Minipost - See what happens when I write about something....

After maintenance on Tuesday, come Wednesday everyone was whispering me to say that the pet battle hax from Court of Stars M+ as hotfixed.

Can't say that I am surprised, and to be honest I'm a glad because I like not having the option to hack anymore. Now I can't get banned for being tempted to use it.

However, I have decided I need a swapblaster so I can do the Eye of Azshara thing. I can get up to the top if I switch out of Displacer Beast and use Charge (which puts me at a friendly players's location).

But, no matter how much I complain about tauren on mounts that walk on water, that still hasn't been fixed... do you think it's because tauren are too heavy and somehow that breaks game mechanics?? :D


  1. It's not just your Tauren.. my water strider doesn't even work with my blood elves and they are super light :(

    1. Really! I think your BE has been indulging in toi much fried chicken Z! Lol but seriously it is sooooo annoying!


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