Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back to Ulduar again... one more achievement to go!

Went back to Ulduar and we got our I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning.  Was pretty easy.  Then we spent the rest of the night wiping on Yogg Saron.  Ugh.  Not even close.  Melfina was being silly and saying he wishes he wasn't there so I think next time he'll be left out.  Bahada was pretty keen to come and she did well.  And gotta wait for Bel to be there.

Ruby Sanctum 25 down on Thursday!

Yay! Ruby Sanctum down!  It was surprising we only had about 5 goes at it and got it!  Now I wonder if it was fluke or maybe we're just getting more skilled... but we had some really encouraging attempts!  And at least this time we one shotted the mini bosses (whereas last time we wiped continuously on adds etc).

At least I didn't die on the actual kill attempt!  Everyone got the hang of the cutter.  Oh and the funny thing was that Maxmknight had to leave (though not so funny that it was due to personal problems/tragedy) and so we 24 manned it and got it...

Loot wise we got.. oh dear I can't remember!  I do know that there was a spell power thing with no spirit on it but for the life of me can't remember what it was.  And there was something HK took.  Will update this blog when I can figure out what it was.

Chi was really good at doing the twilight realm tanking with rotating it and stuff.  Lac was tanking the outside.

Tanks - Lacrox, Chihako, Epidemais
DPS - Huntinhk, Autocrat, Moopie, Sarthane, Eboniee, Faithless, Mazlakk, Caedis, Wetfishslap, Sevril, Azadelta, Helyon, Maxmknight (most of the night), Smashpally, Shadevar, Kablekill
Healers - Navimie, Bahada, Rockhoof, Melfina, Beldarien, Targetme

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wow 4 wings down in one night!

Wow last night was the first night we one shotted every boss in ICC and cleared all 4 wings!  And I even got new loot to boot!

Admittedly it was the start of 30% buff so it was easier to clear.  And healing was easy peasy.  We had 6 tanks turn up though... 6!  Craziness imo.

I got a new offhand - I decided to take the offhand from Blood Queen, though in reality I really would rather have the offhand that drops from Sindragosa but I have never seen that drop.

But on Blood Queen I swear, 3 idiot dps got mind controlled.  How hard is it to bite someone that hasn't already got a bite on them?  Geez.  I thought we were going to wipe and we even had the quest to do as well so I didn't want any stuff ups there!

Interestingly though on Dreamwalker, I had 3 healers going into the dream, and I was 3rd on healing meters.  And I got irritated because I wanted Rocky to do bloodlust because he was in the dream and could bloodlust when he came out, but Targetme decided to bloodlust, saying in heal channel "Hey I can do bloodlust too" but he did it at the wrong time!  I wanted bloodlust AFTER they come out of the dream.  And of course he did it right before they went into the dream... what a waste!  I chastised him afterwards and he said he knew when you're supposed to bloodlust when I was trying to explain to him when you are supposed to do it and why.. yeah right.

I think we're doing Ruby Sanctum today.  I bet Melfina won't turn up.  He seems to good to raid with us when we're trying new things.  Looking forward to trying though.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Woohooo! More Ulduar 10 achievements

Last night Tout organised an Ulduar achievement 10 man run, and though I was reluctant at first, I actually had a lot of fun.  And the interesting thing was that we didn't die as many times as I thought!

Started off with Orbituary which was easy except me and Hyad and Sev died... but we got Nuked from Orbit too since I hadn't done 3 before...
then we did Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare which we had to wipe for because she was going to enrage before we managed to get our dwarves.  But once they tanks got the hang of it we were getting 4 each breath.
After that we did some achievements which I'd already done (Hot pocket (Shady),  Stokin' the Furnace, Must Deconstruct Faster, Nerf Engineering, Heartbreaker).
Then on to Iron Council and I got I Choose You, Steelbreaker and But I'm on Your Side.
Then we did Disarmed and Crazy Cat Lady, I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare, I Have the Coolest Friends, Siffed and Lose Your Illusion, but I had those ones already. Bel got I'll Take you All On too.
Then triple achievement when we got Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood because we got Knock on Wood and Knock, Knock on Wood too. And we got Con-speed-atory by my accidental early noob pull!
The highlight of the night would have to be getting Firefighter. After thinking it was crazy hard we got it on like the 3rd of 4th attempt!
We went on to Vezax but it was getting late and we almost got it too, but someone popped a saronite and it was after midnight then and I had to go sleep.  Sev protested saying we could still do it, but HK said the achievement said that we didn't have to pop any saronites.  However, reading the achievement now I think if we had managed to get the thing to spawn then we could have done the achievement with that saronite popped as you only need 6 vapours to coalesce and now 8 spawn (or maybe before you needed 8 vapours to coalesce and now it's down to 6).
So all in all a very productive night!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Good 3v3 on the weekend

Had some good games this week.  I always like Arena.  Even HK seemed to enjoy himself - we won quite a few on our 3s this week!

God there was this awful fight with 2 healers - a pally and a disc priest.  And their dps was a warlock :(  It was horrible, mana was getting burned, I had fears and a felpuppy on me, it was awful.  Sev and HK couldn't get any of the healers oom or killed or cc'd so it was a POS.  Fight did last a reasonable length of time though.  I like long fights usually.

Oh and HK got his brutally dedicated achievement so that was a plus.  He was a bit chuffed about that I think.

Massive recruitment drive

Raid turnups have been so pathetic lately that Fue did a huge recruitment drive and got us lots of DPS, 2 healers and 2 tanks.

It started with Manbull posting something in forums saying that it was like our guild is stagnating where we're not trying to progress we're just farming stuff.  And he did a poll on it.  Quite a few people replied, people like Shady, Maxmknight, Bel even.  And of course officers replied to that post too.

I think they just wanted to vent their frustrations.  Some of the people who complained are not really that great players, and that irritated me.  But Tout got a bit narky and posted something which had a "stfu or leave" undertone (Bel's words!).  Though I didn't think his post was bad at all.

So this week was the first run with the new people.  And it went rather well!  They're not too retarded, which is good and I'm quite pleased with my healers, a resto druid (Bahada) and a holy priest (Allexus).  There are 2 new tanks, a DK (Rhii) and a warrior (Crungoar I think), some new DK dps (Helyon and ... damn I can't remember), and a hunter (Torgr.. something, everyone keeps calling him Trog!), and a lock (Ayelena).

My healers are really good.  Bahada heals really well, and out healed me in a few fights!  And her gear is decent, but if she was as geared as me she might be even better than me!  She knows the fights on 10 so not much explaining required for her.  Allex had terrible connection so her heals weren't crash hot, hopefully if her net is ok I can see her healing a bit better.  This takes the pressure off me a bit - being the only resto druid healer makes it kinda hard but now I can take breaks!

So we managed to clear everything up to Sindragosa.  Sindy as usual is a pain in the bum and tanks DC'ing didn't help much.  I wonder how weekends will go.

I think I scared the new healers with my initial introduction of myself.  They were like... ooook hi.  But after an hour or so they got used to me and chatted away with no worries at all.  It's nice being the boss sometimes.  Bahada has 4 kids (!!), and she's 33.  She has a 16, 13, 9 and a 15 month old.  And she is a stay at home mum (single too) so she looks like she can raid most nights.  Allex has 2 kids (5 and 1) and she's married to Torgram.

Last night Melfina was falling asleep, and died to some really stupid things.  So brought Rocky in to heal for him and we only had one attempt after that.  Rocky amazingly didn't die to the pull ins, though I now owe him 20g.  It's actually baby Rocky playing, not real Rocky.  Which is interesting since baby Rocky is a much better player than real Rocky.  I guess because baby Rocky has done LK on his other character.

The funny thing is, with the 2 new healers being chicks, Shady was (predictably) all over them.  Hilarious.  Tout was very keen on them too, telling me how great Bahada is.  I find it strange that people want to tell me about my healers, since I'm the one who watches them on the meters, how they do in situational fights, and also know what gear they have.  I mean I can tell you which healers use what particular weapons and who has and has not got the particular healing trinkets.  I even know how many Tier items most of my healers have too.  Granted I only have about 6 people to watch, maybe up to 8... though I guess HK knows what weapons the other hunters have, and Sev knows what weapons and trinkets the other warlocks have.  OK enough spouting about how great I am!  I would like to get some Ruby Sanctum in sometime.  Hopefully this weekend.

Friday, July 2, 2010

What!? No Vanquishers?

Amazing!  Last night we did 3 end bosses and NO VANQUISHERS!  What's the world coming to??

At least we got Sindragosa down.

Saw Cavendar at work on Thursday, they'd done Ruby Sanctum easily.  But they're a heroic guild.  Man wouldn't it be nice to be in a guild like that where everyone was on the ball and focussed.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ruby Sanctum ouch!

Yesterday we attempted Ruby Sanctum... omg what a wipe fest!  Just bad pulls, no CC, people going AFK, raid going slowly ended up being a very painful raid.  Had Hyad aggroing at me, healers whinging they were tired because there were such long periods of inactivity...

And in the end we only got one attempt on the boss.

Moopie was upset we were doing it as well - I suspect it was because we weren't doing ICC and he wanted his shards.  There's always a hidden agenda :P