all the legendaries!

Raiding - Timewalking Ulduar

Minipost: Snuck in this Mythic Gul'dan achievement...

Friday Fail - So I somehow never noticed this in last few months...

Minipost: Feral Legendary #7 - Ailuro Pouncers

Prestige 24 - Demonic Double Dozen

Minipost: Feral Legendary #6 - Elize's Everlasting Encasement

Fail Friday - Didn't read the Bnet message

Raiding - No mythic this week

Minipost: Guardian legendary #6 - Archimonde's Hatred Reborn

Fail Friday - Oops I'm an idiot

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