Thursday, October 13, 2011

Helldivider and Aeonaxx

I logged on just now to try and find a good orc halloween costume, and Helldivider links me his new mount, Phosphorescent Stone Drake.  I forgot that it was from Aeonaxx, but I think he is the only one in the guild with it, so I had to go take a picture of it.

Congratulations Helldivider!  It's a very nice mount :)  I have to admit I was surprised he got it so fast, I thought a lot of people camp Aeonaxx, and it would be months of farming!  If you want to go camp Aeonaxx for the drake, have a read of this.

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  1. Ooooh, I am envious! He is one lucky bugger, congrats to him! I've been after mine for about 3 months now (camping on and off), and probably have nearly a week's worth of total time /played in Deepholm alone. Still no silly drake...

    Another great resource for potential Aeonaxx farmers:


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