Navispam Album

Glowbie (Glow's Branches) and Voros (The Other Tank) - my first celebrities!
Catwynn (Tome of the Ancient)
Cymre (Bubbles of Mischief)
Karegina (Ysera's Daughter)
Mataoka (Sugar and Blood)

Akabeko (Red Cow Rise)
Arvash (The Crimson Hammer)
Cynwise (Cynwise's Battlefield Manual)
Joubran (Pint Sized Paladin)
Saundin (Non-Squishy Heals)
Rioriel (Postcards from Azeroth)

Zwingli (Zwingli's Weblog O' WoW)
Kamalia (Kamalia et Alia)

Bigbearbutt (Big Bear Butt)

Hyperious (Toys of Azeroth)

Moogyver (Spare Parts Podcast)

Ninevi (Flask Half Empty)
Zulfon (The Stoppable force)
Thunderspank (Thunderspank)
Aesadonna and Beefbus (Derp Kn00b)

Mctacky (Just McTacky)
Mabaho (Bikes Babes Bytes)
Shoryl (Tiny WoW Guild)
Dragonray (Azerothian Life)
Euphyley (Wow Rare Spawns)
Askevar (You Yank it You Tank it)

Tumunzahar (Amateur Azerothian)
The Godmother (Alt:ernative Chat)
Tzufit (Tree Heals go Whoosh)
Angelya (Revive and Rejuvenate)
Orvillius and Nymphy (D/E the Tank)
Hasteur (Group Quest Podcast)
Erinys (Harpy's Nest)
Rades (Orcish Army Knife)
Sephrenya (Guild Mum)
Aralosseien (Achievements Ahoy)
Grimmtooth (Grimmtooth's Troops)
Faye (The Dancing Tree)
Syrco (Syrco Owl)
Noelani (WoWRolePlayGear) and Ironyca (Ironyca Stood in the Fire)
Zellviren (Unwavering Sentinel)
Nerisanda (Neri Approves)
Rho (Realm Maintenance Podcast)
Amijade (Warlockery)
Rhidach (Righteous Defence), Kamalia (Kamalia et Alia), Millya (Manalicious), Vosskah (Sword and Board)
Beruthiel (Falling Leaves and Wings)
Effraeti (Effraeti's RP and Awaiting the Muse) + her squeeze, Laz
Thelandira (MoMar)
Nightvyxen (Nightvyxen)
Chris (Confessions of a Grown-Up Gamer)
Classy (Classy Plays WoW)
Eva (Image Heavy)
Ambermist (Tastes like Battlechicken)
Kialesse (Sisterhood of Kia), Kolorynn/Achloryn (Warcraft of the Worlds), Lelissa (Pixelated Executioner), Lyrestra (Musings of an Altoholic)
Kallixta (Kallixta's Notes)
Ashella/Martha (
Elsen (View through the Branches)
Stubborn (Sheep the Diamond)
Rob and EJ (Girls GoneWoW)
Luna aka Mel (She Kills Monsters)
Sil (Girls Gone WoW and Blue Haired Geek)
Apple Cider Mage (Apple Cider Mage)
Ratshag (Press 5 to Capture)
Annabee (Femtaur)
Tyledres (Frost and Claws)
Martiean (WoWMartiean)
Elfindale (World of Elfi)
Davidian (Blind Hexu's guide)
Malkshake (Holy Nova)
Nyxrinne (Touch of Death)
Jojo (Admiring Azeroth)
Jasyla, Tikari (Tikari's Tricks of the Trade) and Serrinne
Obscurefox (PuG a Day and other Nonsense)
Zazzy (Zazzy mogs and Pixel Lives of Lorelei)
Shawndra (Escapist Scrawl)
Salty El (El's Angling)
Zeirah (Azeroth Life)
Lilien/Saya (Heals and Heels)
Katherinne (WoW in the Details)
Starre (Warcraft Trading post)
Sprowt (Sprowting Words)
Raedelle (Raedel's Raids)
Mr and Mrs WoW (MrandMrs WoW)
Fabulor, Stoppableforce, Garrow and Narci (Flavour Text Lore)
Rinike (Rinike dot com)
Repgrind and Prinnie (That was an Accident!)
Leeta (Behind the Avatar podcast)
Elayda (Doctor in progress)
Balkoth (Balkoth's Word)
Kal (Kal's corner)
Plaidelf (Plenty of Paladins)

Amerence (Amerpriest blog)
Gamrok and Siskie (The Brutes)
Kim (Wyvern's Tail)
Pushme (cheat sheet maker)

Arvash (The Crimson Hammer), Liyhe (Orangeslice and Other Sodas), Lyssianna (Dots & Hots), Vanicus (Repgrind) and Telanarra (Members of the guild Shadow Rising, Drak'Tharon-US)

Saintvache (Amateur Azerothian), Kashina (Blog of the Treant), Heartfyre (Azerothian Life), Averry (The Warchief's Command Board), Vanicus (Reputation Grind)
Kamalia (Kamalia et alia), Sasche (Tome of the Ancient) and Euphyley (WoW Rare spawn guide)


  1. What a fun idea! And you've got a great start to your collection :D

  2. Thanks Kam :) Now u know why I was just looking at you :P

  3. Awesome idea Navi! I love the pics. =D

  4. I give it the end of July before this page takes an hour to load. lol

    What an awesome idea Nav.

    1. I don't think that will happen. And thanks JD.

  5. Oh you even have me!...but with our temporary guild name :P

    1. Of course I have you! You are a celebrity! Might have to update it so I can have the proper guild name.

  6. Nice pics...except that with Arvash! :P

    1. I'll be coming for you soon Slice! Meeting SR is on my list!

  7. I love reading these adventures :D Very neat idea!

  8. Just heard you on the Twisted Nether Blogcast - great to see another Aussie, and I love how personal the blog is.
    cheers Andrew

    1. Thanks Andrew! I know, we must support all these aussie blogs!

  9. Everytime I see circles (there's a pretty one in Shrine of the Seven Stars) I think of you Navi!!!

    1. OMG I just realised your picture wasn't in here!!! Updated now! Poor Chris and Nightvyxen were missing too, sorry about that :(

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