Mythic plus haxes - exploits or using game mechanics?

It's always dangerous to make posts like this. Are the things I'm doing wrong? Or if everyone is doing it, is it ok?

HK is the one who is the biggest on game exploits. Of everyone he is the biggest goody two shoes about exploits that he will refuse to do anything that could possibly result in a ban, especially exploiting a mechanic. I think about the Helya exploit that Exorsus did and getting a ban hammer for that when the ability to do it wasn't removed from game makes me wonder...

The first one is Eye of Azshara.

The first time I had seen it was in a pug carry group of mythic plus who were only doing Eye of Azshara. There was a warrior, rogue and one other, and me, and then there would be the carry key person. After Serpentrix, and before you go in the tunnel, the rogue would shadow step from the boat up to the ledge whilst on a mount and somehow 2 of us on the mount would also be teleported to the ledge. I think the warrior had to jump up first for the rogue to be able to get up there though. Since then I've done variations on it - with a warlock pet being the focus for a shadow step, demon hunters and warriors leaping up and then swapblasting a warlock up there and summoning everyone else up, and even I can get up there with the druid ability to fly to an ally's location if someone is already up there. It puts you right at the sea giant boss without having to do the two sea giants outside, which is good if you don't have much melee or it's fortified because going through the tunnel is a pain in the ass sometimes. Just means you have to pretty much get your kill count before you jump up.

The second one is Maw of Souls.

One of the giants in the boat bugs out a bit when the tank is on the stairs - it just stands there not doing anything but is also not evading. Every group I do Maw with does it that way, and I don't know if that's supposed to be fixed or not.

The third one is Neltharion's lair.

There used to be some invisible wall that people used to stick themselves behind for Naraxas (the worm with the spiked tongue) but that got taken away. Now everyone wedges themselves in some crack on the eastern wall and somehow they never get dragged into the mouth. I remember there used to be something about falling down the hole at the start before they put the key in and save a few seconds but that's gone now.

The fourth one is Court of Stars.

This one I am a bit worried about, and I wonder how anyone discovered it in the first place! When you start the instance and you click on the beacon to send out the flare, straight afterwards, challenge someone to a pet battle duel. The other party has to not accept it, but for some reason it will port you straight to the dock and you skip the whole riding the boat thing. It actually does save you some time (like 40 seconds), but I wonder if this sort of thing is some major hack that we shouldn't be doing. Note that one person will be left behind because you have to do this in pairs.

So, how many of these will disappear in the next patch I wonder!


  1. I use the swapblaster trick in Eye. All the group I regularly run with carry swapblasters in our bags. I don't see it as an exploit at all and feel fine using that work around.
    I got shown the COS one from a pug the other week and won't be using that as I consider it an utter exploit.
    Maw doesn't worry me, and if the tank I'm with can get it to work, no problems.
    And I didn't know about the Naraxas one but I've never seen our tank get pulled in anyway so that's a non-issue on for me but I would figure that's just a clever use of environment and would be fine if I saw it get done.

    I'd be really sad if the swapblaster one vanished because you're not really escaping anything, you still have to kill the same amount of adds and it's actually a really fun way to go. I love getting to suddenly be on top of the cliff when I was standing on the boat as second ago.

    1. I need a swapblaster! I think the Eye one is not an exploit but I do feel like the Maw, Naraxas and CoS ones are. If I get them removed then nobody will get in trouble, right?


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