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The talented Madame Euphyley

Minipost: Raiding - So now we start the Malkorok wipes...

PvP - Decent Arenas last week

Raiding - A couple of bashes at Malkorok and getting Crooked his achievement

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A busy Saturday including a guest spot on Behind the Avatar Podcast!

Raiding - You really notice those upgrades with 5.8.4 !!!

Frostwolves finally has their Thundering Serpent Hatchling!

Minipost: Why, fancy seeing you here at the upgrade vendor!

Navispam - Meeting Leeta as I'm about to be on Behind the Avatar

Server maintenance blues

Raiding - Nazgrim down!

Maybe I should be nice to Spammers for just one day....

PvP - When losing is better than getting a tie

Frostwolves Bedtime story strats - Frostwolves and the Big Bad Robot Scorpion (Iron Juggernaut)

Raiding - a good 2 days despite ANOTHER server restart

A Glow-ing future!

Minipost: Upgrades so that we don't need SoO nerfs

My Wishlist for my Perfect Resto Druid challenge mode healing gear

Raiding - Yay Dark Shamans down!