Helldivider and the Lost Hippogryph

Long ago, Helldivider was the first person in the guild to get Aeonaxx. Lost in the server transfer, now he has rejoined us in Legion (and to make it more confusing, he is now playing Galestion, a warrior), he continues picking up rare mounts and telling me about it

What a gorgeous hippogryph! This is a result of patience and clicking in Azsuna! When I landed in Azsuna today I got this:

Apparently that is the signal to start looking for crystals to click. The first person to click 5 crystals gets the mount! There are details on Wowhead and other places about it as well as a few videos. I decided to go try my luck but I saw someone else running around to the spots I was heading to so I gave it up. After all, I had landed in Azsuna to do Murloc PvP and if you're clicking crystals you can't die.

Grats Helldivider/Galestion on the mount! However, I was incorrect in assuming that he was the first - Mysz got his first! Unfortunately I wasn't online at the time but he had plenty of witnesses!

Now, to track him down so I can take a pic of it....


  1. I thought you see that emote when someone gets the mount.

    1. The emote seems a lot like the druid hidden appearance. You could be right! But I did see someone else running around looking for those crystals.


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